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  1. Hi, Yes I have and it is more expensive than Thomas Cook. However my point is that I could have booked through COOP travel or Bath travel for a few pounds cheaper but was mislead into booking with Thomas Cook by their website.
  2. Hi, First post and long just need some advice really, I booked a cruise with cruisethomascook last week. On their website you select cruise company and dates. It then displays a list of cruises for the chosen dates. From here you click on the ship and date and a window apears on the left asking you to input the amount of passengers. Under this there are 2 options. 1: I wish to book online and receive upto 7% discount. 2: I do not wish to receive any discount. I obviously choose the discount option, I then proceded through 3 more booking screens to select cabin etc... On each page it showed 7% discount however when i came to pay there was no obvious discount added. I was only ever shown one price in all stages of the booking process. I called Thomas Cook straight away and explained but their attitude was that the price I had been given did include a 7% discount off of the P&O price. After lots of searching and phone calls I got through to their directors office who I emailed and explained the above. Their attitude was the same. I asked lots of friends (9) if they thought that the site was misleading and all of them said it was and that they would have belived the discount would be applied at the end of the booking process too. My point to TC is that nowhere in the booking process was the original full price revealed to me. Also I then logged on using another pc and selected no discount option and the price was the same???? I have even tried to explain it in laymans terms to them ie: if you walk into a well know department store that has a tag on a rail saying upto 7% discount you would presume this to be off the advertised price not a price that was kept hidden from you. Their response has been adamant that there is no way they will budge as I have received 7% off the P&O price. I asked if I could therefore cancel the booking but was told i would have to forefit the deposit. If you need to you can visit the cruisethomascook web site and take a look for yourself and see what you all think. Its not really about getting money out of them could have booked elsewhere for just a few pounds cheaper, Its the principle that I feel mislead into booking with TC. Mike
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