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  1. My opinion is slightly different to ericsbrother. I can't see any harm in appealing as even if you lost with UKPC and POPLA, they would still have to take court action to get their pound of flesh. POPLA are also fairer than the IPC (but not by much) and it's been noted that some companies will not bother defending themselves at appeal. You could also do nothing and wait to see if court papers are issued. That's no bad thing but some people don't want the thought hanging over them and follow the appeals process. IF you do decide to appeal the ticket with UKPC make it a weak one as what you really want is the POPLA code where you can use facts (not mitigation) against them.
  2. Getting them cancelled won't work as you would have to appeal to the IAS and my comments previously give my opinion of them. IF this were to be taken to court and you lost (which a good defence would ensure that never happened) the most you would have to pay is the £100 or each ticket and the court costs which is fixed in the small claims court so the maximum they would get is around £300. If they tried to take court action for each PCN separately, the second ticket should get thrown out as an abuse of process as they would have known about the second ticket before initiating action. If court action is mooted, either Gladstones or BW Legal would need to send a Letter Before Action/Claim. Gladstones are owned by the same people as the IPC so it's clear that it's an old boys club. There is also the fact that members of the IPC have to follow a code of practice and that means that they should allow a MINIMUM of 10 minutes grace period. IF the signs by the cash machine do not state that each 24 hour period ends at midnight then the second ticket was given wrongly and it would never see the light of day in court
  3. I have looked on google street view. Can you confirm which car park it is based on this image. https://www.google.com/maps/@53.8229349,-3.0546889,3a,75y,259.15h,74.19t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sV1mDg6OymMo7yctdDjR3jg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 The one directly ahead or the one to the right-or somewhere else I have missed-Ignore this now. I have found out which one it is. I should have looked at the image of the pay machine The only signs I can see are at the entrance (based on a June 17 image) however in April of that year, there were two other signs on the wall of the building next door. Either way, they are insufficient to form a contract (in my opinion.
  4. Hi and welcome to CAG. NE parking are members of the IPC and as such you will never get a favourable response. They have given you the opportunity of a further appeal to the IAS but unfortunately, this body is controlled by the IPC so again, they work for the parking companies and not you so you won't get a fair hearing. I did read your letter of appeal and while it doesn't explicitly name you as the driver, it could be inferred by the contents of the letter. I suggest that you ignore everything bar court papers. Do some research on the car park and see what planning permissions they have to run the site and who the landowner is. I'll have a look on google to see if I can find the site in question
  5. My daughter cannot even get an account in her name due to a fraud from 2004. Someone tried to open an account in her name but got the middle name wrong. Her middle name is Julie however the fraudsters used Jane. Another trick they used was to order stuff in her name at an old address and when the delivery wasn't completed (as she wasn't there) the courier tried the next door neighbour (the fraudsters). The amount of debt collectors chasing her for these debts has been unreal but now they are all Statute Barred. The damage has been done though. She has no credit history so the banks (as well as CIFAS) refuse her an account. She uses her husbands account.
  6. Hi and welcome to CAG. I have just looked at the site on google street view and I cannot see any signs at the entrance to the car park warning that terms apply by using the car park. What I can't make out is the signs on the wall of the bank so it needs a visit to take some pictures. I'm also surprised that they are not relying on PoFA to enforce a ticket against you as if they are not doing so, they cannot rely on PoFA at a later stage. Can you upload the NTK (after redacting all personal details) so the experts can have a look. a pdf file is best as that gives us the ability to zoom in/out. I also suspect that if you go to their website, you will be able to see any pictures they may have. What are they saying you did wrong on each ticket?
  7. Just looking at the Booking.com website and it may be that they are a third party where the facilitate a booking between you and the provider. This can cause problems if someone wants to take court action so you need to do research on them before taking any action. This page on their website may go some way in explaining what they do http://tinyurl.com/ybj69n25
  8. Morning EB. Thanks for the clarification. I agree that not all depression cases (or even that the shoplifter is even depressed) lead to shoplifting. People do different things and shoplifting is just one; this is why I have an interest in this forum. As for getting CBT. That will be a long process. A counsellor is easier to get but you are spot on when you say to get help from a GP. You know, it's nice that I can disagree with you and it doesn't end up a slanging match. Anyway, back on topic for the OP.
