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  1. I was thinking of listening to the tape and comparing it to the transcript. IF there are inaccuracies then a note could be made for the court case. If possible make another copy to send to the ombudsman although they may need the original. If the tape is not available then the court won't look too kindly on that as it's fundamental to BB's defence. fox P.S I'm going to tickle your scales as i think the work you've done is great.
  2. Absolutely, yes , get the tape. If after going to court you manage to get a solicitor, it will save time. As far as I'm aware, a transcript has to be an accurate representation of what is recorded. Any innaccuracies wouldn't look too good for the council. Keep us informed. fox
  3. BB, I wish you all the best in your fight. I'll be watching with great interest.:grin: fox
  4. Brassed Off, looked at your post and thought What???? then i saw the time of your post! you're worse than me lol:grin::grin::grin: fox
  5. Surprise. Yes they could do that under freedom of information but wouldn't that show ALL the information and not just what they intend to take to court plus after reading Bubblzee's first post, there's gonna be a helluva lot of it:roll: I'm fighting my daughter's case for her over overpaid council tax and the info I already have is mind boggling. fox
  6. Bubblzbee Just had a thought. Was the interview recorded and were you informed of your rights(You have the right to remain silent blah blah blah). If it was recorded, I think you have a right to a copy if you are defending the case yourself. The prosecution have to disclose everything that they will rely on in court. fox
  7. I live alone so no-one to help me tie myself to the chair:-D:-D:-D All my kids growed up now and have their own lives fox
  8. was the interviewer alone when you had your interview? I ask that as if that was the case then it's someone witnessing that what the interviewer has written is true. Do not put on the forum how you know she has lied . keep that for court. I'm not sure whether the address and N.I. inaccuracies will do much but you can raise it. When you sent your complaint to the ombudsman, did you put a summary of your complaint on as your first page? How you would like your complaint resolved might be useful. fox
  9. Damn, I've been caught out again. OK I admit it I did try to log on between 8:30 and 9:30 and yes the site was down. I took it as an omen to leave well alone for a while so I tied myself to a chair and gagged myself after to stifle the manic cries of CAG,CAG (in case you're wondering, me= billy no mates lol) :-D:-D fox
  10. Thanks 42man. They received it on 18/10 (that to me is day one) so today is day 12. They did send me a nice(!) letter saying they will attempt to supply the info. Thanks for reprinting the letter. That's saved me looking for it fox
  11. What am I like. I even posted on the wrong forum. sorry. I get confoosed fox
  12. Afternoon all, Sorry for my dumbness:???: I've seen on various post about the 12+2 day thing for CCA requests but different posts have said 12 days from receipt and others say 12 working days from receipt. If it's 12 days from receipt, those lovely people at Lowells:p are in default today. If it's the other one then I have to wait till next week to gloat:rolleyes: Any clarification would be gratefully appreciated Fox
  13. G'DAy!!! From my (very)limited experience the letter looks fine. The only (minor) critiscism is that I would remind them of the dates you sent letters and received replies. Smack me at the back of my head if you think I'm too picky :grin: This fee was sent with my original letter. when? An unsigned credit agreement like the one you sent in your reply when??? I would put: This fee was sent with my original letter dated XX/XX/XXXX An unsigned credit agreement like the one you sent in your reply dated XX/XX/XXXX I'm no perfectionist but to me it helps with the tracking of paperwork. IMHO otherwise looks good to go:-D fox
  14. :mad:Afternoon:mad: Oh how i tried to go cold turkey this morning. The puter was calling my name and I struggled until 10 minutes ago when I gave in to my desires and logged in. I now have this warm fuzzy feeling. I don't know what it is(could it be-belonging???) but I like it. I decided to get some help but when I phoned the counsellor, all I could hear was this stifled noise in the background. When I went to bed last night I couldn't get DALLIGAF off my mind so now as I never accept responsibility for my own actions, I blame you lot:-D Fox
  15. Best advice you can do after sending the SAR is to relax,have a stiff drink and wait and wait and wait. With CC's and DAC's speed doesn't fall into their vocabulary. try not to worry. You are doing everything you can at the moment. I'm off to bed soon but as I'm a total CAGaddict, I'll be back on tomorrow:-D fox
  16. I've just spent the last 15 minutes looking around for you but I have only come up with the bank one. there is nothing wrong in you altering the letter to remove associations with the banks to make it look like it's for a credit company. Just copy, paste and edit to suit. sorry, thats the best I can offer. fox
  17. hiya, The chances are that the CCA is valid as it was taken out only a couple of years ago. online signatures became valid a few years ago. Get the S.A.R request in and once that comes back you will be in a better position to assess where you stand. Mistermind's post saya it all really. fox
  18. Hiya, It might be worth visiting the Channel 5 website for The Gadget Show. Last night they were covering this exact issue and they have some template letters to send to your ISP complaining about "unlimited" usage when patently it's not. I'm with virgin and my letter will be sent soon. fox
  19. Hey, I see a comment i like and i steal it. It goes with my addiction. I see it and I use it for months till i get bored. fox
  20. Oh Bookworm, There is nothing else i can say but BRILLIANT. Lets see how many more we can get to confess. As you all know confession is good for the soul. Damn I've lost the valium again:D fox
  21. sorry surprise, looks like i stole that line from you when i meant to quote you. ah well, more practice fox
  22. My daughter said do not let the Council get wind of the fact that you have gone to the ombudsman. Forewarned is forearmed;) Absolutely, They'll find out soon enough and they don't like having to deal with the ombudsman. fox
  23. Fred, You never know. In the law of averages there may be one out there although i seriously doubt it. fox
  24. Until I saw the video, I didn't know what DILLIGAF stood for. why do you think I'm now going for a bath to get the wee smell off me:-D fox
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