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  1. Ok, so I paid up. I paid the final and 48th payment, plus the £200 completion fee, or whatever they call it. They're still trying to collect the monthly payment, plus £200, despite my complaints, and still threatening defaults. I've had three letters within the last three weeks, all with different amounts on them... It looks like the minute I complained they started allocating payments to fees and charges rather than repayment. How do I proceed? Presume I need to issue, so I'll get a full statement from them then update the spreadsheet? Thanks in anticipation...
  2. Guess I'll have to pay up, look big and then issue! Thanks again for your help
  3. Slick, I'm going to have to pay this today as it's 'time-out' date on the DN. However, am I within my rights to exclude the charges, or will they default me anyway if I don't pay the full amount? I'm guessing I should be able to get a DN that includes charges removed from the CRA's- any idea how hard this is? If I have to pay the full amount today then I'll do so, but it's going to be a struggle- the (unlawful) charges (which I'll claim back) are c£800 alone! Thanks..
  4. So in essence I need to pay the charges then issue proceedings? No way I want to chance another default that potentially I couldn't remove, although the dn clearly does include unlawful charges. Thanks for your help.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm sorry- events overtook me and I never got round to filing. I'm not quite sure what Barclays are up to- final payment should have been made in December, although I wasn't able to make it. I've now got a DN for what appears to be Decembers payment, plus one for January, and what looks like £400 of charges. I have written to them to clarify but to date have not received a response, and the DN remedy date is Monday 27/1/2014. I'm pretty sure the DN isn't worth a carrot as it includes charges, and I've made t clear I consider the account to be in dispute. However, I really don't want another default (last one is 5 years old now so nearly clear). If I don't pay the full amount I'm pretty sure that they'll register the default and it'll be a pig to get it removed even if it was inaccurate. I could always pay the lot, which would be a massive stretch, then issue for the charges, but I'd rather not do this. Any ideas? Thanks muchly
  6. Hello everyone, Just what I needed the week before christmas! The council have a liability order for rates. I fell behind with payments as I haven't been paid for several months. The letter was posted through the letter box, so as soon as I saw it I called them. They said it had to be paid in full and to ring back with payment. I told them that I don't have it, he said they'd be back to take stuff and if they couldn't get anything they'd commence bankruptcy proceedings. He also said they finish on Friday and it would have to be sorted by then. I've tried to ring him again this morning but am getting voicemail. The debt is circa £600. I spoke to the council but they said there was nothing they can do. I don't dispute t, I just can't do anything about it right at this moment. I'm having a read through the forums, but could do with quick advice of what they can / can't do. Really worried that they'll turn up with a lorry and take our car or something.
  7. Hi, could an IRHP taken out in 2006 be considered statute barred? The product was active / paid / maintained until last year, so if it'l like banks / PPI / charges etc surely it's not barred until 6 years after the date of last activity on the account? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  8. I thought that was the case. It is a CVL, have informed the IP but they seem rather uninterested. I'm inclined to let them issue proceedings then defend stating that I believe the claim to be fraudulant.
  9. The Director has no right to act on behalf of a company that is in liquidation, and any fund received should go to the creditors. I've not informed the debt collectors of the situation, will keep my powder dry until I see what they do next. If they issue, I'll defend. I dont want to put details of the company on here as it's a very small company that keep re-inventing themselves, I'd be very easy to identify. They ast went bust six months ago, didn't tell anyone, just said they'd changed their bank account and to ay in to new account- thus defrauding the creditors.
  10. Daniels Silverman, circa £2000 (although they've added their charges of circa £600 on top but refuse to tell me exactly what they are!)
  11. Hi, I'm receiving regular letters from a debt collection agency, but the company that are saying I owe the money went in to liquidation last month. I've checked, and the action is not being taken by the liquidator - it's instigated by a Director of the company that liquidated. It's my understanding that he can't do this, and money due would be due, and pursued by, the liquidator of the company- which makes this look fraudulant? Any advice as to how to handle this would be gratefully received! Thanks
  12. Ok, quick update- Fired the LBA off last week, which was refuted today. What's my next step? Quite happy to fight this but don't want to expose myself to massive costs and worsen the position! Thank you
  13. Two years on... can I still claim back the charges on this account as they were substantial
  14. Nah, it came with my request detailed list of charges with no fight whatsoever
  15. Am I likely to have to file to get them to credit it to the account? Letter through this morning stating that as a gesture of 'good will' (lol) they're crediting £565. Will see what they do when they get this one... I'm not going to re-do the figures though as they've not credited it yet.
  16. Hi, 48 month loan term ending December 13 / Jan 14. The charges are spread over pretty much the entire term- the wife got cancer two months after we took it out and we've struggled ever since. Charges total 1452.50. According to the spreadsheet, @11.6% £297.31, @24.9% £695.35. The balance is c£2200 (less the £900ish I have to try and find for tomorrow) or c£3700 in their world! Thanks for your help
  17. Hi, thanks for that. The agreement is still live, what's forced me in to action is that there's a DN about to time out tomorrow, the figure stated as outstanding (not the overdue figure) includes the illegal charges I'm going to struggle to pay it so was considering speaking to mercers and telling them, hoping they'll re-issue and I'll have another 14+4. The figures in rough terms are £1400 in charges and c£350 in compound interest at contracted 11.6%
  18. Hi, I've just completed my spreadsheet to claim against Barclays partner finance - under what circumstances do I claim restitution interest rather than the contracted interest? The difference is circa £400.
  19. No ideas? Need to get them to release title but don't want to have to pay their illegal charges!
  20. Thanks for that Surfer My point is, though, that in theory I would never be able to sell the car; they're holding title to it despite me having made all f the payments. Isn't that outside the CCA?
  21. Hello everyone, Can someone help me with this please? I've finally managed to make the last payment on my car. It's been a very hard 60 months as the wife was diagnosed with cancer and I made loads of payments late. Close are now telling me they won't release the title of the vehicle as there are £800 of 'charges' - for late payments, DN's (that have ben aid before due date) etc. As far as I'm aware, these are all illegal charges, but they won't budge. How do I handle it? Thanks
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