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  1. ok thanks for this. I work for a very large multi naional company so think they would probably have everything covered then from that side. Does anyone have a good template to use so that I can resign straight away??? And just one more quetion (they just keep coming). I have been told that a reference can now only show the date of start and end of employment, Is this the case, or will it show "resigned pending disaplinary"?? Thanks for all your help (everyone) wih this.
  2. ok guys, it seems like I have to attend this meeting then, which leaves me in 2 minds. I am 99% sure that they will sack me over something they have "created". They have said I will be given some "information" to read before I go in the meeting. Does his meet the statutory requirement of dismissal to "Send a letter". This is important as it will help me decide which of the following is best to do. 1) Resign with immediate effect - I think a dismissal would be very bad for me getting another job. 2) Go to the meeting and hope for the best, i.e. they mess up with the letter and I can claim unfair dismissal. Thanks
  3. sorry forgot to add, they are bringing someone down from my head office for the meeting (assume this is HR), but they wont tell me who.
  4. Hello Again, Just received a call from my line manager. He has said that I have to come in next week as Occupational Health has said I am fit to do so - Even though my doctor has signed me off again for longer. I said I dont feel up to it but he said OH have said I am fit to, and therefore have to. I have just been told that my line manager wont be in the meeting, another one will (his mate!) due to the letter to HR. They have only told me there is a "discrepency" with my work but wouldnt give any more information. just a couple of things I need to know. 1) Do I legally have to attend as OH say I am ok to do so? 2) If I am can MY doctor provide a letter to say he doesnt think I am? 3) Can they hand me a letter as I go in next week to comply to the legal minimum for dissmissing me or do I have to receive this before? ( assume I wont be working there if iI atend ) - The 3 points are above. 4) Is there anything else I can do? I am having panic attacks at the thought of even going back to the place at the minute. Thanks for your help.
  5. This seems really good advice so thanks for this. Eveyones input is honestly appriciated. I have worked there for 3+ years. He has done this to other people before, but they have either moved on within the company (prob to save their careers) or left for another company. I have a really good friend who works there with me, and the roumers are that I wont be back!! I just hope that I can get this sorted.
  6. Thanks for this. I have just sent the letter to complain about the way I have been treated, and will only make contact with them as outlined in the sickness policy. Should I just say no to going in for a meeting???? Can they hold the meeting without me being there??? sorry to keep coming back with more questions
  7. Thanks for you input guys, I am also wary of my line manager carrying out the meeting (the one who told me to leave) Is there anyway I can complain / stop him being their. It seems unfair that he will be there when he is the main problem!
  8. Hello, this is my 1st post on here. I have looked for the answer but cant find one for my exact problem. I have been off sick with stress for 5 weeks, and I have a sicknote which runs out end of October. I have been off since my manager told me in my quarterly review that I should leave or I would be "managed out". Since then I have been stressed and depressed. This was the final straw. For he 1st 3 weeks I was told I had to ring in everyday. I did this as I felt my job was on the line, but this added to the problem, and I started to have problems sleeping. My doctor has since given me a low level anti depressant to help. As soon as I handed in my 2nd sick note (after the 1st one lasting 3 weeks) They rang me to say that I needed to come in for a meeting as "Something had come up while I had been off" As you can prob imagine, after them saying that, I think they are trying to get rid of me. I think that they must have found / made somehing to get me out. I said that I didnt feel up to going in, and my doctor wouldnt have signed me off without reason. They then got occupational health to ring me. After a 10 min call, she said I was fit enough to attend the meeting, and that she would report this back to them. They are now pushing to have this meeting asap, but wont tell me what its about! This is inturn causing more stess!! Does anybody know if I have to attend, even though my sicknote says I am not allowed to go into work before the end of the month? Also, can they hold a meeting without me being there??? I think they would try this, even though it doesnt seem fair. Any help will be appriciated.
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