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  1. Hi Despite identifying the relevant laws which prove that laws, procedures and bias has taken place in this case and the judgement contravenes Article 6 rights to justice and the judgement is illegal, the courts refuse so far to look at the evidence in this case and Justice has been denied showing just how corrupt our legal system is. However I am determined to continue and will not stop till Justice is both done and seen to be done. At the present I cannot say too much as I am looking for a legal professional that would be both able and willing to take on this case as the deni
  2. we need more like this man very well said
  3. Rule 3.10 hearing AT EAT now held, but still refused so have to go apply for leave to appeal. Elass Rep was a great help and amended my application to three pages of law. He explains that the error of law is that the judgement is not meek compliant as it fails to address or deal any of the issues or points of law put before it regarding the claim and omits in entirety how it made such findings based on the actual evidence before it, the evidence of which supported the claim and no tribunal on full appreciation of the evidence could come to such decision. The entire judgement is
  4. I am on IR ESA. My appeal was heard and the tribunal ruled in my favour under the special circumstances rule that it would cause detriment. I was also awarded DLA mid rate care and low rate mobility. My DLA was due for renewal just before christmas in december 2013 which my support worker was going to help with as i have great difficulty in dealing with DWP, and as I had still not recieve a renewal application which my support worker knew was due. Not having had the renewal application and with it being so close to Christmas i thought that maybe i had got the wrong dates so contacted
  5. The rights do not just apply to criminal trial they apply to all courts including tribunals. article 6 of the european convention of human rights . I dont have the exact thing to hand at the moment but as I am currently preparing skelton argument i will post further details when i get to thet section of argument as I will have to quote some of the exact phrases within article six. Case law is not exactly advisory as such it will verify what the leading case is, and what is done is that each side will attempt to find case law which supports there case and attempts will be made to try to
  6. Carrying out the admin for the company i was awaare of the companies various different trading names which i was led to believe were different companies. The director had changed the name of the part of the company i worked for for legal registry documents just before i was constructively dismissed. I was employed under the original company. I looked up the company and noticed that he had filed for dissolvement so additionally i checked out the other company name which was trading. It was then i realised what the other companies really were and i checked on companies house and found that this
  7. Well said and Snap I intend to take it higher too and will continue to fight to expose and stop this happening to others.
  8. Well done sheila I will certainly be looking at your site and would most certainly employ you if I were an employer. I am helping a friend with appeal which is most definately a misscarriage of justice and leads me to have no faith in the justice system for when it invloves well know companies that judges have strong family connections with and judges presenting to a fellow judge. Appearance of bias most definate, ignoring legislation and factual evidence making findings of fact on non factual evidence of those employers most definately substitution for respondent etc etc i could go on. I am
  9. With regards to recovery and getting him made personally liable I dont know if this is any help to you but I won my award in ET and respondent had attempted same. At the time I reguarly monitored the status of his companies as he had a number of company names for the same company and therfore I saw that he had made an application to strike off and contacted company house to inform then of the proceedings, so I was able to write in and object to strike off and send in evidence of proceedings. I also made enquiries with the authorities and additionally found that tax and n/i had not been paid
  10. From my research it depends on whether the lies told would indicate a contravention of article 6 rights to justice. I have been researching a lot on this as I am assisting a friend with taking a case to higher courts as the lies in that case are referred to in judgement as factual findings which amounts to perjury and perverting the courts of justice and brings the justice system into disrepute which has additionally led to a miscarriage of justice and is error of the ET for substituting its own version for that of the respondents as the findings are not supported by factual evidence and misa
  11. Hi billybob, Nice to see your still around and helping others after your ordeal and disappointing outcome. Have not been on for a while as have been busy preparing resubmission of EAT 1 has our first one has been rejected on sift, interestingly it took a while and rang EAT advisor who told us it had been to 4 judges but had to go to 5th before decision, though result only came through with one judges name, which I am informed is highly unusual. Have now rebsubmitted application on grounds of law, pervisity and bias along with application for ET panels notes and application for
  12. it is not that alone becky, the content does not comply with employement law and lot was missing and changed, it was because of the content that i checked him out
  13. kgrayson cant seem to add you or mail you. At hearing judge declared an interest as a close relative worked for the respondent, defence barrister did not provide any legal argument which surprised me I did provide legal argument including case law and in reserved judgement evidence was changed and ommitted to fit defendant so I was suspicious and checked out the defending barrister and learnt that he is a part time employment judge in south london and has addressed employment judges at conference
  14. kgrayson for some reason it is not letting me request you peraphs you can send me friend request
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