  9. Sorry EB, I have to disagree with you. When people get depressed, they need a 'high' to make them feel 'normal' again and I am talking from a personal perspective here. I have suffered with depression for years and initially I had to do something risky to make me feel better even though it was only a short high. As soon as my adrenaline went back to normal, I was depressed again. It's a vicious circle. I am on happy pills to help me cope and they do work even though I have had to up the dose. Shoplifting is just one way of getting the thrill some people need.
  10. IF there is any signs there, pictures are essential. Have you contacted the Campanile to see if they can help as you were a visitor there. It is the norm that when people visit certain hotels/restaurants that you would input your car reg into a computer at reception. If there was nothing to indicate this then that would also be unfair.
  11. Hi I have had a look on Google and although the images were from last year, the only sign I could see was for the casino next door. There was nothing at the entrance to the hotel site so we do need up to date pictures
  12. Sorry that you haven't had a response as yet. Hopefully this post will show up for today's experts (of which I am not). In my opinion, you booked and paid Booking.com so they are responsible for dealing with you and then they can go after the hotel. I hope you still have the advert of the hotel and its (non) facilities. It beggars belief that any hotel would not have enough hot water for all the rooms. A fire escape is not a balcony. There is some law around for citizens in the UK to sue in another country and hopefully the experts will know more.
  13. Have you tried msconfig? if not, type mscongig in the search bar at the bottom left and then click on desktop app. This should bring up a box with different tabs. Click on services then click the box 'hide all microsoft services' and then it should leave you with a few extra bits. IF within these services there is anything regarding Avira, untick it and then click apply then OK then close the box and try again. Doing that has helped me over the years
  14. Hi again, Firstly I would be addressing the shoplifting aspect. Are you on anti depressants (hereafter called happy pills)? If so, you may have become tolerant of the pills and need to up the dosage OR get some counselling (both available from your GP). I think it's safe to say that you have read a lot about RLP and know exactly what to do with them but please make sure you don't leave 'skid marks' RLP state that they keep a separate database of offenders and they have a separate company that deals with this aspect. They are called Cireco. They cannot release any information related to you without your written permission which you won't be giving. They may release the data for the prevention and deterrent of crime aspect with legal bodies who have the right to see them however, I am yet to hear of that. I am also yet to hear of any case where the police have anything on their database where no police involvement was done. It would be different if the police had attended as they then have a duty to record the offence. The database itself is flawed as it contains details of alleged shoplifters and not convicted shoplifters so this could cause many problems for them if a seasoned shoplifter gives a false name and address. I'm going off on a tangent and I must stop. Just ignore RLP. They will go away eventually.
  15. Just popping in and out again. It is my understanding that even if you did take out extra cover, they wouldn't pay out as they then claim the items were on the naughty list of things they won't carry.
  16. Hi, Not really my area but I have seen on twitter where councils have taken landlords to court over the safety of the buildings and I think there is one where an unlawful eviction was challenged. I will have a look and see if I can find some cases.
  17. Hi and welcome to CAG. Before any assistance is given, you MUST address the shoplifting. Why are you doing it. Need? Excitement? Are you under 18? Have you come to the attention of the Police yet regarding these crimes?
  18. Hi, I don't want to get your hopes up but if you read other Lowell/Vodafone threads you will see that when a court case is defended, on occasion, Lowell drop it at the last minute. The main reason being that they cannot locate the agreement. Vodafone use an off site storage location for all the contracts but they are rarely kept in any order so when a contract is needed, they have great difficulty finding it. I don't know if this applies to contracts taken out online but with paper contracts, this is what happens.
  19. Hmn! Not too sure on this but I would see it as a breach. Telling others that you owe a debt is personal information to you, not your children even though they may know already. The company could also be accused of harassment which is a criminal offence but that depends on the amount of times he has messaged you or them. I think that a simple warning that he has breached the GDP Regulations may see him stop. This is my opinion and others may disagree so hold off till the regulars pop in but it is quite quiet at weekends.
  20. Definitely ignore that one. Zenith (DR+ in disguise) cannot take any action and those big bold words are intended to worry you. Either Gladstones or BG Legal are the ones that usually take on these cases so don't ignore them when they (if) they arrive
  21. Have a look at the bottom of the letter. Zenith are DR+ with a different dress on!
  22. I agree. It is a different layout to ones I have seen before but in this case, it's worth it to them to personalise the letter however it is still just a threat-o-gram with no substance.
  23. Plus the added bit that the claimant wouldn't have reasonably known they were being over paid.
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