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  1. After a bit more digging it turns out the credit card element of around 1400 has now been passed to BLS collections which I understand is part of Lloyds. There is also a letter from another of their collections centers in Hove confirming the account has been closed but asking him to make alternative arrangements for any regular payments. I thought you couldn't close an account unless there was a zero balance ?? It would appear that Hove have added on missed payments after saying the account was closed and then passed it on to BLS collections. So I'm wondering if they'll
  2. Thanks for the reply Maroon I have another question ,just an idea. As his father can I deal with them by saying he's buggered off and I would like to negotiate on his behalf. Would they entertain an offer to clear the debt ?
  3. My son has got into trouble with Lloyds.The info I'm about to give may not be accurate as Im guessing as to the true extent of the problem. The current account and credit card were set up 3 years ago. He soon ran into problems with unauthorised averdraft fees, this he said was due to them taking out credit card payments from his current account thereby making him overdrawn.Apparently they would do this at different times in a month. Other direct debits were affected as well ,because of being overdrawn they returned the dd's and charged accordingly. And so its gone on. He tells me the
  4. Thanks really mad woman. We have two very good names but not a good advert for womankind lol.
  5. Hi to everyone Ive been looking round the forum and found some usefull things and picked up a few tips and now I have some questions. I have stink financial on my case re an abbey credit card debt, these are my questions. 1/ Is the 6 year statute of limitation dated from day of application or from date of default ? 2/ If Link do take me to court and win can they/will they have access to my savings, be able to make an attachment to earnings order ? 3/ If the original debt is in dispute with Abbey and therefor that is the reason for default any sum they go for will be wr
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