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  1. Hi all


    My husband and I have been dealing with our debts now for 4 years and we just can't do it anymore!!!


    we owe so much and all our money goes on paying debts.


    we have a monthly income of £2500

    we owe £96k on mortgage, £50k unsecured and our house might get £140 we owe £19k to Lloyds TSB (credit cards & loans)

    £5k to black horse (final balance after car taken)

    £3k on other credit cards

    £8k on car HP loan

    £4k to overpaid Tax credits from 3 years ago.


    omg that makes me cry just looking at it :(

    we tried an IVA 3 years ago bu because our main debt is with Lloyds they wouldn't agree to it.


    We are scared that if we go bankrupt the house will be taken and we will live in hostels with our 2 children (daughter is 12, son is 8. as i've heard the council are not obliged to rehome us.


    We have no way of getting together deposit money to rent and we wouldn't even pass a credit search!!


    any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

  2. Hi all, not sure if this is in the right place but i'm sure someone will move it for me!!! sorry


    right are you ready this is a long story and has gone on for nearly 4 months!!!


    LLoyds offered us back a refinace package to consolidate our overdraft and loan we had with them, we were unsure and spoke to someone who asdviced us this would save us money, we signed the papers and returned them by recorded delivery, after 2 weeks we phoned as nothing had been done, they sadi they lost the papers and we would need to sign them again..


    after many calls telling them we had not received them, someone told us we could visit the branch and we could sign them there!! this was not the case after 2 hours we were told that it was a waste of time and the branch manager had messed up as he had erased our orginal loan and set up the refinance packeage but we saw no money.


    we called the collections dept and asked to speak to the manager, he said that the branch had messed up and we had to wait for that to be sorted before they could re print the refinance package papers for us to sign.


    a few more weeks later and another load of phone calls we were told that because the refinance package was set up by the local branch we now have to make the payment for that instead of our old loan!!! we were furious that we now have to pay for something we don't have... the manager told us if we didn't it would affect us when we actually do get the papers!!!! (we are sure they are never going to arrive)


    so now we are paying for a loan we don't have and overdraft charges that the loan was supposed to pay off.


    what do we do now? someone please help we are at our wits end we have made so many phone calls

  3. Hi all


    i'm new on here but have a query!!


    i have a secured loan with Future Mortgages... to date i am upto date with all payments and have not defaulted.. this is not the query!!!!


    my account has been going well until last month when they did not collect my Direct Debit payment and to date it still has not been taken.


    i went on thier website to find out they closed in MAY 08, i have received nothing in the post to tell me this.




    your advice would be greatly appreciated

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