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  1. Thanks dx, I've downloaded the letter but I think I will wait a bit. However, I really am worried sick and don't know what to do! i've gone over everything again and you'll see from my posts here i wrote to the bank in Oct 2008 asking for a copy of the CCA and again in Dec 2008 etc (see my posts at #55, #62 & #74), as suggested here. Will any of these letters have a bearing on the date the debt is statute barred? I'm just concerned that if I write to them and the debt is not statute barred the clock will start ticking again. The default date is Ju
  2. Thanks for your help with this guys, I'm just a bit worried about it all really. To answer your question maroondevo52, it is a company called optima legal who are threatening legal action if full payment is not made. I've heard nothing from Cabot. as you suggest, i'll wait for a bit and see what happens, and i'll keep you posted
  3. Ok, I've just checked my credit report and this debt is there showing as a defaulted account, defaulting in 2008, but the debt now appears to be owed to Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd? Could this be who the debt has been sold to? what now?
  4. Hi Back, i know it's been a while since your last post but i wondered if you ever got a reply to your letter from Cabot? i'm in a similar position with a debt that the bank started to take court action on but, like you, they withdrew it after i had contacted the ombudsman. Now the bank seem to have passed on my debt to a legal firm and they are now threatening court action.
  5. Yes, it's for the same debt. I do not know what my credit file says where can i see it? I've just checked what info I have and the bank they withdrew their court action in 2009. Does this mean that the debt won't be statute barred until 2014?
  6. thanks Ida, I've received a letter threatening court action again from another legal company. which is stressful to say the least, although I'm not sure if the debt is staute barred now as no payments have been made since 2008. However, the FOS did deal with my complaint re them raising court action while the account was in dispute in 2009 which led to them withdrawing their court action in the same year. what would be the best way for me to deal with this? Should i do nothing and see if they go away or should i write and say the account has been in dispute si
  7. Oh dear just when I thought everything was fine, the silent phone calls have started and a I've had couple giving an automated message telling me that I should call a number, which appears to be a collections agency. I'm sure it'll be letters next Does anyone know if the bank are likely to have sold the debt on to someone else while it is in dispute, can they do this? They withdrew their court action, have never provided me with a CCA and I've heard nothing for years why would they try again if they have no CCA?
  8. Thanks Maroondevo52 I'll let him see your comments and try and reassure him. I've no idea how long he had the card but I'll try and find out although I suspect he won't want to do anything about PPI or charges or anything as I think he really did think it had 'gone away'. He's decided not going to answer the door, or the phone too keep his stress levels down so all they could do is write to him I'll keep you all posted!
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a bit of help or guidance please. my brother got a letter today from cabot telling him that his cc debt has been passed on to Optima collections. He's at his wits end as he thought all this had 'gone away'. He lost his job a few years ago (2008), through depression and marital break up, and asked the CC company to take reduced payments as he did not have much money coming in, they said no. Then he wrote and asked them to confirm they had a CCA and said the account was in dispute - they never replied and he assumed the lack of response meant they did not ha
  10. Thanks Ida, he says he applied in the branch, or rather while he was in the branch he was advised that this would be a good card for him as he would never have to pay any interest, and simply given the card. He did use the card and does not dispute repaying it, it's only the fact that the interest is now no longer frozen and as he pays only £10 per month to the outstanding balance, £9.31 is being added as interest and the debt will never clear - or as he states given his age (81yrs), he will die before it is paid off! Is it worth requesting a SAR and even a copy of the Agreement? I
  11. Hi, i'm helping an elderly neighbour sort out their debts and they have a credit card in which they have had the interest frozen and are paying an agreed amount each month to reduce the balance, which was over initially over £1000 but its down to £700 now. He is finding it difficult to keep up the payments now and they have advised him that the agreement he had with them to 'freeze' the interest is coming to an end and he will now have interest added to the outstanding balance, which will make it more difficult for him to keep up the payments. I was going to write to the bank and ask t
  12. Thanks Ida, I can't afford a full and final but it looks like the FOS is saying that i have to pay even though there is no CCA. Do you think the lack of a CCA will put me in a better position however, to state how much i am prepared to pay on a weekly/monthly basis? as this is easier than having them dictate an amount. i'm managing (just), to keep on top of all my other debts and i really do not want to have to ask them to accept reduced payments in order to pay this, i'd much rather state what i am willing to pay and use the lack of a CCA as the reason why the
  13. Well the FOS has advised me that the bank are going to dismiss their action completely, and are sending out an income and expenditure form for me to complete, so that they can see what i have coming in and going out as they want to arrange a payment plan to clear the debt. They also say that the CCA will be sent out too, but i'm not to sure about this as i definately did not sign anything and so far they have not been able to produce one since i asked for it last year! The FOS have sent me a form to sign to confirm i that am happy with the outcome a nd to some degr
  14. Hi Ida, i'm just a little concerned as what if the FOS decides that the bank did not deliberately mislead me as they are in england and may not be familiar with scots law. I honestly felt i already had some form of closure as they did not have an agreement and as such could take no legal action. I'm confident there is no agreement so i'll just have to ride it out i suppose.
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