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  1. purely because the issues with the network have been ongoing since Feb/march time when i first started complaining, the hardware issues causing the mast failures have been well documented then with the latest outage lasting a good 20+ days, as the bloke at the top of the tech support chain that i spoke to this morning said, there is no reason at all why i can't terminate my contract free of charge. duly done thank you very much, hello O2 again.
  2. All resolved, they have cancelled my contract with no fee to pay due to network issues in the area.
  3. They have reached a whole new low today, under clause 11b I am going to terminate the contract, over 20 days of unusable service, service back up today. so tonight I phone up, first time i am put on hold for 30 minutes then cut off, next time put on hold for 25 minutes then cut off because the have gone home. There are currently 223 other people at various states of anger, most of us have no complained to the ombudsman as well as the CEO Guy Laurence, some lucky people have already had their contracts terminated. I will try again in the morning, if no luck I will report to trading standards an
  4. And to further back up my statement that this has been ongoing for about 8 months here is the original article from March also pointing out what i told Lee that this is not going to be fixed this year. Hopefully VF were dull enough to put it into writing when the district council dropped them as provider in the spring as I will be hopefully getting copies of all the correspondence sorted tomorrow. w w w .northdevongazette.co.uk/news/phone_users_vent_frustration_at_vodafone_fault_1_1235318 So back to my original thoughts, how can I get this almighty shower of s**t to release me from m
  5. As you pointed out the work was carried out, but as you and everyone at vodafone constantly fail to mention or just plainly mislead customers, it did not work and the problems are as bad as ever. As Vf don't seem to believe anything customers say here is a link to the latest news. It seems my post count is too low for a link so I will insert manually. Just add the w w w .thisisnorthdevon.co.uk/Vodafone-signal-problems-continue-North-Devon/story-17176970-detail/story.html
  6. As it stands now, such is the crap service that i can no longer take your phone calls and have to rely on email, a few local action groups have sprung up and the Vodafone forums for EX32 are getting swamped with complaints. Unfortunately the web relations team are as much use as the customer service team, most of whom insist that there is no problem, though they soon backtrack and apologise when they are read the newspaper article where VF admit the issue and say it will be fixed Oct 16th which they did, whereas lee just states there is no update. Here is an update, the mast is now more
  7. Hi all, I am 18 months into a 24 month Vodafone contract, for the last 8-10 months the data service has been a joke and the voice recently has been virtually non-existent. I have of course complained numerous times and get responses varying from the tedious scripted battery out sim card out routine to a apology and £5 credit (only the once) and told to complain as often as I can. As I work in multiple locations I know it is not the phone, I get excellent signal and high speed data in the next town, I also have the knowledge that my employer (district council) has had to ditch vodafone du
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