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  1. Noticed last night that there was nearly £170 pending on my bank account Phoned up 24hour banking to ask what it was for and was told I`d have to wait until today until the transaction would go through their system properly. I immediately stopped my card and transferred what "little" money I had left in my account to my savings account which does not have debit card facilities. I`ve been on the phone to them back and forwards all day now. Basically, SKY Subscribers have taken out 3 separate payments from my account for what I dont know, I dont even have SKY Tv. When I phoned Sky
  2. Had a letter today from Stirling Park chasing payment of outstanding council tax at a property we let out. The current tenant and the previous tenant have been spot on, pay their rent on time etc, never a bother but the first tenant we had in in 2007 paid nothing, no utilities, rent or anything, took us an age to get her out. Anyway, stirling park are claiming we`re liable for these arrears even though we sent the council adequate information on who the tenant was (we do this any time the tenancy changes). We`ve still got copies of this information. She`s left around 1,000 quid in ar
  3. Have a relatively "not too bad" credit rating. Dont have credit cards/store cards or anything. Was in my bank (Bank of Scotland) the other week and they asked me if I wanted to upgrade my account as I was only on the basic bank account, I said yeah, why not, its not costing me anything Anyway, was shocked when they knocked me back as I`ve been banking with them for 8 years, no overdraft, no bank charges etc. so I sent away for my credit file and was astonished to see that LLOYDS TSB have put a CIFAS warning on my credit file. :eek: Now... I`m not even with flaming Lloyds, and ne
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