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  1. Thanks for the responses. No sadly it was not a CC otherwise you are right section 75 of the CC act would have covered us - oh well, next time. As for the documents re the repossession - it did not come through the court at all. I got hold of the "Repossession Order" from the company that instigated the action (i.e. the supplier of the car dealer) and guess what they gave me? A letter which says: The dealer took the car without paying for it and without their consent, they quote a section from the sales of goods act re title to "prove" that they still have title, they offer us advice o
  2. I'll try to be quick: Bought car out of own pocket from on-line dealer (initial deposit via Visa debit, balance paid by on-line bank transfer when order complete - funds confirmed in their account); messed around with delivery a few times so eventually went to their offices and took collection of the car 1 May 2008. Licensed with DVLA and given the disc and V5. 2 weeks later (15 May 2008) dealer goes bust! Month and a half later debt collector contacts us - dealer got the car "without consent" from supplier; supplier wants car back. Explained our position, happy to pass on proof o
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