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  1. Freakyleaky Hear, hear. But, Radomskya, (according to his now suspended other website) has actually got his work completed. I was lucky enough to have a great service from the company, calls returned from the office and the contractors. It's a shame that the people who have had a great service from the company don't put their comments on. As for the ones above, I do feel for you, any construction work is stressfull enough, but as a small company, please support us. Thank you.
  2. To UnhappyChris I appreciate that you also had a bad experience with Lifestyle, but, If you read your contract, page 1 states that the workmanship and product is 'Guarenteed for 10 years'!!! Ok, it may be in small print, but it's there.
  3. Freakyleaky It may not be fair the way that Radomskya claims to have been treated. I will point out that unless the contracts have been changed by Lifestyle, there is a clause on the contract stating clearly issues regarding brick costs though. Our property is cotswold stone and the bricks were costly. The builder advised us of the cost implications which we fully understood and we paid the extra. As a small construction business, maybe I am being biast, but why don't we ever read the nice comments and experiences that many others have had? Maybe Lifestyle Conservatories are having a few problems, we all do but support them not put them out of business. Times are hard, support your local small businessess, please.
  4. Well... Just for the record...We, our sister and mother-in-law all had wonderful service and fantastic finished project... If and when we decide to move, we will instruct Lifestyle Conservatories to construct our conservatory. Good luck Lifestyle.
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