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  1. Brilliant. That's something I don't say very often. Funny as well. Seriously, this is now over so no need to think about it again. Just don't be tempted ever again.
  2. Hi and welcome to CAG, You will be surprised if you read some of the threads here that there are others in a similar situation to you. People make poor choices, as simple as that. The thing to do is to assess the underlying reasons for the theft. I guarantee it won't be the price. As mentioned by DX, your GP is the best person to talk to about your symptoms and they are bound by patient confidentiality. Getting help rather than suffering alone will benefit you. Anxiety can be treated, either by pill popping or by talking therapy. The latter works. I know it did in my case. Paying for the second pair is an idea but if they want your name and address, I would not give it. They have no right to it nor need it to pay for the second pair.
  3. Ignore them, it's just a generic letter with mail merge. The give away! The threat of bailiff action. In this case, they could never instruct a bailiff (or EA as they are now called) because the value is too low and if they did consider action, they would be on a loser straight away. Beggars belief that they stoop so low to get their Christmas Bonus!
  4. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I couldn't see the signs in the car park so up to date pictures would be nice however, I suspect that you don't live in the area and were just visiting. NE Parking are members of the IPC who will do nothing for you so any appeal will fall on deaf ears so any appeal to NE Parking will be rejected without even considering the fact you bought a ticket. As I said, appealing to the IPC via the IAS (Independent appeals Service) will be pointless as the guys that run the IPC and the IAS are the same. It also seems that they will only consider appeals from the driver who you must NEVER name and they allow 21 days to appeal however, members of the IPC do not follow the rules laid out in PoFA 2012 so when they apply to the DVLA for the keepers name and address, they will chase the keeper on the assumption that they are also the driver. I wouldn't bother appealing but keep the PCN and the parking ticket safe just in case they consider court action. The only time to react is if you get a Letter Before Action IF any court action is mooted by these muppets, I would be considering a counter claim for breaching the GDPR (this replaced the Data Protection Act) as the system used by the IPC is very flawed.
  5. Hi and welcome to CAG. Firstly, can you give us the details as mentioned in this thread: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?462118-Have-you-received-a-Parking-Ticket&p=4883055&viewfull=1#post4883055 Then, can you confirm which car park it was. There is one next to Barretts and another at the other end of Palentine Road which may not even be part of Palentine Road
  6. Hi, You are falling for the old trick of responding to them. Whilst you are writing to them, they will keep thinking that you are scared. If you do choose to send them one more letter, I would use just four words. "See you in court." You cannot breach a prohibitive notice. Simple as that and any judge worth his/her salt would know this but I doubt it will get that far.
  7. I would post as well. emails can be missed or ignored. I disagree with CAB. Giving 14 days will look that you are being reasonable. Once Direct Bikes have received your claim they may try to pay you if you discontinue the claim. If so, make sure of the terms they are offering. If that means you removing adverse posts on the internet, you will not be able to comply s this thread won't get deleted. (something they have demanded before in a separate case) Just before issuing the claim, come here and I will alert a couple of people who have had experience of taking court action.
  8. DWF are a firm of solicitors who just happen to do the civil recovery thing. They have absolutely no power at all over you. As far as I am aware, DWF acting (as solicitors) for M&S have never taken a case to court and neither have I heard of any case from other solicitors doing the same. So I agree with DX. Ignore. DWF send around three letters and then drop it.
  9. Apart from anything that has already been advised, I would do nothing. Debt collectors have absolute no power over you - ever! If they were foolish enough to instigate legal action, they would only be able to claim the £100 plus court and fixed solicitor fees so the most you would likely pay is around £200 but again that's if you lost but well before any court visit, you will have prepared a crushing defence to their claim (with help from CAG)
  10. I'm happy that no one got hurt but an airport 'spokesman' said... No! The judge was delivering an opinion of today's money money culture and delivered his judgement based on what he heard.
