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  1. Hi, I really need some advise please re a loan secured on my home. It was taken out 5 yrs ago, still 5yrs to run. It is in mine and ex husbands name, but secured on my home. He was paying in full up until 1st March, and suddenly stopped paying - and since then I have had numerous calls and letters from them. I have agreed to providing an income/expenditure, which will show I am unable to make any payment ( just lost half my work hours, and struggling to survive). Question, should I talk on phone to them, or ask to correspond through letters? I am already feeling pressurised by them, and only
  2. Thank you, still hurts bad, miss the little fellow so much! xx
  3. Hi Janie Thank you so much for your reply. I have thought a lot since yesterday, and think I have decided to leave things as they are. Not that I've changed my mind, but thinking about what is probably best for my dog (he will always be mine in my heart), myself, and my 2 dogs still with me. Your kind words and thoughts helped me to see that, Thanks so much, Kayte xx
  4. 5 weeks ago, I parted with one of my dogs to my daughters friend, I was having difficulty coping with 3 springers, and at the time thought it may have been the best thing to do. No money exchanged hands, and I was foolish and didn't have a written agreement done. A verbal agreement only, where the person promised I could see him whenever I wanted. She has prevented me from seeing him, saying its not best for him. I have pined for him for 5 weeks, and she has stopped sending me updates as to how he is. I saw him at the park the other day, and he came racing over, tried to follow me wh
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