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  1. Then why didn't you just reply with that in one of the various emails I sent this morning?
  2. That's very kind of you but there is no need. I want to quit this site and I have been emailing because I don't know how to do it but no-one answers?
  3. Who are you? The thought police or something? If you have so much spare time on your hands why don't you do something more productive like voluntary work in your community rather than nit picking in cyber land. BTW, we are all called 'dear' in the bear garden, why don't read the sub text of the title of the forum? Or are you going to now whinge about that to the moderators?:idea: Your Highness!
  4. Oh dear, how awful. Does any food stuff shut you up? Permanently? I'm buying! Lots!
  5. Yes, I agree. There is also a difference between having a chortle at the right time and other times being reserved due to sensitive situations. Maybe you should have displayed that on the NI thread started by gyzmo? Have you got a good un about people in debt or losing their homes?
  6. Ooo dear, 4 posts from you on one thread dedicated to me. Do I have a cyber stalker out to get me here?
  7. And just how is it that you have immunity from starting a thread that is designed to insult, offend and berate another reader of this site that is against all forum rules and get away with it? Pathetic.
  8. Oh c'mon, we know this dish was served like this because some chap says it was, that's all! Does it happen every journey? Not that I know of. Did it happen once? Maybe. Will it happen again? Who knows? Mishaps and accidents happen, so what? If I paid for a service and every time I received an awful response then I'd be angry, if it happened once I'd probably be annoyed but recognise these things happen. Was the guy given back a fiver or whatever? Did Virgin apologise? Seems like the chap is a bit of a jumped up squirt and should realise that some people in the wor
  9. No skonk, you need to register the job trial first with DWP otherwise its considered just walking away from a job. The lad will have no problems as it is quite clear the employer were shysters and he's never been on benefit before-hardly the action of a scrounger or lazy get.
  10. Oh dear, I apologise Martin and to pat, it was a slip without thinking and I shouldn't have posted that. I'm sorry and meant no offence. Am I now barred?
  11. Sorry conniff, you may not like this- I did what #1 says and I've had trouble ever since! I keep getting my screen freezing up with the message 'programme not responding' about every hour of use. I then click through when able and put through to windows who say it is 'caused by them!' I used to have this before but only rarely, now it is about 3 or 4 times a day. What have I done wrong? I followed exactly what to do. And I've not noticed any quicker surfing-just hassle!!!
  12. Pardon? If you are self employed you are not working for an employer, you are working for yourself or a contractor. The DWP doesn't compel you to work self employed so the lad has only to say he didn't realise this as he felt misled into this job and it only lasted a day so he quit. No problems.
  13. Tell me this edited why did the Information Commissioners Office tell me that they were unable to help with my complaint as the Subject Access Request was made in relation to the consumer credit act as a civil action? And that the IOC would not subsequently involve themselves in a civil complaint in any case? And how did the county court take it upon themselves to force compliance on an issue that was essentially a criminal matter at that time as you yourself suggest? What my post highlighted was the fact a sar was just ignored by a financial institution, the civil court just basical
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