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  1. brought the rainforest jumperoo fromargos for 8999 had no problems with it till last night lifting my baby from seat it cut her foot and leg do i make a complaint to fisher price itself and inc a pic many thanks
  2. i brought the rainforest jumperoo from argos 8999 had no problems till last night when lifting my baby from the seat it cut her foot and leg who and how do i complain about this to please and do i take a photo
  3. my daughter 5 months old has atopic eczema on both legs both arms face belly hands which shes had lots of diffrent creams for and bath stuff she also has a milk allergy so is on neocate milk from doctors ands food i have to watch everything in them i was told i can apply for dla but where do i start please help many thanks
  4. i did pay for this week as the manager changed it over so i got the full refund on the new one i didnt no that it was that bad before i went and i did take op cover out as it is a xbox 360 and microsoft dont always fix them and bright house will i hope anyway i might be back in a week many thanks
  5. thanks leon for the advise they did offer me a change of lead i said no way all the packing was in chinese and the controller didnt work so the manger is giveing me a new one in 7-10 days and its 150 cheaper than the recond one which the shop didnt tell me about so its not always cheaper for a recon many thanks
  6. many thanks for the advice i was given on here i went in to store to day the manager tryed to give me another lead but i said no way i told him that im not paying 150 more for a reconds one than brand new plus it had no headphones and writting was chinese so he gave me a new one but have to wait 10 days but at least that should be working many thanks all
  7. its a 3 pin black plug really thin pins looks like chinese one and it dont fit in my plug socket on wall also it was reconditioned but more money than the new ones they are selling now in store which i wasnt told about the controller dont work iv been told to see the manger will they change it or am im 30 pound down ( thats the image ) http://www.germes-online.com/direct/dbimage/50331927/Three_pin_Plug_With_Power_Wire.jpg
  8. i just got a recond xbox360 from bright house today as there was no new ones in stock the price was 445 then more with cover got it home the thing has the wrong plug not english controller not working and no headset i got it for the price of a new one last year no discount and just looked in the xmas book and the same xbox new with 2 games has gone down to 299 so will they change the agrement over tmw as its not working and do i need cover as doesnt microsoft give you a year
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