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  1. Good morning Are you actually saying the debt was statute barred (i.e. no payment or acknowledgement for 6 years) before you started paying HFO? Who was the original creditor?
  2. RIP Mate May the long time sun shine upon you All love surround you And the pure light within you Guide you all the way on.
  3. Oh dear, oh dear Welcome debt -- no chance
  4. I thought that it was only DWP who could make a 'decision' based on the boxes ticked by the assessor! If this had happened to me or anyone I have accompanied, I would have asked for an explanation straight away
  5. Only until ATOS find it 'fit for work' ......
  6. Me neither - sounds a bit odd. Probably a personal call to his accountant or bookmaker. I cannot believe it had anything to do with the medical but make a note of everything that happened during the assessment and compare it with what comes back on the form
  7. Just to add that another dear good friend 'Docman' (Paul) sadly died last year, I believe
  8. Yes - you need to check when any payments have been made. Do not worry, help is at hand. If you can scan and copy any correspondence with personal details removed that would be really useful - I assume that OFT are still investigating these bandits and legs to stand on comes into play here!
  9. This makes it Stat Barred if you are sure of this date
  10. Hi again Who was the original account with? Which HFO company from what address has actually written to you? Can you scan and post any correspondence with your personal details removed?
  11. Morning More info needed please
  12. Was the original loan with QuickQuid?
  13. Sorry guys - just catching up on this as I have been a bit busy this week. Agree that you must pursue this Geee but don't rush it - the response from Mike is a good start. TR tried the same arguments with me. I just kept on replying to them - that I was just a poor LIP and totally confused by their 'split claim' so needed to fully investigate and deal with this. In the end they settled for the amount just below the 'split claim' I also pointed out that if I had taken legal advice, the costs would be higher and threw it a few threats along the way! Getting a cheque from them makes it all worth while - muppets!
  14. Well done Bad Credit! Hope that you can now spread the word and help others! Keep in touch with CAG
  15. Hi Have added it as an attachment - can you see it now?
  16. Have a look at this attachment And these are the descriptors you need to meet http://www.dls.org.uk/advice/factsheet/welfare_benefits/employment%20support%20allowance/Employment%20Support%20Allowance%20-After%2028th%20March%202011.pdf Get as much evidence as the can about the way that the person's medical problems affect their daily life such as can they perform a sequence of activities. I won my appeal by explaining that I could not communicate with my own family due to my depression. Ensure that the form is completed by someone on behalf of the claimant as ATOS believe you are sane if you fill it in yourself
  17. Good for you! You have raised a difficult question - I think that DWP will probably have difficulty answering it! I hope that someone does have a better answer as I appreciate that you do want to do what is right ! I suspect that you would only commit fraud if you started work and did not declare it or your condition improved radically and you did not let them know. They have accepted you as meeting the criteria for ESA and the support group.
  18. Interesting one! Would like to follow this but don't know the legal answer. I know that you are entitled to look for work while in the 'Support Group' but not forced to do so. DWP have recognised that you have some form of disability, which affects your ability to work, and people with disabilities are not prevented from engaging in suitable employment if able to do so. I would have thought that signing a contract to take up a future post would not prevent you from continuing to claim as you only sign off ESA from the day before 'work' actually begins. I know as I have just done this but am in the 'WRAG'. I have known for a few weeks that I was probably going to start - so have the JobCentre actually, but no one has suggested that I should not still receive ESA while waiting to start! September is along way off and there is no guarantee that you WILL actually be fully fit to start then (hopefully you will!) I would suggest you have a 'theoretical' conversation with one of the ESA work advisor at the JobCentre and but be careful. Remember DWP can send you for a 'reassessment' at any time if they think your condition has improved. Have they given you a time limit for being in the 'Support Group' - I know that my husband has been given a year and told that he will not be re-assessed until then
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