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  1. Hi Your sister has learned a very valuable lesson. Choices have consequences! In this case, the consequence is the feelings that she has which, over time, will lessen but the bigger consequence is the vow not to do it again. That is what we are aiming for. Not to punish but to understand reasons why people do things and (hopefully) help for the future. I wish her the best of luck getting over this bad choice.
  2. Hi No! No need to give out a new address as that would be inviting possible trouble. As it has been more than a month between then and now, I would suggest that there is no case been referred for any civil recovery to happen. That is good. Even if they did write, it will be to the old address and your sister will know nothing about it. Best keep it that way.
  3. Can I add my 2p The parking signs dotted around he site are (in my opinion) useless in that they don't make the 'charge' as prominent as the other terms (not that they are any good in the first place.) The sign at the entrance just states Pay and Display with nothing mentioned about terms and conditions. The fact that you did have a permit and scratched off the wrong time is neither here nor there as it was still paid for.
  4. That's good that there is nothing else to uncover. A ban for life!! I doubt that within the next 12 months they will even recognise her. Don't even worry about a database. They are allowed to retain her details for as long as it is practicable but this doesn't mean 6 years. It could be less than a year. They won't be allowed to share the details to any other shop unless those other shops are members of a Shop/Store watch system where very strict data protection laws must be in place. Even if your sister did enter M&S and they recognised her, all the security could do is escor
  5. I am happy that this bill has passed. I live in council property and repairs needed are quickly done by polite and considerate council workers. The same cannot be said when private landlords get involved. My son lived in a house that had inferior heating, doors that either wouldn't open properly or close properly and his landlord did nothing apart from booting them out. I wish I could say that Housing Associations were as good as councils but that is not the case. One of the local Housing Associations outsource repairs to a private company who happily take the money but don't do a pro
  6. Another one bites the dust. I assume it must be financially viable for P2G to pay out when they are challenged where most people will just accept their word for it when the case is rejected. It is people like you who challenge them and they will pay out to avoid court action. Well done
  7. This is a very important point made by DX. Store CCTV usually runs for 24 hours a day, even while the store is closed so they can get footage of any burglaries. Store security would have to scan through hundreds of hours of footage with no idea of a precise date or time so they won't do it. There is also the fact that most CCTV is either stored on a hard drive or written to a rewriteable DVD and after around 30 days the CCTV is overwritten so don't worry about the previous times. As DX says 'forget about it' and just get your sister the help she needs
  8. Personally I doubt it. M&S got the goods back and all they would have to do is re-tag them before putting them back on sale. Most police services won't get involved where the cost of the goods are less than £200 but that should be done straight away rather than at a later time. I don't know enough about the police to know what they WILL do. Most companies use a civil recovery process rather than involve the police as detaining a suspected shoplifter can be time consuming as the police do not attend immediately. The police need to have a chain of evidence to put to the Crown Prose
  9. Hi and welcome to CAG. I got your PM but I am replying here. Most importantly, there will be no trace of this for visa purposes. I haven't seen the visa forms but if they do ask if she has any convictions, the answer is NO! No police were called therefore no charges followed and no criminal court case will be be taken so no criminal record. Yes there will be the letters from DWF but they are easily ignored. They are not as persistent as RLP so expect three or four letters from them and then nothing more. Tell her not to be worried by the fact DWF are a firm of solicitors. Civ
  10. DRP can do nothing-ever. Only Empark can. Yes, complain to the hospital but you need to find out which department deals with parkinh which is why I suggested that you contact PALS first. https://www.thh.nhs.uk/patients/advice/form/palsform.php
  11. Which NHS trust is the Mount Vernon Centre part of? As it stands, I would contact the hospital and complain about the ticket as they are ultimately responsible for the parking company's actions. You can ask PALS for this information. As members of the BPA, they must follow the guidelines in their code of conduct. POPLA may allow an appeal out of time due to the circumstances at the time. Empark are a bit of an unknown at the moment so it really depends on what they do next. Sending debt collection letters is a waste of time as they can do nothing to you. The only time to re
  12. Ignore the Leicester City Council link. LFE services come under Blaby District Council. I have checked and I cannot see any planning permissions for the mounts for the cameras nor advertising consent (so far) If that is the case, the charge should be unenforcible as the cameras and signs are illegally placed.
