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  1. Hi I believe in Scotland they have a system in place for low level shoplifting. This thread is one where a poster was dealt with. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?442152-police-caution-shoplifting-SCOTLAND-**RESOLVED**&p=4701064&viewfull=1#post4701064 There will be a reason why you did this and my initial thoughts are a bit of depression (but don't take my word for it). There are many other reasons as well. Low seratonin levels could be a cause too. No excuses for what you did, just possible reasons this happens. I would rather have face to f
  2. Congratulations on your win. I agree it's a numbers game for them but the more people that read threads such as yours may take solace that they could win if it went to court. It's not an easy task going to court but you did it
  3. Hi I have just looked at the site in question from Google Street View and while I can read the sign at the entrance, it just states BP customers only, Max stay 30 minutes. While the images of the site in question are from 2017, that is the only sign I can see. Up to date photographs should be taken as if the sign at the entrance is the only one, they cannot invent a charge with those details printed for the simple reason. Double yellow lines on private land are basically graffiti and have no legal standing. The first port of call should be the manager of the petrol station. I am g
  4. Agreed. Notice how the letters say 'may consider' and 'if our client'. This means nothing at all. Only a Letter Before Action/Claim from a *cough* reputable *cough* solicitor has any legal standing and only then should action be considered.
  5. Not surprised they said that as they are members of the IPC but they do have to adhere to the IPC code of practice but as you are now aware, the CoP is there but it is equally ignored. The IPC are just paying lip service to the code. They are vultures by any other name.
  6. Hi and welcome to CAG. I heartily agree with the other comments so far. No police involvement-you can state no! The police would never ask RLP for their data as these are only alleged events, not proven criminal events and as it was about 6 years ago, that data should have been removed by now so nothing to stress over. Go, fill the forms in truthfully-which is what your answers will be and be and hopefully you will enjoy a career in the police service.
  7. EB, NTC are not members of the BPA. They are with the IPC so we all know how any appeal will go for them. It appears from the IAS rejection is that NTC are the arbiters of any appeal, not the IAS?? Go figure! The IAS could have told NTC that there was no liability but of course they won't as they have to play nice with the people that pay their wages. By the way, on the doctors surgery website, they rent some spaces from Connaught Hall and advise that if spaces are full, to display a ticket. Personally, I think the attendant saw you go into the surgery, not expecting y
  8. Well, after a comprehensive search of Station Road, Attleborough in the district of Breckland going back to 2014, I found 19 entries for planning permission and none of them was for Connaught Hall, Station Road Doctors nor NTC. Just thought you ought to know.
  9. No wonder they have an attendant on site as one minute isn't even enough time to go and purchase a ticket. They could then give tickets to everyone if they chose As it is in the hands of the courts now it is pointless contacting the doctors surgery or Connaught Hall. You must defend all and start gathering your defence paperwork and stick rigidly to all court indtructions. Any queries, just ask. Check to see if either the hall, the docs or NTC hhave planning permission for the signs too. Lots of these companies don't bother with legalities but it bites them if they haven't permissio
  10. The beavis case has absolutely nothing to do with this case although it is a very interesting read. The simple facts are that this is railway property and byelaw 14 controls what 'offences' are committed. There is a gulf of difference between what Indigo can think they are allowed to do and what they can actually do which is nothing. They cannot take court action. There is no leave for the motorist to appeal to an independent body so the only option is to ignore them. They do not want you to be taken to court as they don't see the money; the Government does which is why they want y
  11. I have a few thoughts on this. Oil wells at sea are drilling down to a cavity that contains oil. The wells are lined to prevent spillage and capped off when that field has run dry. The difference between the lining of oil wells and fracking are this. Oil wells generally drill in one direction meaning that the lining can be continuous from well to oil. Fracking goes around corners. I have not heard of anything that states that once the vertical drilling is complete and lined, the horizontal drilling should be lined. This cannot happen anyway as it is the horizontal drilling that is engag
  12. Continue to ignore. As you state, they are not using the protections of PoFA therefore they cannot rely on it in court (if it gets that far) What this means is that they can only go after the driver and as they don't know who was driving at the time, make the assumption that the driver is also the keeper. Best to keep them in the dark. Courts don't like these companies making assumptions, only facts
  13. Hi I would say try it and see. I don't think they have the software to recognise a name and address but I heartily agree with the above post. Asda, Tesco an even Morrisons do online shopping and they are far cheaper than Sainsburys.
