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  1. Flyingdoc, thanks for your response, this is really helpful. We will keep taking Abbey to court as our first line of action and keep the Ombudsman enquiry going as well. The fact that you say if the name is wrong the payment should have been refused is comforting, since this is definitely 100% fault of the bank. Thanks to everyone again for your help.
  2. I have pursued Abbey as high as I could go, they have issued their final response letter and we are now pursuing them through the Financial Ombudsman... Its just in the meantime, I was thinking of replying to the person who received the money and demand the whole amount back in hope that the threat of a legal case would scare them into just giving it back? Abbey are absolutely useless.. But I do just want my money back
  3. Hi Everyone, I have an update on my situation here. We are still filing a complaint against Abbey for what we think is bad practise. But in the meantime, the people who received the money have written to my employer through the bank, asking if we accept the £50 per week. Now I think that these people have probably looked into their position and are a bit worried that they will be prosecuted for theft. Should I respond to this saying that we do not accept the offer of £50 a month and they should pay back the amount in full? Or should I ignore their letter and keep pushing th
  4. Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for your responses, its really appreciated. Yes I agree with all said, and we're just gathering our case together with the FO. peterlucas, yes I agree about Abbey being useless, their attitude has been absolutely hapless and as soon as this sorry tale is dealt with my Mum is going to change. I'll post here with the what happens, be it may some time next year!
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for your responses and sorry for not being more clear in the first place. 1) were the account details your employer paid the money too the same as the ones that you gave them? Yes. 2) are the sort code and account number you gave to your employer actually those of your mother? They are the account number and sort code that are shown in my Mum's internet banking, but Abbey say that because it is a saving account, those details are not valid for BACS payments and if we wanted to receive a BACS payment, then we were supposed to use a holding account number
  6. Hi everyone, This is my first post into what looks like a really helpful forum, it being my first post and I am asking for advice, I will try and repay the favour by helping someone with something that I have knowledge of. Perhaps in the I.T section! Anyway, here is what happened to me recently. Anyone who can offer their opinion as to what they think should happen, would be really appreciated. I work for a company, and get paid monthly via BACS. At this particular time, I was between bank accounts having been through a charges fiasco (got my money back though thanks) and I need
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