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  1. Thanks for your help DX but please let me know my options.
  2. Yes, I believe so. Meter number tally with the bill. Let me summarise some more info. I moved into this house(rented) early last year and EON was supplieng gas that time. I have taken the meter reading and informed EON. After few months I have received a bill for some £80 and paid immediately. I have decided to switch supplier and found atlantic gas cheeper through USwitch. I have changed to them last summer and informed my initial reading and paid with direct debt. But afterfew months I have stopped DD and decided to pay on quaterly bill. But my bill saying (0) units used based on both readings and the account is in credit. We only use gas for heating(cooking and shower is electric) so we belived it migght be still possible since we rearly used heating over the summer. The other one was an estimated bill and now then other 2 bills come with readings. I have then checked the meter again and the reading is same.
  3. I belive my gas meter is not working (It shows the same reading for long time but I have no problem in using services). What should I do? I have no problem but worrying about my legal responsibilties. The meter is located outside the house and I have recieved 3 quaterly bills with same reading. Gas account is currently in credit with Atlantic Gas. I have only provided the initail reading while switching supplier last summer and after that the Gas man come and took his readings.
  4. Thank you Johnny, I was thinking of pursing this charges dispute for a long time, but my worry was by trying to pursue that I dont want to further complicate things. The other point is I belive my claim will dispute the current A/C but not the loan. Once I was convinced by someone on phone for a managed loan and they have sent me paper work. Then only I realsied the pitfalls and decided not to sign. Still belive I am doing the right thing and CCCS strongly adviced me not to accept a managed loan. Your comments give me some strenth and courage to face this further without the worry of entering a court. I will have to start the procedure of claiming back but doing the research now.
  5. I did have a personal loan and crdeit card with HSBC with some other credit cards. For some reasons my fianances were at a mess and I was having a total unsecured debt of around £29.5K last year with 8 creditors ( 2 loans and 6 credit cards). I have recognised that I am being on the down path and decided to put my finances straight. After doing research on available options I have chose the CCCS's DMP as the best option for me. I have worked out with CCCS and paying £500 each month towards my debts. Now, after about an year my total debt is around £23.5K and I am plastic free for the past year succesfully. I feel that I am on the road to recovery. Almost all my creditors accepted my offer through CCCS exept HSBC loan. Some of them (HSBC credit card and 2 other cards) issued defalut notices and transferd the debt to collectors but accepting the reduced amount without much problem. HSBC loan saying my offer is not acceptable and I have to take out a managed loan from them. Actual amount for Loan is £5300 now but they have added to my current A/C (now advance A/C ) some Derect debt return charges and interst upto £360 in 1 year and saying that as overdraft now. Now everyday I get atleast 3 calls trying to help me out of the debt by entering a managed loan, with usual threats such as collectors will come home etc. I am continuosly refusing based on my understanding about managed loand from what I read here and elsewhere. I am not bothering about transfer of debt to collectos and registration with credit reference aganecy since that has already been happen with HSBC credit card. But I dont want to have a County Court Judgement agaisnt me. My contractual laon payment is £235/month but I am currently paying £125/month through CCCS. Can anybody give me some useful advice on how tackle this. I have already opened a seperate bank account with Natwest for an year now (before entering CCCS DMP) and got Cheque gurantee card with them and my salary going to them dtrectly. If HSBC closed my acount and transfered to collectors will it have any effect on my banking with Natwest (they can see through credit reference agency I guess). I am feeling lot better now as on the road to recovery but this HSBC is a pain.
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