  14. You are correct in saying that this is a public forum but we try very hard not to allow highly insensitive comments. Your sister MUST be a good person as she feels shame and remorse. This speaks volumes to me as if someone came on to CAG boasting about how much they have stolen, they get very little help at all. It is wise to ignore snide comments but report them so that the site team can deal with it. Let us be clear on the Data Protection aspect. Any company that you have a financial link with (banks, credit cards, mobile phone accounts) they are allowed to keep your data for as l
  15. One more thing, Did the security room have CCTV (video recording) If so, you demand to see the footage to assist in your complaint.
  16. Hi, As well as you contacting the CEO, it may be that Sainsbury's subcontract the store security to a private company. It would help if that company (if at all) were named. Can you recall any uniform or badge worn by security? DWF may become involved but you can safely ignore them. They can do nothing to you. There will be no issue on your visa as this was not a criminal matter. I think that the media team on Twitter should be made aware of this as well. It seems that Sainsbury's and their security staff do not understand that mistakes do happen on occasion and not every m
  17. If you have call blocking on your phone, use it. County Collections have NO power over you so just ignore them. They are just another low life debt collection agency employed by RLP to chase you in the hope of a payday. Don't fall for all the guff they may spout. You could ring them and record the call just to catch them out. You have no obligation to tell them so long as you do not release the recording unedited to remove names but you can release a transcript but again, no names.
  18. Hi, this is just my opinion. For ParcelForce to claim there was insufficient packaging, they should have some evidence to prove this. In my opinion, this is a get out by them whenever someone makes a claim. There are other threads on here regarding parcel companies (Parcel2Go) being the main one but the similarities are the same. No doubt somewhere on their website is a section of prohibited items which they say can't be delivered by them (did you mention what was in the package?) but this does not override your consumer rights. They agreed to accept your parcel and you paid f
  19. In the UK, company data protection officers have a duty to ensure that data is not kept for longer than is practical and if they chose to keep this data for longer, they must answer to the ICO as to why. In the case of RLP, they keep the data for about six years. This seems to be the norm. They are not allowed to keep data for as long as they want.
  20. Hi, a quick jump in and out. I have seen quite a few cases on CAG where Lowell have discontinued a case just before they were due to appear in court. My suspicion is the fact that they were unable to supply the contract due to the shambles of VF's agreement storage. When a paper contract is signed, VF then sent these to an off site storage unit but these were never filed properly meaning that they were unable to find them. Lowell were given the most basic of information to be able to chase the debt. At first, it was Lowell (or a different DCA) chasing on behalf of VF but then Lowell bo
  21. Hi As I see it, I would expect the apartment owner to show proof that it was you that did the damage. I would contact the Credit card company to ensure that nothing is taken from your account. Using your travel insurance is a no no as it would imply that you were responsible. If you have legal expense cover with your insurance you could use them to fight your corner. As it stands, it may be that the previous visitor was responsible and nobody checked the cupboard when it was cleaned prior to you taking residence. I wouldn't pay it and I would expect proof from them that you (on b
  22. I'm not quite sure I can agree to this statement. I don't see any problem with speaking out against dictators no matter where they come from. Facebook and Twitter are the two platforms where I see more racist comments than any other. I am interested in politics wherever it appears and I feel the need to say it how I see it. That is the whole point of living in a democratic country. I don't care that Donald Trump is a Republican just as I wouldn't care if he was a Democrat or an Independent. What I do see is Donald Trump, as a person has, in my opinion, no clue on what he is doing. He loo
  23. I take great pleasure following "Trump" as he likes to call himself now-including the quotations! He is a (failed) business man trying to run the American Government as a business. (IMO) I also find him petulant and I can imagine him stamping his feet shouting, "If you don't give me my wall, barrier, spikes, slats or whatever, I will hold my breath until you do!" It is purely because of trump that I have taken an interest in US politics and the amount of vitriol given to Trump every time he posts on Twitter is amazing. One tweet even had over 25k replies. I couldn't check to see how
  24. Hi Can you give us a run down of events so far and it would help if we knew who the supplier is as well (I think I know but it would help to actually know)
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