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  1. Once again good advice folks and you are completely right in that I really shouldn't be at a loss in any way at all due to their incompetence. I will indeed pursue this and lets see where it goes. I will certainly be leaving honest reviews when all is resolved as quite frankly I wouldn't want anyone else to get the same treatment.
  2. Thanks once again for the replies, really helpful and gives me plenty of confidence. Strangely enough the garage has just replied to one of my emails, whether they got wind of this thread who knows but here's the opening gambit: "Firstly apologies that you feel I have been ignoring you, However I have been out of the country and also at hospital appointments which I have only just arrived back today, and have put everything to one side now I have seen your emails." Would you believe an 'operations manager' for a supposedly professional garage would not have a simple 'out of office' email procedure or at least have anyone else covering emails? We can only assume that wifi is not functional in this particular hospital or anywhere on one of these trips abroad. Emails were also ignored when sent to the info@ address so if giving the benefit of the doubt, I imagine the whole organisation was off to the hospital as a group and then off overseas… Or maybe not? I wonder if the same would apply if I was looking to buy a car? In terms of the service history: “so Indeed your car does have full service history and this can be backed up by Audi by calling the service history line which is 0800 5423037, however yes I am still awaiting a physical service book (which I will chase up today)*“ So at least I have written confirmation that my car does have a full service history, thats a start. Should I expect receipts too as proof or will a stamped book be enough? Assuming that it actually arrives… In terms of the V5 document, the address they hold for me is correct so that can only be put down to some sloppy typing on their part inline with all of their other transactions. I am in the process of rectifying this as apparently they cannot act on my behalf even though they made the error. The other V5 document I have received is apparently nothing to do with this garage as “We have never bought / sold / traded or had any contact with this vehicle”. This seems a bit of a strange coincidence considering it happens to be an Audi and all of the other issues with this garage but for now I will have to give them the benefit of the doubt. They have offered to fix the odour and fuel cap issues but it’s going to take at least a day of my time, plus fuel for the journey for the round trip so ultimately I would rather get it all sorted locally. I would also rather not have to deal with these jokers ever again understandably. The fuel cap can be repaired under warranty and I will stomach the cost of the interior valet myself rather than lose a day of my time – these can all be sorted while I am at work so far more convenient. I will get the costs first though and then consider implications. So all in all we are making progress – at least there’s a dialogue which is a start, and an admission that the service history will be sent. However, certainly not there yet! Thanks again folks…
  3. Thanks so much for the response! We certainly are talking about: https://www.audivwsales.co.uk/ The thing I want more than anything is to make the garage see that this is not an acceptable way to deal with any customer. It's not about money for me but far more about making them answerable and if it causes them some discomfort and damage of reputation then even better. I want them to think twice before behaving the same way with another customer. I am happy with the car but without a service history (which was how it was advertised and purchased), it could be worth 20% less, so in effect I have been ripped off. Is this something I can claim against as a small claim? This could be £2500 approx for the lack of service history We are looking at £90 for the full interior valet and upholstery clean Although I can claim for the fuel cap on the Warranty they will not pay for the initial garage inspection so I am guessing that will be a menial charge of £25 ish at least. Hopefully the warranty company will cover the rest The spare set of keys was mentioned by 1 member of staff who subsequently denied ever saying it so we may as well forget that one. The fact that my V5 document has the wrong address will also need sorting and it's worrying that I have somebody else's V5 for another Audi sent to this address – are there any penalties for sloppy use of personal information or data breaches of this kind? And especially when they have ignored 2 emails highlighting this concerning issue. I am reluctant to post on Facebook for now as I would like to know my rights and be able to speak with some authority. Also, I am slightly concerned over any repercussions on their part especially when my Facebook is a window into my life, fiends and family. However, and perhaps more importantly I do feel obliged to leave some honest feedback to give others some warning of their shoddy operation. It's a quandary indeed...
  4. The smell is just one small part of the problem and if it was just that then I could certainly live with it. The lack of any service booklet, plus ignoring communication when there has certainly been some data protection breaches is just not acceptable though!
