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  1. received a letter today rom a solicitor firm regarding the outstanding amount from welcome.threatening to repo house but there is no equity for them also the loan is still in dispute,have not heard anything from welcome for over 18 months .what should i do
  2. have welcome gone into administration?
  3. has anyone got an email address for compliance and what is a surety please
  4. havent been on for a while as things ad settled down and am still waiting for fos who are still investigating.however today received default notice even though account is indispute askinf for arrears to bw paid in 14 days,if not they will pursue for an attachment of earnings or pursue the surety what is the surety and where do i stand if the account is in dispute?
  5. when did it come into force that all agreements had to be signed at the welcome office.
  6. if the fos has foun in your favour for a mis-sold ppi can you claim for previous ppi on a prvious loan that was re-written.
  7. has anyone got an email address for compliance,they keep ringing my work
  8. been offered this from welcome £2623.16 (PPI refund)+ £729.64 (interest paid) + £412.02 (8% simple interest) - £111.80 (rebate received) = £3,653.03 (rounded up)but it doesnt seem right to me unless i have worked the figures out wrong,have paid for 3 years at 17% interest.is the offer wrong?
  9. had another three phone calls while i was away asking me to contact collections,still havent rung them,still havent heard anymore from the fos,its been passed to another caseworker and they have asked welcome for further info again.should i still wait?
  10. had a phone call from collections department today asking me to ring them,should i or not as at the moment the fos are still dealing with the ppi
  11. had an offer from welcome to refund ppi,but they havent put in writting what they are offering,the fos wants me to sign a form saying that i agree to the settlement,if i don't know exactly how much they are offering should i sign it or not?
  12. welcome and the fos have been busy,i also had a letter offering a settlement only thing is doesn't explain what the settlement is except £200 compo is included in it.strange thing is they want me to sign a form agreing to the settlement then they will sort the figures out,i told them to go jump,who would agree to signing something before they know what there getting.
  13. just read this and found it interesting,where do i ,where do i send my submission to and roughly how should i word it,i've been with kensington,spml and wave.
  14. i had an email from 1st credit stating that as they were the third party they are not obliged to send a copy of the agreement is this true?
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