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  1. Ericsbrother, they are picking people off for redundancy every other week. I think they are taking a lot of their business overseas to Mumbai, as they already use this country for a lot of their business now. I still think it stinks though, I am going to get her to query what they are trying to do, as I know they have not carried out their HR policies correctly In the past. Thanks everyone for all your input, I really appreciate it
  2. Thanks for your quick reply Honeybee. The employer is a major Airline who employ thousands of staff. My friends daughter works in the office side of the company. She works 4 days a week part time, but I would think that would be irrelevant. I will pass on the information to her you have given. Many thanks again
  3. Hi, I wonder If someone can give some advice. My friends daughter had her baby a month ago and is on maternity leave. She has worked for her employer for over 6 years. Last week she received in the post a letter from the employer to say they are making her redundant. Are they allowed to do this ?? It is a major company and I'm not sure where she stands with the situation. Thanks in advance for any advice
  4. Hi all, Went down to the said carpark a couple of days ago, and took some cracking pictures of other cars that were parked where I parked, NO INVOICE SLAPPED ON THEIR CARS. I sat there for 45 minutes to see if anyone appeared to slap an invoice on any of the cars that were 'not parked correctly', but no one was sneaking invoices on any of the vehicles. I have taken a few pictures of various other things in the car park that will blow them out of the water if it goes to court. so, if they want to do court I am ready and waiting !!
  5. Hi EB. The Parking invoice was slapped on the car August 2012. I am more than happy to go to court to defend the case. I will not pay them one penny for parking in a carpark that was free to everyone, no pay & display for anyone and a 2 hour parking time limit for everyone ( except me, for 6 minutes total time in car park). Do they really think I would pay them £150 to use a car park for 6 minutes which is free . I was shopping in the Lidl store car park. I still have the receipt for the time I was in the store which was six minutes. Their 'attendant' was lying in wait obviously wa
  6. Will do Kirkby. Many thanks
  7. Kirkby, I thought it was another of their 'missing you' letters !! Im surprised they have started up their chain letters to me after receiving the last one 12 months ago, maybe they are hoping I will be contributing to their Christmas party fund.... I don't think so . Thanks for all your replies. I will keep you informed when the next one appears. If they have the nerve to go to court, I will be more than happy to be there. I have all the evidence I need to prove what they are trying to do is totally unlawful and dispicable.
  8. [ATTACH=CONFIG]48223[/ATTACH] Heres the letter I received from them. Im not sure why its come out so tiny !! Its states at the top ' Letter before referral for legal action'.
  9. Well, after not hearing a peep from UKPC and all their entourage regarding a 'parking charge notice' from last year, they have woken up again. I have received a letter from them today after not receiving any of their threatening letters since January this year. They are wanting £150 of my hard earned cash within 14 days otherwise they will be passing my case to LPC Law.... whoever they are, and they will in turn 'consider' commencing court proceedings against me. They will also request that the court passes judgment for all legal expenses incurred.....!!! I am assuming I continue to igno
  10. Wow, Are you for real!! Us 'normal' folk have these 'parking wardens' slap tickets on our cars that are unjustifiable, yet you want special treatment because you think you are above the law !!! How dare you think you should have special treatment. Because you have found a loophole that gets you off paying a parking fine that makes it OK does it? Tell us all the places where we can park in unenforceable bays then we can then tell the wardens to cancel the ticket. This is a prime example of them and us. I can not see for one minute if I were to park in the same 'unenforceable bay' that y
  11. My next door neighbour had an appointment to see an 'Atos' assessor four weeks ago. She had to go to Croydon for the appointment. She went with her husband, which entailed them going on a train which was very stressful for her. She arrived at her apppointment 45 minutes early. She went to the 'book in' desk, and the 'gentleman' on the desk told her ' we have THREE assessors off sick today so there isn't anyone who can see you !!! She asked why wasn't she telephoned to let her know before she made this awful train trek there. The answer from the 'gentleman' who was sitting there doing no
  12. I always find the wording on anything that says a 'gesture of good will' very very dodgy. Why would they offer a gesture of goodwill???? I'ts like they are doing YOU a favour for taking your money from you. They, like others are just hoping that you will pay them something. They, like others are hoping you will be foolish enough to bulk up their bank account. How the hell can they justify that outrageous amount for parking on private land where you live? I wouldnt think they have a hope in hells chance of taking you to court and winning. These 'parking attendents' seem to appear fro
  13. Hi all, The last 'invoice' I received from this mob was on 10th January. I have ignored all begging letters (8 ) from them and haven't heard anything from them for a couple of months. Even if they do start up their 'gimme' letters again I will still ignore. I will never pay anything to these people. I work very hard for my money and I will not give one penny to these robbers. It makes my blood boil that the store owners are giving thier permission for these people to drive their custom away. Don't they get it??? I have not shopped in Lidl since I received the first 'invoice' last Aug
  14. Why would you feel like resigning??? You have broken the rules and they seem quite justified in the action they have taken so far. Does your job justify you having the van. Is it an essential part of the 'tools' of your job to have it? I think you are acting very hastily with wanting to resign. Jobs are'nt that easy to come by these days, so I would bite your tongue and see what happens re the discaplinary. I can understand you feeling unhappy with them for changing your position to being office based, but I would just be thanking the lord I still have a job to be honest.
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