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  1. Has anyone thought of contacting WHICH. They have a good legal department and their Press Department could get lots of bad publicity for Swift.
  2. Martin was a great guy, extremely helpful. Very sad to hear of his passing. Condolences to all his family and friends. He will be greatly missed.
  3. I have finally received a response to my request for refund of charges.. BC state: 'We are satisfied that our charges of £12 are in line with our actual and estimated costs which are incurred and comply with relevant legislation and guidance' I know the next step should be issuing a Court Claim but I am not in a position to do so at present, so shall I complain to the FOS. If so, is there a template letter and do I need to send them the list of charges? Thanks.
  4. Hi slick, When I first wrote requesting the refund I put 'Account in Dispute'. I thought that would cover me until they issued the refund. It was only a small amount but the added penalty charges were affecting the payment I thought if the default included penalty charges it wasn't valid.
  5. I'm so annoyed. I don't know who to write to first!! I wrote to Barclays Head Office with the schedule of charges. and received a reply stating they were looking into the matter and would respond by 10th August. (This was a result as my previous letters sent to the Northampton address were totally ignored) The letter came from the Saffron Road. Leicester address, dated 13th July. On 12th July I received a letter from Barclaycard, PO Box 9132, Leicester, threatening me that if I did not pay the outstanding balance the account would be passed to Mercers. On 19th July, received Default Notice from Mercers. Any advice on who to attack first! - thanks
  6. Hi slick I'm stuck with regard to adding interest - any help would be appreciated. I have filled in all the columns on the spreadsheet with type of charge, amount and date. The last column is headed INTEREST 8%. Not sure what I have to do. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Many thanks for your help slick - I will try that and let you know the outcome. Looking at the spreadsheet,do I need to calculate 8% interest on every monthly charge - if so, can you point me to somewhere to get help The monthly charges are £24, so would that calculation be £24 divided by 100 x 8 ?
  8. Hi slick, I haven't sent a LBA yet as I know it would commit me to Court action which I would rather avoid. I just sent the preliminary letter and then resent it a few months later.at the end of May.
  9. Thanks for replies. uptomeears - good luck with your claim. The first time I claimed refund of late charges and overthelimit charges, it was quite straightforward. I didn't use a spreadsheet but merely asked for a refund plus 8% interest, which they promptly gave me. This time, although the charges only go back to March, so are much smaller, they are mounting up. They are ignoring my letters but include a leaflet with my monthly statement regarding charges. I have been writing to Customer Services at Northampton - perhaps this is not the best address. The reply to my first request for refund came from Saffron Road, Leicester, but I also noted their address at Church Place, E14. Can anyone advise on best address to use in circumstances.
  10. Thanks JC and slick132. Apologies - did not intend to hijack. I'd forgotten about the thread I had opened earlier - I was successful then. Will post on that thread.
  11. slick132 - Are they allowed to charge the £12 - I thought all charges for overthelimit and late payments were penalty charges and could be claimed back? I successfully claimed these back before but now Barclaycard are ignoring my letters and continue to add charges - has anything changed?
  12. If your Agreement was taken out prior to April 2007, the Bank is still required under Section 127(3) to produce the original, signed document. This is not discretionary. Without it, the debt cannot be enforced in Court.
  13. Thanks Debt Star. Did you just write to request removal of the markers?
  14. Slick132 - thank you so much. I will follow the links.
  15. Barclaycard are charging me £12 a month for being over my credit limit. I am trying to pay balance off weekly but the charge for being over the limit results in only a few pounds coming off the balance. Can I request that they stop the penalty charges and reclaim? If so, can anyone point me to a letter - thanks.
  16. Not sure how you can talk about fairness and Banks in the same sentence. The Banks gambled with fraudulent derivatives and credit default swops, lost their money and now they want everybody to pay back their losses. Then the same banks, lend newly printed money to the government, at high interest, and when the government has difficulty paying they seize the country's assets for next to nothing. The Banks control the world and their insatiable greed is leading to genocidal wars all over the planet. That's not fair - just ask the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Congo, Pakistan, etc.
  17. Martin - Your message box is full but I think you already have my email. Thanks Martin.
  18. Does anyone have a copy of the Associates Gold Card Application Form circa 98/99, If so, can you please message me - urgent. Thanks.
  19. Should DCA provide Default Notice if account has been sold by OC?
  20. My Court claim doesn't have my correct credit card number on it and the credit card number on my statements is different from the original statements, before the company was taken over. Does anyone consider this of any significant relevance in a defence?
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