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  1. Thanks for your help. I will be arranging a meeting for her to see a Lawyer so things can be sorted correctly. No, my Dad is the joint owner with Mum.
  2. Thanks. Yes I'm planning on speaking to a lawyer but wondered if any frequent here. Mum won't be living in her place once Dad passes as she is not very mobile, she'll be with our daughter who has a suitable room in the short term until we purchase another property. As far as she's concerned her property will be cleared and placed on the market as soon as Dad's passed. Partly due to it being too big and costly for her to keep running.
  3. Not sure if the above issue is covered in this group but if so I am after some advice. My Dad is in his late 90's and on his death leaves everything to my Mum, also in her 90's but housebound. It is our intention and the request of Mum that when Dad has passed that the property she is currently living in is sold, we sell our property as well and we purchase a property with an annexe and self contained toilet / shower facilities where Mum could live out her days with us. There is no way on this Earth that she would go into an old folks home and it's certainly not on our agenda. Our daughter is their registered carer who currently looks after them. Mum's Will as it stands at present states that I inherit her estate on her death. She is talking about transferring the property she currently resides in to me so that I can handle the sale of both properties. As her Will currently stands, the property she is living in will have already been sold so the Will won't be applicable. Could she change her Will now to state that on Dad's passing her property passes to me or can she gift the property? The simple thing would be for Dad to change his to state that the property transfers to me but he is currently suffering with dimentia. He hardly knows what day of the week it is and gets very confused and agitated. Any advice would be grateful. Thanks
  4. Still away at present, hoping to pick her up next week some time. Just waiting for the dealer to le tme know when she'll be all shiny and ready.
  5. Yep, the keyless start, that will be a new one for me. I can imahing the first time the wife drives it....... should be comical watching her looking for the keyhole!!
  6. Don't blame you! The stealer wanted £300 to Supagard it, I had a look on the web and found a local company that do it. I contacted them for a quote and it was £70. I had to contact them again to confirm it's the same treatment the stealer offers as it was so cheap and it turns out it is. So that's another £230 Frauds tried making out of me!
  7. True, I remember having a white car years ago. Like you say, lovely when it's clean and then!!! Have you got Supagard on yours?
  8. Well today I received this response from the salesman: There is an administration fee of £149 which covers all paperwork to tax and register the vehicle to the new keeper. Also included are as follows:- Administration of 7 days free comprehensive insurance. Full Valet. Mileage verification check. No outstanding finance certification. No total loss damage certification. Not stolen certification. Fuel. The only other chargeable item relating to the sale would be the relevant 6/12 months Road Fund Licence. I responded by telling him that these items are basically a ruse on their part as the car is only six months old and has been used by the dealer as a demonstrator so they and I know the history of it. Plus the fact these fees are only applicable when the car is brand new not 6 months old and second hand. I'm not bothered about the 7 days insurance cover because I will have my insurance set up from the time I collect it. Road tax when previously discussed, I was informed the car is presently taxed and no mention of any fees or additional costs were ever mentioned. I stated that I would pay the price for the vehicle less the deposit already paid and not a penny more. I didn't mention that if he disagreed I cancel the purchase, I thought I'd save that for later. I then got a response agreeing to my terms, so it look as though I will be getting the car after all. Thanks to everyone who got in touch.
  9. That's good, I've only left £100 holding deposit but it's not the point. Nothing was mentioned about any fees. Surely it's like going to buy a new TV priced at £499, give the bloke £500, get the 1p change and then walk out with the goods. Good old Fraud dealers trying it on I think. First time it was mentioned was on the phone yesterday when I told him I didn't want the extended warranty for £700 and the Supagard treatment for £300 which I can get done for £70. Once I told him that, his tone changed and he asked me how much the car was.... strange question!! When I told him he then mumbled something about an admin fee of 140 odd quid to be added. I think it's more the fact that he's getting less commission than he hoped for and is trying for a few more quid.
  10. There was nothing mentioned about admin fees in the advert apart from the usual fees in the illustration for the finance side of things. Since asking the salesman to put the fees in writing and the reasons for them I haven't heard anything from him as yet so hopefully they'll be forgotten about. If they are mentioned again I will speak to the sales manager. I'm not picking the car up until the end of the month because my money isn't through until then so we'll see.
  11. Mondeo Titanium in white with privacy glass, half leather seats and loads of other goodies.
  12. Only fees mentioned on their website is where finance is involved.
  13. The car is heavily discounted already compared to others of the same spec and mileage. I have sent the salesman a message asking him to email me (so I get it in writing) the reason for the fee considering it's a cash sale. If he doesn't oblige or drop it I will be speaking to his manager and if that fails they can lose my custom.
  14. I am buying a 6 month old car from a Main Dealer for which I am paying the full amount in cash so not having any finance. Tallking to the salesman today on the phone he mentioned there would be an admin fee to pay of about £140. I didn't get into a debate as I was just going out the door. I last purchased a 6 month old car from another main dealer 10 years ago and all I paid was the price on the screen. My question: Is this normal practice nowadays or is this salesman trying to rip me off and put a few quid in his own pocket? I could understand paying admin fees when finance is involved but for paying cash, surely not?
  15. Unfortunately it is not up to him if he wants to change your contracts whenever he feels like it. Firstly he has to consult with the Union and give reasons, timescales etc. If he changes your contracts and the result of it is that you will have to work an extra 23 days per year, I presume this would be without extra pay for those days? If this is the case then that constitutes a "worsening of your terms & conditions" which an employer cannot legally force on you and the Union can opppose this in negotiations. When you say the Union ****** him off, who actually was this? If it was a rep / shop steward who is also employed by your company then you really need to get your Regional Officer involved immediately. You state that the shift change is coming into effect from 1st December. Has the manager been informed of a formal "failure to agree" regarding this decision? The way to do this is in writing as should be stated in your Disputes & Grievance Procedure. Once this has been done at what would normally be Stage 1 of the procedure, the company cannot move from the "status quo", the way your shifts are at present until this procedure has been fully exhausted which is normally at Stage 4 which involves senior managers and a National Officer of your Union. If no resolution at Stage 4 then you have the option to take the case to ACAS, who will make a decision which right or wrong you will have to abide by. Regarding the dismissals he has undertaken over the last few weeks, again if he has not followed proper legal procedures he can be taken to an Industrial Tribunal by the individuals and / or the Union. There are strict guidelines that an employer has to comply with before dismissing any person. If you feel that the Union is powerless, firstly let me remind you that you and the other members in your workplace are the union. I understand that you feel this is too big a mountain to climb on your own though and that is why you really do need to contact your Regional Officer without delay. As I stated previously, if this is the person who doesn't really seem to be representing you then take this higher within the GMB. Contact your Regional Secretary and the General Secretary and demand proper representation, you're paying their wages! Do this immediately though before your manager does anything else. Final questions, is it this guys company or does he have someone to answer to? Does he actually recognise the Union in your workplace?
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