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  1. Hi and welcome to CAG, This is an example of how TKMaxx get it both right and wrong. Telling you that you will receive a 'fine' is total rubbish. You can safely ignore RLP as they have no power over you. They may send this matter to a debt collector and if you receive letters from them, you can ignore them too. As the police have invited you to write the letter of apology, there may be a section where you can put the reasons for your behaviour. These are not excuses, just reasons. Do that then basically forget about RLP.
  2. Hi Forgive me if my assumption is wrong. You are a member of a group that offers discounts on products and then leave a review. Amazon used to allow this so long as a disclaimer was put at the bottom of the review. This has now been stopped and they don't allow any reviews where a discount has been applied. Where reviewers continue to post reviews and received a discount, these are now banned and if a reviewer comes to Amazons attention, they will check the account and where necessary, remove the reviews and restrict an account. This is in line with the terms and conditions you agreed to by continuing to purchase items from Amazon. I don't see their being any complaint you could make with these new terms. I am a member of various groups [Vipon being the main one] and I no longer leave reviews but I can give seller feedback. There are also some new groups out there that encourage you to buy at the full price and they will refund you all or part of the price via PayPal. I have to say, I'm not that keen on this way as it is open to abusive sellers and buyers. The only way I can see where you can start reviewing things again is to sign up as a new user with a different email address and a different payment method. Is it worth it? I think not
  3. Having spent ages trawling the Blackpool Council Planning Portal, I have managed to find planning permission for the construction of the car park. The planning permission includes the signs however, this is from 2011 when the existing land was a demolished hotel. I can find no planning permission for the new signs belonging to Parking Awareness. I'll keep looking but I'm fairly certain they won't have any.
  4. Can you hold off for now. I have alerted Andyorch to pop in and give advice in filing the Particulars Of Claim (POC). As far as I am aware, toy should put both names but with a 'also trading as' between the two. Keep the POC short and make sure that you include all costs of the bike including delivery costs. Also find out what the filing fee is and include that separately. I feel that direct bikes will not want their terms and conditions scrutinised in a court as they would likely be unlawful.
  5. Here is the link I couldn't find-mainly because I am an idiot https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?394131-Small-Claims-actions-in-the-County-Court-FAQ-work-in-progress&p=4259573&viewfull=1#post4259573
  6. As this claim would be in the small claims court, each party are responsible for their own costs unless one party is being blatantly unreasonable. This case should never have got this far but as Direct Bikes have prevaricated and obstructed you at every turn, court is the only option you have left. I will now alert more members of the team to assist.
  7. I suspect that RLP have the green eyed monster as this is a valuable case for them that they will do anything to get paid and have asked this chap, who probably works for a debt collector, to attend to 'enforce' this alleged debt but of course he couldn't actually do so and he knew it. This chap seems to have been very reasonable, knowing there is no case and saying so. Bad for him to turn up but well done for his very good opinion. Back to you RLP What's your next tactic? Very little I bet.
  8. There are a couple of other companies out there, DWF and CRS who do similar things to RLP. As I cannot recall which thread you are referring to, I would assume that it was one of these two. RLP deal with all cases by letter. I have never heard of them ringing anyone and also not sending debt collectors. RLP have used many debt collection firms in the past. Most get paid on results and as we keep saying, debt collectors have absolutely no power over you. If, on the off chance, I am wrong and one actually turns up, you are quite within your rights to tell him to 'jog on' and refuse to talk to him/her. While I'm sure this won't happen, record the visit on a mobile phone. Debt collectors use tactics to put pressure on people to pay which can be unethical. Protecting yourself by recording the visit is always best policy. Now, assume you have a mobile phone contract. When you ring them, they have to go through security to ensure they are talking to you and not anyone else. This is a requirement of the General Data Protection Regulations and this applies to any one who has access to your personal information. They MUST NOT disclose anything personal about you without your personal permission. If they did, he/she would be in breach of the GDPR and the company would get fined and the collector likely sacked. All the information you could read is here along with links https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?404-Data-Protection Having explained all that, you have no need to worry about RLP or any debt collector. They have no power-ever. If (BIG IF) any court action were to be thought of, it would be by Superdrug, not RLP and it would cost them far more than they could ever get back so they don't bother.
