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  1. Hi Guys Thanks for the answers much appreciated will give it a go. Only thing is who do I send the letter to? sky or intrum justita. Thanks Regards Tim
  2. Hi Hope someone can help me. I'd had sky+ for 18 months when I was made redundant, so I rang them up and canceled, no problems so far, I then canceled the direct debit at my bank so got a call from sky saying I owed them just over £11 so sent them a cheque thinking everything was ok. I then got a job away from home for several months only to get back to a letter from sky saying I now owe them over £80 and a company called Interum Justitia was now dealing with the debt. It seems that sky said I still owed them £12 and as I owed them money they could not cancel the account and so have been charging me an Invoice admin charge and a sky+ subsciption every month since I canceled. I can not believe this is correct and would like to know if enyone else has had this problem and if so how to deal with it????? Thank you in advance. Regards Tim
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