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  1. Some advice please. I have been renting the house I live in for 2 years now. To date, we have had no problems with either the agency or the landlord and I have never been late with my rent.Last week I had a call from the agency to say that my tenancy agreement was nearing completion - would I like another 12 month agreemnet? I agreed to this. Today, the new agreement arrives asking me to sign and return it as well as an invoice for £42.00 fee for the agreement.I have not paid this previously and am quite angry about this as I feel that it's extortionate.What are my rights if I refuse to pay an
  2. Thanks for the info Tom. Where can I find info on this regulation 46 complaint?
  3. Thanks for the replies. What would be fair to claim as costs? I will have had no access to money for 5 days - what can I claim? £5 a day, £10 a day? Does anyone have any thoughts on that? Or are there any cases I could refer to? Thanks
  4. To be brief, my council tax bill was handed over to Bristow & Sutor earlier this year. I came to an agreement with the council to pay a sum of £72 per month. I didn't pay for 3 months because of illness and being reduced to SSP. Simply put, I couldn't afford to pay. At the beginning of this month, I wrote to b&s and explained why I hadn't paid and sent them a postdated cheque for £72.00. The cheque was dated 28 September 2010. On Thursday, I had the embarrasment of my debit card being declined at a shop for the paltry sum of £4.20, checking my bank statement, I saw that the cheque
  5. There is no date on the warrant - it's just an unpaid penalty notice. I have now found the forms that I need to complete and will be doing that tomorrow. Thanks for the replies.
  6. I have a similar situation and have posted on another thread as well. Can someone tell me how to actually serve the statement on Northampton Court - given that I live near Birmingham I couldn't get there Here is my other post.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/256917-need-advice-please.html Many thanks
  7. Can someone please give me some advice. A Removal of Goods notice was delivered this morning and handed to my wife by a Jacobs Bailiff. It claims a parking offence on 02 May 2009. I have not had a parking ticket on my car for over 3 years now. I have not received any correspondence about this at all. I moved house on 29 June last year and updated the DVLA a few weeks after that. This notice served today even has my old address on it! The amount claimed is for a staggering £308.08! Obviously I no intention of paying this and would ask for advice on how to appeal this extortion. Also
  8. They are welcome to knock on the door - I 'forgot' to give them my new address.
  9. Could someone please give me the address to send such a letter to Debitas as I'm also being harassed by them. Thanks
  10. Final post for now.... Here are letters which I intend posting tomorrow to continue the saga... Could I ask for any thoughts, opinions or advice on the wordingsplease? First is the letter going to B&S To whom it may concern Further to your ‘Notification Prior to Sale of Goods’ dated 17 March 2010, as well as my letter to you dated 14 March 2010, I would like to advise you as follows; Following legal advice given to myself, I would like to point out that your levy on my vehicle is Inappropriate and request that you formally discontinue your claimed interest. The re
  11. On Friday morning, I phoned the council to check for progress, I was told that they had received the letter and cheque and that it was with the recoveries team. I was also told that I would be contacted by them within the next few days to discuss the arrangement. I am still awaiting that call. With the post on Friday came B&S's reply - 'Notification Prior to Sale of Goods!' Giving me until the 24th to pay them. I contacted the National Debtline for some advice in this matter and read the contents of my letters to the agent. They said that I had a valid point regarding the 'Inappr
  12. Apologies for this, but I'm going make a few posts here to update and ask some questions. Here is the letter I sent to bristow & sutor; Further to a visit by your bailiff on Wednesday 10 March, I enclose a copy of a letter sent to Dudley Council with a payment and future payment proposal. I will ask that you pass this account back to the council as I will deal with them and them alone. I will not enter into further correspondence with your company with regards to the council tax bill. Furthermore, your bailiff has posted a Notice of Seizure upon my vehicle. I would like
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