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  1. Thank you everyone and yes Chancellor I will be keeping off the phone! I even feel guilty having it ring now when I'm driving...LOL
  2. A quick update. My CRB came back without any reference to the motoring offence and I have been offered the job. Weeks of worrying finally over Thank you again.
  3. Thank you very much for the replies, it has taken a weight off my mind. I had looked at many sites and read so much differing information that I didn't know whether I was coming or going. I was convinced it would be classed as a conviction or the caution (or my rights as I know realise) being read read to me would come up on CRB. Thank you all once again.
  4. I do hope someone can help me. I have applied for a job and have to get an Enhanced CRB. I have had a couple of these before without a problem, but last year I was stopped by the police for using my mobile while driving (stupid I know) and he cautioned me and gave me ticket. I got a fine and 3 points and thought nothing more about it. I filled my CRB form in for new job and as it only mentioned unspent convictions, I didn't disclose it, but have since been told that it will come up on CRB. I'm worried sick. I was asked at interview if I had any reprimands, convictions, cautions etc,
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