  9. There are wheelchair stairlifts and they do go round corners too http://tinyurl.com/ybnhtmps Not advertising them. Just pointing to an example
  10. Hi and welcome to CAG. Please see my responses below This database the claim they have is run by a separate company, Cireco but they are still RLP in disguise. This database is full of alleged shoplifters and cannot be used without your permission. Also, as it is alleged and not proven cases, RLP may get into trouble for releasing the information. They do claim an exemption based on the prevention and deterrence of crime and as you haven't been convicted of a crime, releasing the data 'may result' in a breach of the GDP regulations. This needs to be tested before it can be stated as fact. In 2012, a retailer [along with RLP] took court action against two teenage girls and tried to justify the amounts claimed. They failed to prove as fact that the bill was a reasonable estimate of their costs. Since that time, no other cases have been heard which is why I can state that you have a zero chance of this going to court. You can't stop the letters but you can ignore them. One other thing with debt collectors. IF a miracle occurred and someone actually did turn up on your doorstep, they are not allowed to disclose the reason for visiting to anyone but you. If they did, they would be in serious doo doo. It should go without saying that you won't be making this silly choice again, will you!
  11. He really is calling your bluff on this isn't he. As you have his response, the only thing left to do is file the papers on MCOL Consumer rights act and guidance http://tinyurl.com/ybj8tgss I'm sure I have seen a guide to starting a court claim but for the life of me, I can't find it
  12. Hi and welcome to CAG. Wow, you are privileged. Four site team members giving advice. I slightly disagree with Mariner51. I believe that taking goods without paying does happen in certain circumstances. A miscarriage is (in my opinion) as good a reason to explain your actions however it does beg the question; if you put the goods into your handbag, where was your purse at the time? Aside from that question, you have been given the advice to ignore RLP. This is the best option. Going to the US will not be a problem either as you haven't been convicted of a crime so when you fill in the visa waiver form you can state that you have no convictions (Just don't tick the box' terrorist' as one unlucky lady did) Put this out of your mind, recover from the miscarriage and get on with your life.
  13. Agree with DX again. It may be a ploy that some security guards use the word 'fine' to misleadingly imply that it is a statutory penalty. Nothing of the sort. A 12 month ban is nothing to worry about either. Just stay away. When you get the letters, read them two or three time so that you understand that any threats made on them are nothing of the sort. I particularly like it when a debt collector sends a letter stating that they are chasing an 'undisputed charge'. DUH! If it wasn't disputed, why would they have the case?
  14. Interesting. Why would they not place a ticket on the screen? Probably someone who gets a kickback for reporting suspected breaches [not an official parking attendant but someone who lives nearby and goes to the car park to detect breaches]. No we need to gather your evidence but this is out of my scope so you will have to wait. You have some time yet.
  15. If the police were involved, they would have sent you a letter 'inviting' you down to the local nick for a 'chat' If they got no response then they would have made a personal visit. There is also the fact of police resources and that means that a lot of forces will not get involved with shoplifting cases where the value is less than £200. With the police, they have a short time in which to lay charges (I think about six months) so if they were going to get involved they would have done so by now. As far as I am aware, Tesco (and many other stores) do not get the police involved as it is a waste of their time which is why they go the civil recovery route instead. Here on CAG, we only see a minority of cases where the other ones missed will have paid up to avoid action. We haven't been able to put them right. All you need to do is read other threads and see how many times the police were involved. I guarantee it's very few.
  16. I know what you mean about postcodes. Where I live there is 20 properties all sharing the same postcode. The letter you sent to head office had your correct details on it so it's no wonder you got a reply. Even if the letters are being misdirected, that's not your problem as no court case will come of it. I would carry on being blithely ignorant of any contact .
  17. In this country, nobody is allowed to profit from a civil recovery claim so the losses actually incurred can be chased, not any amount stated by RLP. Since 2012 no store has taken any action against shoplifters after 'The Oxford Case' concluded that the amounts claimed were not actual losses. The case is HERE So, no need to worry about any civil recovery letter. The police will not get involved after this length of time.
