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  1. Hoping someone can assist. I have recently moved out of a property and had agreed prior to moving out to do some painting which the landlord said he would pay for . Also he had asked me back in June 2010 to get someone in to fix a new fence (he supplied the fence panels) and he would pay me back if I paid the handyman. This I did and sent a copy of the £200 receipt but heard nothing. Over time this got overlooked until the date came near for me moving out. I raised the issue but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. The landlord has now said that because he has sold the property he c
  2. Hi All, after some advise on following matter. I paid for a congestion charge via epay at a newsagents on the following day and assumed that this was ok and similar method to the Pay Next Day phone facility. I had said to the shop owner that it was for previous day and have since found that he put the wrong registration number down. The receipt shows payment for same model but slightly different reg. I then received a pcn for this and have since written and provided proof by way of a receipt that the charge was paid for but on the wrong day. TFL have said: It is your responsibi
  3. Ok, so if i outlined the points in court that i did earlier, how long a ban could i envisage having? Is there any mitigating circumstances that the court may take into consideration? thanks - J
  4. Thanks for all the advice. Out of curiosity, would having a solicitor be much help in trying to get a lesser ban? thanks - J
  5. This might help: recently had problems with orange giving me refurbished phones so demanded a new one. they relented and said yes only to go back on their word. i recorded the conversations i had and threatened trading standards action. Got a trading standards case number and whent back to orange.what they didn't like was the fact i was close to time for free upgrade but i wanted a brand new replacement before then. They accused me of lying on the phone and even demanded private phone numbers of my customers to see if my mobile was faulty or not - something that is totally against the law
  6. Hi all, I am looking for some advice on what i can expect to happen when i reach 12 points on my licence. I recently had 3 points taken as they were "past their date" but followed up by being pulled over for using a mobile twice in two days. First occasion i was attempting to use the loudspeaker on the mobile and place it on the dash but could not hear anything so picked it up to my ear. Second occasion i was doing the same action. Now i know that using or touching a mobile whilst driving is an offence and it was a momentary lack of judgement on both occasions. The proble
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