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  1. As expected, no mention of PoFA so only the driver of the vehicle can be chased. You are under no obligation to name the driver. In fact, anyone can drive your car with your permission and they have their own insurance or are a named person on your policy. As this company are members of the IPC, any appeal you make to them will be rejected without even looking at the ticket and when they do reject you they say you can go to the IAS but that is also run by the IPC and it's an old boys club who have their members interests at heart and certainly not the motorists. These are the reasons why
  2. Hi again. I really feel for you over this. ATOS deal with assessments in black and white; no shades of grey allowed. Did you ask for a mandatory reassessment? I did and it got me nowhere but it may be different for you. I also lost my mobility and got low care. Odd that isn't it. I chose not to appeal and instead followed the formal complaints procedure. I didn't think I could cope with a tribunal. Have you searched to see if there is any help available such as carers allowance if you earn less than £120 per week and you you are the main carer for 35 hours or more per week.
  3. Hi I have seen on my travels where signs state that parking fees must be paid within 10 minutes of entering the car park or a charge will be issued. Total Rubbish in my opinion. The Fistral Beach case, while not a leading case, it is very persuading as an example if this went to court. ECP should have known that on that day, a football match was on and if roads are blocked for any reason but they don't care. All they see is the money. I will bet that lots of other cars on that day got parking tickets. You are out of time for any appeal so all you can do is sit this out. There
  4. Hi Have you tried actually speaking to them? This can be the easiest option and they could offer to show you to what extent the images cover your garden. They are quite entitled to film up to the edge of their boundary (the fence) but if they intend to film outside the boundary line, visual warnings should be placed and then they will have to comply with the GDPR. Sorting this out should be easy but you have to live there and we don't know what your neighbours are like. If talking doesn't work then the next option is the ICO who will make a determination. Compromise is the best optio
  5. Hi To expand a little, send a SAR to Motonovo and not DWF as they won't have all the info on your case.
  6. EDF are not the only ones trying different tactics to switch people over to smart meters. Don't know if you have seen this thread https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?491170-Smart-Meters-A-discussion&p=5158484&viewfull=1#post5158484 Particularly this post https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?491170-Smart-Meters-A-discussion&p=5171984&viewfull=1#post5171984 Everybody should know that meter swaps are voluntary, not compulsory. The only time a smart meter will be installed is when a meter change is needed.
  7. Hi and welcome to CAG I can safely say you have learned your lesson but please don't do it again as it makes us as well as yourself look foolish. If you read a thread in the stickies it covers a case where a store took two teenagers to court with the assistance of RLP. That case was lost because (in part) due to the fact that store security are paid whether or not the apprehend anyone so there can be no security costs. Hope that helps
  8. Bit of a mess there isn't it! I would have thought you would be kept fully informed during this process.
  9. As this is a byelaw offence, whichever company owns the site would have to file with a magistrate. As indigo have not bothered with it, any further demands can be ignored however, if they try to fool you into thinking they have any right to pursue you, complain. As far as any penalty charge being decided, they are out of time
  10. Hi and welcome to CAG I'm sure you have already seen other threads about Hermes and/or Parcels2Go I believe they should fully refund. Just because their terms and conditions state that £300 is the maximum does not make this true. It is (in my opinion) an unfair term. I'm sure others would state that you send a Letter Before Action giving them 14 days to respond then if they don't, sue them Do not do this if you are not prepared to go all the way
  11. Hi We do need to know whether PDUK are using PoFA in this case as IPC members usually don't meaning that only the driver is liable and not the keeper. You have no obligation to name the driver at any time. The sign you have posted is clear to me that you can stay on the site for up to an hour but when in a loading bay, you only have 30 minutes. Once we know the area where you unloaded (including postcode) we can check whether permissions have been applied for the signs. It is pointless appealing to PDUK as they will reject you out of hand aand then if you went to the IAS (sup
  12. Hi and welcome, I agree with the others that security have lied to you in order to administer the short sharp shock. I find the method wrong but if it works, that's a good thing. As mentioned, the police are forbidden to give out personal details of anyone, especially to security staff. The CCTV will be passed on to RLP which they are allowed to do and RLP will keep the video safe. They are not allowed to pass the video on to anyone who doesn't have the authority to view it. As for RLP, always ignore what they say. The letters they send are carefully worded to seem they can
  13. Also note that these restrictions do not apply to the McDonalds on site, just the access road to the petrol station. Having looked more closely at the signs in the images from 2018 the signs have UKPS on them, not CPM. If that is still the case, there can be no case to answer as they are different companies. Hopefully someone who lives closer can get up to date pictures. More digging done. Hopefully this link will work https://planning.dover.gov.uk/online-applications/searchResultsBack.do?action=back Going back to 2014, there doesn't seem to be planning permissions for the CCT
  14. And Ignore! Trace can't do anything, just recommend to their 'client' what action they could try. There is only two ways this can go. They stop chasing or they take court action. taking court action is risky because because you cannot enter a contract where there is a prohibition such as 'No Parking on Yellow Lines' which is an absolute bar. You cannot agree to pay any charge from that. Also, this site has had many complaints http://tinyurl.com/yaq2bes6 On a further note, I have just looked at the site in question, Images from June 2018 show no signs at the entrances to t
  15. Please include a post code of the area so that we can pin point exactly where you parked and if you can, go back and take pictures of any signs you see.
