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  1. Thanks patdavies, even I work from home often, alone! by the way is there any kind of threat to my car?
  2. Hello Everyone, Today Rossendales had sent me a letter saying that they would send debt collectors to visit my home within the next few days. Are they actually going to send people? What is the best way to avoid them? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Patdavies. I will keep updating this post whenever I receive updated.
  4. Little Update here ... I received a letter from Rossendales Collect - Professional Debt Collectors, saying that: "UKPC has instructed us to take collection action against you for the recovery of the penalty charge notice issued to you for unauthorised parking. Failure to make payment within SEVEN days from the date on this letter (17th November 2008) may result in UKPC applying to the count court for a judgement against you, which may incur further costs increasing the balance owed. It is in your interest to make full payment immediately or contact us with your proposals for payme
  5. How is it going to help me? I mean by not responding?
  6. Hello All, Recently I had to park my car outside of a bay area at a car park. The car park is controlled by the UKPC on behalf of derwent living and is only for the residents of the area. I, as a resident, received a letter from derwent living that we need to apply for parking permits as the car park is going under UKPC. I applied and got my permit which is always displayed in my car. The bays at the car park are not numbered and not specifically allocated to a flat or car. They have put up notices to say that unauthorized parking and parking outside a bay area is not permitted. One n
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