  11. I usually use Brittany Ferries when I go on a booze cruise (usually one per year) and I can say that the loaders pack everyone in the loading decks as tightly as possible so for someone in any form of wheelchair, this presents problems. There's usually only room for a single file of people so how can a wheelchair move along the row unless a disabled car is placed at the most accessible place which would obviously mean that they are placed nearest the disabled access. The thing is, before loading, traffic is directed to a waiting area and form up in little neat lines. what is the problem with having a dedicated line for disabled travellers? Once some vehicles have been given permission to drive on board, stop other traffic and let the disabled drive on which would put them nearest the access they need. Not rocket science is it? Having said that, I have found the staff on board generally pleasant although I have rarely spoken to the loading crew. Having read your tale of woe, I would have ended up arrested for physical violence. I can't stand poor performance!
  12. Oh yes, it is pointless appealing to the IAS as they are biased in favour of their members (old boys club) Personally, I don't see this going anywhere near a court but even if they started a case, they may not appear. Your rights were in place long before these muppets took over the management of the site. Did you have any say in the matter before they started? If so, who consulted you? The landowner or the management company? If the latter, does the MC have the right to change things without the landowners permission. I think that you should contact the management company again and state that they should handle this matter properly or go over their heads and go direct to the landowner.
  13. Hi and welcome to CAG Are you saying that you bought the right to park for 30K? If the lease has stated that you must display a permit then that's one thing but the management company would have written to all leaseholders telling them that. If that hasn't happened, you have not been consulted nor have you agreed to this. What is reasonable? Is it the management company making the rules and if so, do they have the landlords permission to do so?
  14. Ooh scary scary-NOT! DR plus are debt collectors who's only role is to chase parking matters. They have no authority over you and as such you can ignore them. The only time to react is if you get something from Gladstones or BW Legal. Gladstone owners also own the IPC and they also run the laughably IAS so you can see that any appeal to them would go nowhere. If you had parked in a car park run by a company who was with the BPA, any appeal would have the name of the assessor on it; with the IPC, they like to keep their assessors names out of any decision which begs the question, "What have they got to hide?"
  15. ZZPS are a bunch of muppets (sorry Kermit) as this letter states 'Charge' to try and confuse matters further and adding on erroneous charges that could not be added. Ignoring them is the best option I can think of. Should you receive anything court related then that's the time to sit up and take notice but looking at what they have done so far, that looks unlikely. I bet that West Midland Trains have no idea this case is ongoing. I suspect that Indigo (or one of their pet debt collectors) will try and offer you a reduced charge to close this matter. That's how desperate they are.
  16. I'm not that clever on the finer points of litigation but I do know that they are frustrating you by not supplying you with their evidence. No doubt they will try and ambush you at the court with extra rubbish which you can refuse to see
  17. Sorry pal, Spring Parking. Nothing to do with Smart Parking. Otherwise you are absolutely right. Spring parking have also shot themselves down by insisting on any appeal (amongst other bits) that the appellant MUST supply the name and address of the driver. Oops! Assuming the appellant doesn't supply that information, I bet they would reject that appeal. Not that they will allow any appeal as it's not in their interest (money) to do so.
  18. It is a requirement that you send a letter clearly stated Letter Before Action and giving them 14 days to respond. Send this letter by signed for delivery or even Special Delivery (this costs a lot) but it ensures that they have signed for it. It's likely they will not respond to your letter so on the 15th day, register at MCOL and file a claim. In our library are some posts about filing a claim. Have a good read and other threads about filing claims and that will give you a head start on doing it properly.
  19. I have been getting these calls on a regular basis. When I'm in the mood I go along with them until they put me through to the 'proper' ambulance chaser who quickly hang up when I start to complain. This 'woman' (BOT) responds to certain key words and if you say yes to the question, they put you through. If you speak total rubbish to them, it gets confusing and they hang up. I haven't been able to get the name of the ambulance chaser as yet but when I do the faecal matter will hit the spinning air mover. It is always on my mobile, never my landline but both numbers are registered with the TPS.