  16. Hi again, I agree with my esteemed colleagues regarding CRS. They are the minnows in the very small field of civil recovery companies. The two biggest are RLP and DWF and the advice for all of them is to ignore, CRS can do nothing to you-ever. ONLY B&Q can but they don't bother because it would cost them more than they could recover from a shoplifter. I have been reading around DBS checks and from the answers I have seen, Community Resolutions are not stored on the Police National Computer but as Sidewinder stated, they will keep it as Local Information. Whether or not this is i
  17. Hi and welcome to CAG. I have to go out shortly so this answer will have to do for now. Completely ignore CRS. They have no power to do anything. Others will explain better than me for now.
  18. I have just had a quick look at the code of practice and section 3.8 Marketing states quite clearly that customers have the right to end any conversation at any time and that marketing should be fair, transparent, appropriate and professional. The one word that strikes me is transparent which in the above case isn't being done. Customers MUST be clearly informed of their rights and that they can refuse a meter if they choose.
  19. Well he has already been caught out on the Moscow tower. His lawyer at the time stated that discussions were discontinued in the January whereas it actually carried on to June. Trumps lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen stated to the enquiry that Trump forced him to lie. I for one will read the Mueller papers when they are released (hopefully soon) If you want to see what some TV stars/hosts think of Trump just go to Youtube and type in Stephen Colbert. This guy is funny
  20. Very interesting find there TJ. It will need a bit more confirmation from the protesters to see what they think. Maybe the Facebook groups will have more info. As an aside, any idea what has happened with Tawnyowl. I haven't seen him lately.
  21. That email is misleading. Without me even going to the site, I will bet it says that the meter is optional. Not everybody is the internet savvy and use computers just for emailing and browsing, nothing else. Why would anyone bother when the email makes you think the meter swap is compulsory. Eon, get it together!
  22. Debt collection agencies work purely on numbers-nothing personal. They will buy a portfolio of debts for pennies on the pound. If a debt is newer [say, around 18 months old] the buyer will pay more than for debts nearing a six year old mark. Other companies will buy debts that are being repaid to the original creditor and are fairly sure that the repayments will continue under the new company. Some companies have a welfare department who will listen to debtors and make decisions based on that (and written evidence) whereas some others don't bother at all-it's all about the numbers.
  23. Hi I am assuming you are out of time to appeal to POPLA. Did (not so) Smart Parking give you a code to use? Ignore DR+. They can do nothing to you however if a Letter Before Claim/Action arrives, that is the time to deal with it. Putting in the wrong reg number or making a mistake means nothing. The parking period was paid for so Smart have no loss to claim. Telling people to put their full reg number in properly or a charge will be issued also means nothing as if it went to court (which I doubt) any sensible judge would see right through this ploy and dismiss the claim. Please say
  24. Hi and welcome to CAG I would wait until the notice to keeper arrives. Can you tell us exactly where you parked. There are different parking areas around the building for parking. One area is a proper car park and another has graffiti everywhere. I have looked as best I can but I can't see any signs saying that the area is private land.
  25. If this is the same company, I would dump them now. Check out their fees. Extortionate I feel http://tinyurl.com/ya2uw7qm
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