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  1. Twas another fault on the line, once again before our main socket. Give it a couple of months and am sure TT will try and charge me 129.99. Fortunately I won't be a customer of theirs anymore.
  2. Agreed TT are shocking. Not a bar apparently, another issue on the line... Sigh
  3. I did. They were quick to respond (incorrectly might I add) and say the charge stands. Recalled the payment prior to complaint. Spoke to them today, account was showing up to date so they have said will lift the bar. Am sure they'll change their tune when they realise the payment has been recalled.
  4. Well they have now put a bar on my line. Didn't take them long.
  5. Nice one, well done for sticking to your guns. The DCA will chase, but just file them and relax!
  6. TT customer services failed to call back, surprise surprise. Recalled payment. Interestingly the bank said that if Talk Talk said they were justified in taking that amount, then the bank would take the money back off me. Scant protection methinks.
  7. Hi The filter is before the box. It's the first thing that the cable comes into. Then from the filter it goes to the only phone point in the house. There is also an ADSL filter at the box as you can see from the photo, which works fine.
  8. I rung them last night and they've passed it on and am awaiting a call back by Tuesday. You still reckon posting on their forum?
  9. It was a BT engineer. Interestingly he said BT wouldn't have charged for this as was a repair on their line.
  10. Right, the cable comes into the house up to this box (was told a filter to prevent interference on line from nearby tv mast) this was what was replaced. Then surface wiring to this point (only phone point in house)
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply. To be fair to them it was on my bill which came 10 days before. However I do still dispute the charge on the same basis that you say. I was wondering though, if unsatisfied, I will want to switch provider. This will be made difficult if they see me as having an outstanding engineer charge.
  12. There is a box on that line which was replaced as was faulty; corrosion on the contacts apparently. We have never touched the wire since buying the house in 2003.
  13. Had a fair few claims in my time. The issue of mileage never arose. Besides how would they prove your exact mileage?
  14. Hi folks Sorry to drag up an older thread but I am intersted by the point made earlier that anything before the faceplate is the responsibility of the provider. We had an engineer out due to loss of signal. He was here for fifteen minutes and it cost us 129.99. We have a wire that comes into the house, then surface wiring along the skirting board up to a faceplate. The fault was before the faceplate. He was vague about cost, saying we "may" be charged. Nothing happened for a few months, then today they took the fee as part of our regular direct debit. As you can imagine we're a bit peeved about the cost about the level of cost, the delay in processing it and whether we are actually liable. Any thoughts?
  15. The OP is in Scotland though so it will go SB in 2012, potentially could have gone so in 2011 if the debt was effectively never acknowledged from 2006. Therefore I think these timings are really crucial to get right.
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