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  1. Hi Andy, We were never notified with regards to this holiday no communication after they went into Admin. last week was the first time we heard anything at all and it was from RC themselves. I called them last night and explained everything and it looks like everything going to be okay we will only lose the deposit which is a small price to pay I guess compared to £2000 I will update if I hear any more. thank you Hb and Andy both for your help regards otb
  2. Hi honeybee, Its from royal customer services rccl.. hope that helps .. regatds otb
  3. I booked a holiday through Thomas Cook literally the week they went into administration.paid a £50 deposit. The holiday was a Royal Caribbean cruise.with us Flying to new York and staying in a hotel there for a couple days before the cruise I find myself in a terrible predicament now as I thought when TC went bust so did our holiday. i received an email yesterday and today a phone call asking how we’re going to pay this. emailed RC as I didn’t know this holiday was still live and unfortunately our circumstances have changed we now can’t go . I receive one back today saying we’ll need to pay nearly 2000 for the flights and cruise.Regardless.. I’m really panicking and don’t know how to address this thanks in advance
  4. So pleased for you Defo check you’ve been paid for the extras as some are not covered by ATOL seemingly. Enjoy your well deserved holiday Ours hasn’t hit the bank yet hopefully by Friday at the latest Have a lovely Christmas Dogeball.
  5. Hi Dodgeball, just an update -my TC case says paid 15/12/19 and closed on the payment portal For protect claims.it takes up to 3-5 days. I don’t know yet if I’ll get my select seats payment back as I’ve noticed a few have and a few haven’t for this.
  6. Hi Peter, Glad to hear they’re looking at your claim loads of people are being paid out now.. unfortunately we’re not in that bracket yet . Only a week now to go for the 60 days to be up so fingers crossed. Good luck
  7. Hi Dodgeball, not heard anything yet either, I put the claim in 7th Oct and got a reference number. They said 60 days which I’m assuming by the 6th Dec we should be settled. I did read an article somewhere that the CAA will be updating people sometime this week.
  8. Dodgeball, It is frustrating we also paid £4.500 for our holiday with Thomas cook going out to Mexico on 19th Oct. we also booked Airport parking/hotel/Meals through another company. We originally paid on our cc Our cc company says we need to claim it back through ATOL -Thought I could do that this morning as they originally said 30th September for claim forms.so bit disappointed too we need to await another week. On the bright side I guess is that everyone in similar situation will get their money back.
  9. Thx Bazza, this has helped as it will make us a bit more confident about some questions we need to raise with the company or solicitor concerned
  10. Stu, thank you for these links we'll have a good look at them
  11. Hi Dx, thanks for your reply, we just got the call tonight, my husband is phoning them tomorrow
  12. Recently we went to see a solicitor regards a division of sale, We paid the company 1,300 to raise the action. The solicitor who is dealing with the case has just phoned to inform us that the case has been delayed and he's also leaving the company. he then informed us he can still deal with this (self employed We expect) as this is a common occurrence and has asked if we call him directly on his current mobile number.. We're a bit apprehensive and suspicious about this. Should we be?? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Slick, had a look at the DD on our bank statement it's a serial number we don't know which DD is who's.. both numbers same and come same day! I went into XfL today, it turns out the online form I filled out with the W-number belongs to MH and not MS! surely they must have realised my mistake with MS name and d.o.b.? not corresponding therefore they are trying to cancel MH. I'm stressed to the Max with it all! I said to X4L manager I can cancel our DD then ?? he was insistent I used the wrong w number which they go by not the name.. and said I can't cancel that's where customers go wrong.. what do I do from here? otb
  14. Hi Slick, will check this out our with our bank in the morning. I have looked at our dd online tonight but they're both £ 9.99 and come out same day:| 21 rst of the month normally. but both seperate:???: I cancelled MS online on the 11th August have printed off proof of this and also proof of the "sorry to see you leave" email they sent. a payment was taken for his on the 2nd Sep.. his I can cancel no problem I can do this through our line banking. cheers again otb
  15. Also because myself and MH dd comes out the same day I'm worried I cancel his mandate instead of mine.. regards otb
  16. Sorry Slick not 100 % sure how to do the quotes.. apologies if this doesn't make sense
  17. Thank you for the reply Slick and help much appreciated I'm needing a bit of help with regards to Xcercise4less/Harlands. My Husband opened a contract for himself ,me and our 17 year old son. 1.May 2015 2.yearly contract for us both.. and rolling contract for our son and he's still at school. 3. I cancelled mine 27July 16. giving them 30 days notice online form as was advised with their manager. a payment came out 9.99 on 21 Aug 16. therefore my contract should be finished. On the form your advised not to cancel the DD which we haven't done at the moment it remains active. I cancelled ours sons one and they said they couldn't find the cancellation form for that. They took a payment for his on the 2nd Aug. £14.99 After emailing the manager he said we would need to cancel again, so did this on 11th Aug . I received confirmation this time and have kept both confirmations. A payment came out on the 2nd Sept therefore I consider this cancelled. again DD remains active. now the bombshell that hit us yesterday was that they have defaulted the 2 accounts and we will be receiving a letter from Harlands this week with admin charges.. I'm dumbfounded to the reason they can do this? especially no missed payments and active DD still running! I've fully done everything required by X4L! I went into the gym today with My husband and demanded to speak to someone in charge and the Person although not management was really helpful but couldn't explain the default scenario he just says it happens! I explained this has caused a lot of stress and anxiety and frustration. I gave him copies of all the emails ect.. he said he would deal with it all tomorrow through customer support. my question - what do I do from here? just sit and wait ? how can they possibly add an admin charge? he told us when Harlands letter comes in rip it up .. any help much appreciated Guys kind regards otb
  18. I will totally ignore them dx just hope the phone calls don't start I wouldn't entertain them anyway
  19. Thank you everyone for your replies . Much appreciated, I will look the form as you suggest dx ty . Can I still pay HMRC I would rather pay them back the overpayment than any DCA
  20. Thanks Bazooka I'm a bit apprehensive I certainly don't want them trashing my file! I checked experian there is nothing unusual on there that I can see.
  21. Hi, I recieved a letter this morning from the above dca, it is with regards to HMRC "saying that this had been passed to themselves the amount owing just under £600.. It was for working tax credits I last paid 100 to this debt around 2011 directly. But nothing since because of circumstances.I have just about sorted my credit file out and this letter has come out the blue, I am tempted to call and offer to pay as I'm afraid of getting a ccj or them phoning my workplace ect, Anyone help with this one much appreciated ...
  22. Hi Brig - update not sent Sar Yet.. although I have contacted my bank and they gave me a verbal account of each payment to Vanquis when and amount was paid. last payment was the middle of Oct 2009 .. I'm assuming Experian have made a mistake as on my credit report as mentioned earlier vanquish settled the account on the 5/6/2009 and sold to Arrow.. I haven't had anymore letters since I got offered the 50% discount.. do you think I should still Sar them?? Lucy x
  23. thx again for both your help.. I will SAR Vanquis do you think will they give me the information ok- as they've sold it to AG? I'm confused with the default date a yr after settlement date myself Brig
  24. on my Experian file vanquish says date of settlement 5/6/2009 - updated 5/7/2009 below that AG it says default date 30/06/2010 - updated 13/3/2011 if that's any help I'm sure the last time I paid anything was around april/May 2009
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