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  1. It looks as if Excel Parking Services are expecting to up the stakes!! Litigation Manager Jobs in Sheffield on your local Sheffield jobs site. Careers in Sheffield, local employment and work in Sheffield. Surely anyone with this amount of experience would realise it is a [problem]!! Far be it from me to suggest that people apply for this. I mean if they had hundreds of applications how would they sort out the genuine ones from the frivolous ones?
  2. I wonder how much difference this will really make? http://www.uknetguide.co.uk/Motoring/Article/New_laws_will_clamp_down_on_rogue_clampers-104108.html:-|
  3. To m1969. Doesn't really matter who or where they are. Follow the instructions elsewhere on all of these companies. Rule 1 ignore Rule 2 ignore Rule 3 Go back to rule one. Part of Excel. Type their name into google and you will see loads of people who have refused to pay them. If by the remotest chance you do get taken to court come back here. BUT they have lost case after case. Ignore.
  4. Put a cheque sized piece of paper inside and mark it "payments department" just to make sure they accept it.
  5. Withdraw the right of access. I think everyone should do this regardless of whether they have a licence or not. See: Withdrawing implied right of access and personal details for correspondence with the BBC on this subject.
  6. Well done for your persistence. I note that the DVLA gets £2.50 for every name and address supplied. This seems a low price to me. Since people get the "standard" letter (We are obliged etc....) then perhaps the focus of the lobbying should be to get this pushed up to a more realistic price? Has anyone tried this?
  7. Let me just add that if you were told that the offer was available for that day only and it was a lie (it is) then they are breaking Consumer Regulations. Tell Trading Standards.
  8. I like the alteration to the thread title. But wouldn't "LOST" actually be better It looks as if they started proceedings and won!
  9. I was thinking about this last night and confess I have employed a similar tactic against a company. (To show them the threat to take them to Small Claims Court was not an idle threat). It worked for me - but of course that was a one off. I am wondering if a Freedom of Information request to MCOL, asking how many of these claims by OPC (ones that have not been paid for when the crunch came) have been made, might be productive? Just thinking aloud and wondering what others thoughts are?
  10. Cold call = [problem] Come to our office = [problem]. Money up front = [problem]. That is all you need to know.
  11. One think is for certain. A debt collector and a court bailiff are two different things. There is plenty of advice on here about dealing with debt collectors BUT- they have no powers no matter what they say. To make a difference to your credit rating or whatever there has to be a county court judgement against you then you don't pay it. So at least wait (and ignore anything else) until you actually get court papers. Take a look on the Parking Notice thread - much the same advice applies here.
  12. I have spent some time in Spain. I can imagine what a Spanish national would do with a parking ticket issued in England.
  13. It appears that you are being sued in what is known as the Small Claims Court -- but on-line. All on-line cases are dealt with through Northampton.
  14. Whereabouts do you live? Contact the Daily Mail. They'll publish this. "Heartless Parking Company Threaten Disabled Man" makes a good headline. And DONT PAY!
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