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  1. ok....sent a polite email asking them to repair tv free of charge 4 days ago(monday).They havn't even replied. What do i do now .
  2. only problem with my acer was when cat used keyboard as scratching post and ripped off ten keys and then chewed the letter c and the tab keys beyond repair.got replacement keyboard from ebay 5 quid.
  3. thanks for that will email them.are there any template letters that i could use as im not the best at writing letters. Having a bad week..my tumble dryer failed last week and my 22 year old gas water boiler wont give me any hot water today. Going now to borrow a 12" tv from my mums.(and some binoculars I think)
  4. Hello all...first post on this wonderful site. I have a samsung LE40N73BD 40inch LCD tv which is nearly 2 years old and cost me £1200 plus delivery from currys online. As from this morning it will not switch on.Tried new mains lead but not even a light on the front. The TV has always been connected via a good quality surge protector as well. On reading a few threads about Sale of Goods act I assume I can claim for a repair or replacement/Refund. If I can do this, what are the things I have to do to start the process and how long does the process take. Many thanks.
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