  5. I Bought a second hand Audi a couple of months back, part exchanging my old car. We are not talking a brand new car here but then there's not much change from15k either. From my first dealings with the garage they always seemed friendly and helpful but communication was always a challenge in that I constantly got different information depending on who I spoke to. Messages were not passed on and emails not answered. Having finally collected the car and after a few communication issues, more problems began to arise. Within a few days the new smelling car started to have a foul odour and it was then that I noticed air fresheners hidden behind the seats, four of them. I stopped to get fuel only to find the fuel cap wouldn't open without being prised open. This fuel cap was covered under the warranty and after complaining they offered to clean the car if I took it back but as it's an hours drive away I declined this offer to remedy this myself. I had also been promised a second key (when it was located) and the service book to be sent on recorded delivery as it was 'away being stamped'. The car was purchased in January and it's now the end of March and I still have nothing even though I have phoned and emailed twice within the last week. They have not responded to my emails at all and as far as I am concerned I was sold a car with a Full service history and actually have a car with zero service history – which if true could be worth considerably less money. I did finally get sent the V5 document but unfortunately this was first sent to the wrong address as they didn't manage to type that in correct so this document is possibly void? Since then I have had another Audi's V5 document sent to this address with another persons name. I'm sure this is just another error from them and is clearly some kind of data breach? I have sent emails informing them of this but once again I have been ignored. I could phone them but as they just fob me off I'd rather keep my communications in writing even if I am being ignored. I really don't know what to do next and have no idea how I stand from a legal point of view? It can't be right that I can spend this amount of money and get treated so badly and although they create the illusion of a professional company I think it's fair to say they are complete cowboys. It's not great that I have been sent another persons log-book either, not sure what to do about that? Apologies from me for the lengthy message but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks folks and yes I agree 100%. Employment is a 2 way street and my work ethic is to give everything I am expected, and then a whole lot more... One day I will get another employer who not only acknowledges this but appreciates it! We can all dream until then...
  7. Well after much deliberating and talking I have not been dismissed. I keep my job as normal but have been given a final written warning that will stay on my record for 12 months... I certainly won't be making the same mistake again so hopefully everything will now be fine. However, it is a bit unnerving having a final written warning hanging over me for a year. Is this normal or legal? It is certainly not mentioned within my contract?
  8. so what should I do now? Just sit tight and wait or take any form of action? I certainly am not considering paying as an option...
  9. Thanks very much... I will certainly be posting the outcome.
  10. Firstly this is not in competition with my employer as it is a completely different sector and much smaller business than my company would ever undertake. secondly it is certainly not my choice to work through a lunch break. If I receive a brief at 12 with a 3 hour deadline I can hardly take an hours break in the middle and apologise to the client saying I missed the print slot due to feeling a little peckish. I will, and always have given my work 100% commitment when required regardless of time of day, night or levels of hunger. Everything else has to fit in around this... But I appreciate the comments and how things seem from a devils advocate point of view...
  11. Interesting comments Mr Drake. And I agree, It certainly is time to leave regardless of the hearing tomorrow. I am guessing your staff aren't allowed breaks and I am glad I will not be looking to you for legal advice. It's nothing to do with understanding business. It's about understanding man management and they are totally different beasts. I won't labour the point as it's of no use to me and not why I am here but good luck in getting the best out of your staff with your pointy stick...
  12. Indeed yes and I quote 'Graham White Solicitors is a trading name of Michael Sobell, Solicitor'. So what does this all mean to me and my circumstances? PS... just in case of any confusion I have 2 active accounts as Jaydubya and Khasar as I forgot my password and then couldn't access my other email to retrieve it. We are and I am the same person so sorry for any confusion!
  13. Strangely enough the solicitors are Graham White (A quick google search has revealed I am not the only one being hassled by him!) who is also coincidentally at exactly the same address as the Debt Collecting agency (Roxburghe). The letter states at the bottom that they are regulated and has registered number etc so I would guess they are solicitors? All sounds a bit odd to me... but then what do I know?!
  14. Thanks Chris After further investigation and a very close look at the times and dates of the allegations I have discovered that I have not been working on anything considered non work material for more than 30 minutes in any one day. I am very sure that my boss will agree that it is impossible for me to have any set lunch break as client deadlines always take precedence. And also, as previously stated most days it is impossible to take an actual lunch break at all due to the amount of urgent projects. So with this in mind surely it would be impossible to consider what I have done to be anything more than a breach of contract. The fact that my contract allows personal use of internet and email before and after work and also during lunch breaks in a way negates any wrong doing? If the nature of the work does not allow me to have lunch breaks then would it be considered acceptable for me to spread this hour throughout the day for personal use as long as this does not impact on my employment? With hindsight, I admit I have made a mistake but can honestly say there was certainly no malicious intent at all and the quality and quantity of the work speaks for itself. Hopefully I will not lose my job over this but it may be impossible to stay long term after this treatment. If I did get the boot do you think I would have any chance in an industrial tribunal? Thanks again...
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