  13. This is going to need some work. Looking on Google Street View, there is a free standing pole with the cameras on and a sign below that which isn't lit. While there is street lighting around the area, none of them are dedicated to the ANPR sign so it is perfectly reasonable to miss the sign. What we really need is a newer photo of any signs around the entrance to LFE services as the one I can see is from May 2017. Have a look at this blog entry from ShutEye on the Parking Prankster website http://tinyurl.com/yasororl As the post code of this site is LE3 3GB it is likely tha
  14. Hi Well, ignore DRP for now. They can do nothing. Can you fill this in please https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?462118-Have-you-received-a-Parking-Ticket&p=4883055&viewfull=1#post4883055
  15. We all know that ATOS bend to the Goverments will and will pick up on any 'technicality' to refuse a claim. ATOS claim they have no say on the final decision as that is made by a DWP decision maker. The decision maker relies on an accurate assessment and based on what you have said here, this should have been a purely paper exercise, not making you go to an assessment. Offensive? Don't know but in my opinion taking one small part of a statement and not including the whole statement is misleading at best. As I said earlier, ATOS screwed me over. This was on mobility grounds. Strang
  16. Hi and welcome to CAG. In my opinion you can go and collect your prescription and as there has been no actual ban, you can continue to shop there too. It may be worth getting your scripts from another pharmacy. Your receptionist at your doctors should be able to help. If security enforce a ban, they should at the very least allow you to collect your drugs but they may escort you.
  17. Hi As was mentioned in another thread regarding RLP, where goods were paid for (even after the event) there is no cause of action as it has been rectified before DWF could get involved. DWF are a firm of solicitors and for some people letters from them gives them an air of authority. Civil recovery is only a tiny amount of their day to day work. Security staff are paid irrespective of whether they catch anyone or not so there can never be any security costs. There have been no court cases since 2012 in regard to civil recovery so these companies rely on ignorance to get people to pay
  18. On their web page is a twitter link. May be worth trying to contact them there as nobody wants to air their dirty laundry in public. Is there any information on the back of the card?
  19. In 2008 a 5.2 quake hit Market Rasen in Lincolnshire. I lived nearly 70 miles away and it woke me up so the distance would have decreased the strength of the quake. I could drop a water melon at home and all I would feel is wet feet. Nothing would fall off the wall or shake the floor. A 1.5 quake would be felt locally and Quadrilla trying to minimise the effect is tatamount to sticking fingers in their ears and humming to themselves. Ignoring the problem can only make the problem worse in the future. As far as I know, there were no quakes around the PNR site before fracking started. How
  20. Hi I'm not totally convinced on the GDPR angle if it is another resident taking the pictures. The cars are parked in a public area and the taking of pictures cannot be a breach. Where a grey area comes to me is if that resident passes on those images to the parking company as that 'may' be classed as processing the data. Once in the hands of PPM then I don't believe they have the right to be able to obtain the keeper details. If, on the other hand, it is a parking attendant who works for the company then the processing doesn't really come into play. What does come into the scenario is
  21. Hi and welcome to CAG. Guilt by association! Superdrug security have decided that as you were with the thief you are just as guilty. Absolute cobblers. It's a shame you gave out your details as they had no right and as for 'Civil Recovery', they can do one! Rant over. I am making a guess here but are you under 18? Do you live with your parents? If yes, have you divulged what happened to them? From what you said in your first post, it seems that Superdrug security will send your details to Retail Loss Prevention (RLP) who will chase all three of you for a 'contribution' to the se
  22. You would think that Hermes would have an algorithm in the software on their site to filter out prohibited items so if you put perfume into the description box, a pop up would ask if that item was in a glass bottle and then, if yes, refuse to carry it as it was against their terms and conditions. It would be easy to do so why don't they? The simple answer is that if they did that, they would lose a lot of business so they much prefer to include items in the prohibited list but rely on the customer to read the list which is unlikely to happen and only deal with those customers who exercis
  23. That is a good point raised by DX. These forums (Fora?) are open for all to see which is why we rely on anonymity. RLP do read these threads and no doubt gnash their teeth at the loss of revenue we help create. I hope one day that we on CAG have the affect of closing this type of company down. I am waiting for one case of wrongful detention and letters from RLP to think about a case for harassment against RLP. That day can't come soon enough.
  24. Whilst I don't see RLP getting involved (due to the small amount) I am happy to be proved wrong and I absolutely welcome letters from RLP. Just reading them makes my day. Before uploading, ensure that you remove all traces of your details and any reference numbers. Life sucks at times (been there- got the T shirt) but this one should add 0.0000% to them.
  25. The police will NEVER become involved, especially for tiny amounts like this so don't worry about that at all. The only issue you 'may' have is if RLP contact you. You thn have to learn how to interpret letters into their true meaning but that's what we are here for. Don't stress the small stuff
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