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  1. Hi All Just an update and closure on this one. Letter from Moneybarn today, only outstanding amount was the remaining finance to take up to the 50%. No silly deductions for condition, polishing, missing service history, nothing like that. I know this is different to some others experience so perhaps I've been lucky but from my experience use the template letter provided on here for VT, and take LOTS of photos to prove condition of the car when you hand it back. Good luck to anyone else going through the VT process!
  2. Another letter from Moneybarn today. They are pleased to inform me that it has been determined that no refurbishment will be required on the vehicle and it is now being released for sale at auction. They also recommend I contact them to discuss interim payments to reduce the current account balance. What is interesting is that they show the current account balance as the sum of the balance outstanding as if the finance agreement is still in place. They then state another figure that they call 'Half rule obligation at this stage' which is less than one months pay
  3. Finally receive letter from MB stating that final balance is in process of being calculated. I've checked BCA website, vehicle is now listed, and is apparently a 'grade 2' on their condition report (1 being best, 5 being worst), so can't see on this basis they could claim nothing worse than fair wear and tear. For amusement, this is what they state regards the final balance: "In accordance with the terms and conditions of your agreement, various charges may be applied to your account before the final balance can be established. These may include: Replacement V5
  4. Been over two weeks since car was returned, heard nothing from Moneybarn yet. I've been keeping an eye on the BCA website and haven't seen it come up for sale there yet either. If/when it does appear on BCA website I'll be keeping an eye on the auction date because if Moneybarn try to claim money for a 'polish' I'll be contesting that as car was sparkling when it was picked up (with photos to prove), so if it was sat in a yard for over 2 weeks then that'd be their problem if it needed cleaning afterwards.
  5. Car was collected last week, V5 has been sent to Moneybarn, have proof of postage. Had a bit of luck as engine management light had gone out again so no worries about that. Guy who collected the car was impressed with its condition commented on how quiet the engine was, especially for its age and mileage. Only a couple of chips and scratches, and some marks on alloys but nothing beyond reasonable for age. Will see now how/if MB will try to stiff me over.
  6. Update: Received the following from Moneybarn, already they are trying to take the position they can claim for loss if there is not a full service schedule. Dear xxxxxxx AGREEMENT NUMBER xxxxxxxx REGISTRATION NUMBER xxxxxxxxxx We received your notice of termination for the above agreement on xxxx August 2018. Your contact details will now be passed to a company called BCA (British Car Auctions) who will contact you directly to arrange the inspection and collection of the vehicle, which we will agree to carry out fr
  7. coming home this morning and the engine management light has come on. Took it straight to a garage and showing an intermittent fault that may be due to a sensor. Does this affect the VT process? Could Moneybarn refuse to accept the car with this issue? Don't really want to cough up more money for a car I've already sent a VT letter for.
  8. Thanks DX VT Letter has now been sent, I'll let you know how Moneybarn respond.
  9. Hi All I have a car financed with Moneybarn that I am looking to VT and just want some advice. I have almost paid 50%, and I know I can VT before I have paid 50%, however the next payment in September would take me over the 50% anyway. Question number 1 - if I VT now, the money I would have to pay to make the 50% would be less than what I would pay if I waited until the September payment was made. Obviously on that basis I VT, but reading peoples experience on the forum I'm concerned Moneybarn will want the money to make up the 50% and then demand the next contractual payme
  10. Hi All Caggers Last year I sold my car on eBay and duly posted the V5 to the DVLA on the 8th October. Approx 4 weeks later I received a letter stating that someone had informed the DVLA that they had purchased the car and were applying for the registration document. I called the DVLA on the 8th November to inform them that I had sold the car, hold sent them the V5 and that they could issue the registration document to the new owner. Fast forward to December 2012 when I get a snotty letter from the DVLA stating that I had failed to inform them that I had disposed of the vehicle
  11. Hi All This is quite a lengthy read so get a cuppa on before you start! Early 2010 I bought a car on finance with 92,000 miles on the clock, with part service history and in alleged 'good condition' Unfortunately the car wasn't under any manufacturers warranty as it was 5 years old when I bought it and there was no dealers warranty offered either. A couple of months after buying the car we started to experience a multitude of problems with it. These probems were not 'minor' or expected wear or tear but involved significant dismantling and rebuilding of the car engine.
  12. I beg to differ mone have been very accomodating to my DMP the only one that hasn't responded is Wonga. As it happens I was also informed by someone at Quickquid that they are in negotiations with CCCS to allow payment via standing order as CCCS have the ability to make bulk payments.
  13. Hi All Thanks for your replies! As it happens I'm not worried or stressed about this, i ceased doing that a long time ago, it really isn't worth it! In answer to the questions asked: The agreement was taken out in September 2007 Yes the account has been defaulted Not sure if it has been terminated. I still receive monthly statements direct from Amex and they have confirmed that they still own the account and have not 'sold it on' to AIC. What is intriguing is that today I received a package from AIC which contained a photocopy of all my statements from Amex. What
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