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  1. Thanks again. I had to say which dept I wanted, then key in my DOB and listen to Coldplay for an hour, before I hung up.
  2. Thanks for the response. It's Verint that they use, AFAIK, if that makes a difference?
  3. Hi, folks. Just wondering if anyone can help with a query. I had a complaint that was resolved by British Gas and would like the informtion deleted under the GDPR's provision for the right to be forgotten. I made several calls, but hung up, as I was sick of waiting, and then decided to email. Thing is, on one of the calls where I hung up (was waiting for more than an hour), I was having a discussion in the background about a sensitive work related topic and I'm a bit concerned it may have ben picked up by their call recording system. I wasn't act
  4. Hi folks. I was wondering, out of interest, if someone could use the LIBOR scandal as a way of getting a default removed from their credit file? I've seen some responses from banks, when asked to remove a default, that they would not because they believed it was correct to place the default on the customer's credit file because it was "a true and accurate reflection of the customer's financial situation at the time", but surely it wasn't, if the banks had been fiddling LIBOR, as this affects credit card interest rates, loan interest rates, etc? Thanks for reading, ML
  5. Thanks, guys. I've emailed honeybee, but I'll send the text to that address. Cheers
  6. Please can an admin contact me by PM, urgently? Sorry for the brief message, but I'm trying to play safe.
  7. Hi, folks. I lost my job in October last year and so had to stop paying my loan with Halifax, as I didn't have any money apart from JSA. I kept getting text messages and phonecalls, which I didn't answer, as I've been stressed out not having a job, and I didn't want to speak to them. However, I realised I couldn't let this go on and so spoke with Blair, Oliver, Scott today, and they mentioned I had been defaulted (I understand they are part of HBOS), and this notice would be on my credit file. I came to an arrangement with the lady I spoke to to pay £20 a month back, but I'm wondering if
  8. Thanks for the replies, UncleB and FeeBee. My mum doesn't have accidental loss cover, but the standard cover she has only mentions that she wouldn't be covered for loss of valuables left out in the open, and these items weren't. FeeBee's description is of what happened is correct.
  9. Thanks for the reply, dx. So my mum is entitled to claim then? If they are being belligerent, what steps can she take to get the money she's entitled to?
  10. Hi, everyone. A few months ago it seems that my mother may have thrown out jewellery totalling about £9k. She hadn't been wearing them as they reminded her of her previous marriage, which had been unhappy. She has been trying to claim it on her insurance, but the insurance company are refusing to pay. I can see that her policy covers losses of valuables up to £10k with a single item limit of £2k. None of the items were named on her policy, as none of them were worth more than £2k. It's my understanding that anything below this doesn't need to be named.
  11. Thanks for the reply, dundeelaw. Are you sure that that is the case? I recently tried to get a mortgage with HBOS, and could only get a maximum of 67% LTV due to the late/missed payments from BM. I was watching the screen when the advisor was keying the application, and it flashed up a message about BM, but nothing to do with Santander.
  12. Argh, yeah, thought that would be the only thing I could do. Cheers for the help, though.
  13. I paid a figure, then arranged to pay the rest along with the next month's payment. I have done something similar with Santander in the past, but they've always put it down so it appears as 'AP' on my credit file, rather than a missed or late payment.
  14. Hi folks.I've been having difficulty in obtaining a new loan due to some late mortgage payments with the above company. I remortgaged with them in 2004 and then moved to Santander in 2008. It was only a couple of late payments with the last one being in January 08, but they should have been listed as arrangements to pay, rather than being late. I spoke with B&M regarding this, and they confirmed they would show as late, as even if I had an arrangment to pay they would still note the payment as late on my credit file. This is quite irritating as all my credit scores with the 3 CRAs are good
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