  20. If they had video evidence, the other stores would have stopped you on leaving. CCTV is only as good as the operator and to be sure an 'offence' has been committed they would need continuous footage of you stealing. They follow the SCONE method S-selection C-concealment O-observation N-non payment E- Exit If followed 100% then security have grounds to detain. If not followed then they would be on sticky ground. I would be inclined to go back to your GP. Some anti depressants can make things worse which is why there are different anti depressants out there. A case of finding the right one to help you. Don't even worry about civil action. That would be highly unusual. There has been no court action since 2012 (this includes one store that started and then abandoned a claim) Letters received are not part of the civil procedures even though they may imply something different. I think you should have a read of this: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?448994-RLP-FAQ-s.-What-do-they-mean-Reviewed-September-2015&p=4762870&viewfull=1#post4762870 and this one https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?356933-Oxford-Retail-Loss-Prevention-A-Retailer-**-reveiwed-September-2015-**&p=3898857&viewfull=1#post3898857
  21. The two other stores were my concern as well. None of us can know what will/will not happen. Chances are that they won't get involved. It just depends on the other stores policies. I'm afraid it's a case of wait and see. What may happen is that M&S passed on your details to the other stores and those stores take civil action however this would be a bluff as they would need video evidence of you stealing. see what the post brings in the next couple of weeks. You need to sort out why you did this. Your GP has heard all the stories people have, more than once and may offer anti-depressants or counselling to help you understand why your actions happened. This next bit is a bit of a lecture but it is relevant and not just aimed at you. It is aimed at first timers, not seasoned thieves. Many shoplifters believe that shoplifting is a victimless crime. It's not! If you throw a stone into water, you will see ripples. Transfer those ripples to people and you are the stone. The stone affects the shoplifter first but then the ripple spreads out to include immediate family. They may not know what is going on but the will feel a change in you. The next ripple is the extended family. What would the feel if they knew? After that, the next ripple affects the community you live in. Imagine what they would do if the knew. The next ripple and last one in this scenario is the affect it has on other shoppers. They pay extra at the tills to cover a stores 'losses' You have already paid many times over when doing normal shopping. If shoplifting stopped overnight, Prices should fall (but the stores may not do that as it's more profit to them) Something to think about?
  22. Hi and welcome to CAG. Firstly, we (you) need to address the shoplifting. CAG does not, nor ever will condone shoplifting and you should try and find the reasons for your poor decision making. Under the new GDP regulations, there is a get out by companies to pass on data for the prevention and detection of crime so I don't think any breach will help you. As the police were not involved at the time, it's unlikely (but still possible) that the police will get involved. Drydens are a debt collection company and as far as I am aware, do not do civil recovery. RLP are the main civil recover company. If you get a demand from anyone, let us know and we may be able to advise. You are effectively banned from M&S so don't think about going there for a long time. 6 months to a year. By then they will have forgotten about you.
  23. If they did issue a SD, this can be set aside. If they were serious, they would have issued a proper court claim. Any term can be judged unfair by a court and this one certainly is. As for issuing an SD for 12,000, NAH! Unfortunately, if they do issue an SD, then you have to go to court to get it set aside.
  24. Hi Based on the one sign you posted, your daughter would likely yave been a trespasser and as such, only the owner of the site can take action. If Gladstones tried it on in court that is a valid defence but that is by the by now. Hopefully your lease will state that you are entitled to the use of a parking space as part of your agreement. The sign mention nothing about visitors-as in, "No Parking for visitors." Hopefully your lease will spell that out for you. Usually visitors have to display a temporary permit and I am assuming you were never given any. As for the barriers, the landowner (or agent) is responsible for them and had they been in full working order, the need for parking controls would never have been needed and as such (in my opinion) is a detriment to you. It would help if we could see the Notice to Keeper as well as filling out the questionnaire DX mentioned in post 2. It would also help us if you give a rough clue as to where the building is so we can go on Google and see if there is anything we could use. It's unusual for a BPA member to be using Gladstones to sue people (but not unknown). This is mainly because the parking operator is not intending to use PoFA 2012 as grounds to sue which is why we need to see the NTK (suitably redacted of course)
  25. Please never use the word 'fine'. Poor DX gets a fit of the vapours when he sees them and this can takes hours before it wears off. ANPR parking services are registered with the BPA and if one clicks through from their website, it takes you to Debt recovery Plus (DRP or DR+). DRP are also registered with the BPA. PCS are DRP but they seem to have omitted that from the paperwork and as for 'penalty' How rude! Nothing of the sort and should be reported to the BPA.
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