  18. Hi and welcome to CAG This is a PARKING charge, not a PENALTY charge, the latter being a fine where the former is an invoice for some perceived breach. I bet you didn't take your own pictures on the day. I have looked on Google SpyOnMe (Streetview) at the car park in question and the images were taken in April 17 so they might have changed in the interim. I can see three signs laying out the terms but I can't zoom in close enough to read them. One of the signs is on the wall next to the entrance. This can be ignored as it is not prominent enough. The one by the pay station is the one we need to see but I'm betting you don't live in Blackpool and have no plans to go back again any time soon. If you can get the pictures taken by Parking Awareness showing the discrepancy that will help your case. As an aside, you did yourself no favours by appealing the windscreen ticket as they are now assuming you are the driver and keeper of the car. As members of the IPC they do not follow the rules laid out in the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) so they can only go after the driver hence the reason we say never appeal a windscreen ticket. No matter how good your appeal, IPC members will never cancel a ticket. What you need to do now is to go onto the MCOL site, create an account then use the details on the claim form to find the case, click that you will defend but don't put anything in the evidence box. Leave that for later. The real experts should be along some time but as it is the weekend, some people actually have a life...OH!
  19. Hi and welcome to CAG DX has laid out exactly what the consequences will be (nothing) but I will go into a bit more detail. RLP have (or state they have) a database of offenders. This is run by a separate company called Cireco. This database is full of 'alleged' shoplifters as none of the names have been taken to court for the costs they demand. The ONLY time your name would appear in any official database is when the police became involved. They didn't. No name on the database. Simple as that. If ever you needed a visa to remain in the UK, should the form ask if you have a criminal record, you can truthfully state NO!. Some security guards have very limited knowledge (if any at all) of civil law. This 'Fine' is nothing of the sort. You will get a demand from RLP for a contribution to their next holiday. You do not need to-ever. RLP can do nothing to you and if the pass the case on to a debt collector, they have even less power than RLP so the best policy is to ignore everything from RLP. There have been no court cases in the last 6 years so if they thought that they had a case, why not go for it? On a final note. People may look at these threads and think we are helping shoplifters. That is way off mark. What we are trying to do is stop these companies chasing people for invoices that have no case in reality and although we help you, we still think that the best people to deal with store theft is the police. Don't be so stupid in the future as then you will make us look silly for offering our time to help
  20. Blimey! You have had some sterling advice so far so please understand what can and can't happen. In other cases I have seen, letters usually arrive within two weeks so unless the security guard didn't get your details right and the letters are going elsewhere, they won't be chasing any time soon. Far too late for any police involvement. It is possible your letter to Tesco did work Concentrate on stopping the stealing, go to a different store for a year or so and get on with your life.
  21. Hi and welcome to CAG You could try head office Henry Duncan House, 120 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 4LH. OR email the chairman [email protected]
  22. May I offer my 2p on this issue. Do you have a separate electricity meter? I suspect not but happy to be corrected. If that is the case, all the properties will pay exactly the same as you. I live in sheltered housing and up to now, we have paid for the previous years electricity as our council are not psychic. I also think that your development has too few properties to mean that each property has to have it's own meter (EU directive). Also, the HA are allowed to add a small admin fee to each resident for the work incurred by them being the supplier and they will (or should) be getting the best deal for them from the original supplier. Do you pay for heating? Is this included in your bill? Again, where I live, we have heating included in our bills. We do not receive bills either but in a letter detailing the rent for the next year. Another assumption. You work!? If so, how do you know that any cleaning is not being done. If the HA has no in company repairs service, they contract it out to another company who has won the contract by supplying the best (not always the lowest) quote. This should be included within the rent. The fire extinguisher is not the same type that can be bought from Amazon and as such will carry a maintenance contract which the HA would have accepted and passed the cost on to the tenant. The extinguisher will be checked once per year and when its 'best by' date is reached, they will be refurbished or replaced. If the HA are adding on any fee, this should be the actual cost, not a number thought up. Does the fire alarm get tested four times per year? Another assumption. Your property is linked to the fire alarm? Not sure about HAs and housing benefit but if you do receive some or all, some costs are included in the rent. As I live in sheltered I get the benefit of a daily warden visit, window cleaning, garden maintenance, communal area cleaning. All I pay is rent,heating and electricity charge (set yearly) and all included within my rent. I'm sure, giving the HA some grief over your charges, they will comply eventually however, it may be worth chasing the Chief Executive to see if he/she will intervene.
  23. Morning, I can't seem to be able to play the file. Comes up as corrupted. Since my last post, I have had no more calls. Perhaps they have given up?
  24. You may have accidentally used OCR when scanning the forms. This does not detract from the fact that you stayed for 5 minutes and 31 seconds, well below the 10 minute grace period that the IPC code of practice states so I would do nothing and let them shoot themselves if they decide on court action.
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