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  1. ok thanx for that sarEl he is suspended on pay after a 5 min conversation and had no contact from company since monday wot can be expected next is it a meeting and instant dismissal or do you think possibly last warning he has had no warnings in his 20 months there I think myself they will pay him off as the new owners have slowly dispensed with a few workers already
  2. Hi couple of question the company i work for was taken over 10 weeks ago we have no new contracts no company policy documents either last week party was thrown by ex owner payed for by himself nothing as such to do with new owners and none off them there now my friend who doesnt get on with sales manger was wound up by him all night told him to go away nd leave him alone sales man threatend him so he pushed him no big deal we all left that bar moved to another in hotel flash foward 5am sales man comes banging at room door totally drunk nd gets chucked out monday morning claims he
  3. ida do u think its legal to take money wen no ipa signed or am i at there mercy so to speak
  4. cheers ida think i now prefer for him to take me to court and let judge see what they are like cant possibly be legal how hes going about it these guys are more like debt collectors wifes now a nervous wreck in case they empty bank account before xmas
  5. Update aib sent letter to say looking into wots going on BUT!!!!!! wednesday ip phones wont accept my £30 ipa offer wants £60 our whole excess and says ill put it in writing and send to u now tonight on online banking and he has set up a open direct debt no amount !! on it ive not signed a direct debt mandate can he do this secondly ive not signed a ipa either thought payments were an agreement seems he can do what he wants is this legal??? getting very frustrated now
  6. no nothing from aib im gonna send it again i should have sent it so it has to be signed for my mistake thanx again
  7. yeah it does but wife doesnt work and no benifits cause i work so every thing is made up of my wages and child /working tax credits
  8. well not heard from aib yet (should have sent recorded) but ip phoned today to say would accept £100 per month pointed out surlplus of £30 again then sayed £50 from u £50 from wife who also went bankrupt and recieved letter saying no ipa and signed and sent back pointed this out and he says well that the best your gonna get !!!! and sayed at end of convo sleep on what ive said and get back to me before 12 tomoorow mmmmmmm threats ui think lol now seems to be gettin silly
  9. Well emailed ip with income expenditure that i did with national debt line and now he says that im claiming too much for fuel £240 for going to and from work and £35 for tax mot and maintanince and also informed me that he doesnt need to provide details of the way they worked out my ipa even though it only shows £30 surplus so i have until monday to sign and return ipa or be taken to court to let the sheriff decide and he reckons sheriff will side with them ! lifes never easy have also sent of income and expediture to aib and they will investigate hopefully it will take a fe
  10. well phoned national debt line very helpful seems im claiming for every thing im entitled to and he reckons ive only got £30 spare and cant figure out were trustee is getting his figures from so waiting now for income and expediture on debt lines headed paper and will send to trustee requesting written conformation of how they work out there figure and also sending to aib to let them investigate it big thanx ida
  11. great starting to feel abit better now ill call them tomorrow and then ill send another letter to ip registered post thanx for your help
  12. nope he never included anything like that we had rent council tax electric gas telephone insurance food clothing transport tv car tax which after adding up left £98 then he wanted £200
  13. hi thanx the court awarded ip i think the local council asked for them i spoke to aib and was told as they never ordered trustee i have to put it to aib corraspondence team and they would see wot they could do i just feel £194 is a lot cause we are still struggling after cutting things right down i know i properly have to pay something but if they take that if washing machine frigde or car etc pack in we are stuffed
  14. hi guys and hopefully u can help was made bankrupt sequestrated in july this is being dealt with bu a trustee not coverd by aib to cut along story short income £1200 and about £510 child tax benifet etc now when trustee was working out ipa came up with figure oif £200 they made a mistake Had us down for £1300 also we boobed on council; tax £45 to little and also pointed out salery was being cut by £25 per week so today along comes new ipa today £194!!! so phones trustee explains again £100 less salery £45 council tax differance And also there mistake £100 and this allows for a
  15. long story i was self employed now not working gained a ccj made offer was paying but cant know dole money . sherrifs officers visited house that i dont stay at wife still there we split up due to debt i now stay at mothers and watch kids while wife works but can sherrifs officers carry this out wife is going nuts threating to stop me seeing kids and all kinds of stuff if this goes aheadany help any one
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