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  1. Hello everyone,


    We bought an xbox for the children in December 2014 which we're having problems with - it keeps switching off randomly.


    I would imagine the warranty was 12 months, so it's expired.


    This 'turning off' issue seems commonplace - is there any chance I'll be able to do anything under the Sale of Goods Act with Argos?


    I've tried with Microsoft, but after 40 minutes online chat we're barely beyond 'hi'... I'm still trying now!


    Any ideas?

  2. Eldest daughter is just about to move out of a house she rents with three friends in London- it's rented and managed by one of the bigger London agents.


    They are all listed on the tenancy agreement. She's been there several years and the tenancy agreement has been extended etc.


    There is provision in the contract to move out mid tenancy, subject to a charge, and various conditions, including finding a replacement tenant.


    She's been made aware of the Right to Rent legislation which appears to apply from 1st Feb by the agent.


    Now, she's planning to move before 1st Feb, and they have a new tenant lined up and approved by the agency / landlord.. However, she's being told that the other three tenants (who are also within contract) have to have the Right to Rent check done- at a not inconsiderable charge - and that she's likely to have to bear the cost of this.


    As I understand it, the legislation applies to new tenancies. I would also have thought that said managing agent would have all the documents already on file to satisfy the legislation, taken as part of the screening and reference procedure when they moved in...


    She's also been told that the fee to change tenant is £50 more than it says in the contract that she signed..


    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Made the complaint to ICO yesterday- by their actions, they've admitted they were wrong.


    As of Jan 2014, when the last payment made, the account was clear and settled, therefore no right to process information. Admittedly, they thought they were right at the time, fair enough, but now they've admitted they're wrong they really ought to be going the whole way to putting it right.


    I'm about to write to them, as I suspect they've just skimmed the letter and if I can get them to consider it properly they might agree.


    I'm not going to waste any more of my life with court- there is little or nothing to gain by doing so.


    Ultimately, I've got 99% of the result that I wanted, and had it handed to me on a plate.


    I'm very grateful to CAG and everyone on the thread that has helped me, I can live with a couple of late markers if I have to.


    Thanks again, everyone :)

  4. Reply finally received from Barclays PF.


    I don't agree with what they are saying...


    The final prescribed payment was made on the account Jan 2014, all that was left after that was charges, which they previously admitted they weren't entitled to charge.


    They've marked the credit file with a '1' month late payment thereafter until May, when they've marked it settled.


    Ok, maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but they say in the letter that I've asked for the markers to be corrected as they caused me stress. Rubbish, I want them removed as the account wasn't one month late, and they've admitted it!!!


    Any thoughts?



  5. Paid in sufficient to clear o/d balance plus £40 charges for being overdrawn 8 days of April, leaving the account in credit...


    However, as it was overdrawn in to May they've added another £100 in charges (max permitted, apparently) and are now charging £5 a day.


    The account has only gone overdrawn because of the application of their charges.


    Under these circumstances, is the charging of fees caused by their fees lawful?


    Suspect I'm going to have to suck this one up as well, so for going £60 overdrawn (the account has never been overdrawn before) its cost £170 in charges over a matter of weeks.


    Hardly seems just

  6. Stupidly used the wrong debit card for fuel without realising, Tesco pay at pump.

    The wife and I both have accounts with Halifax, cards look v similar, my mistake.

    As there was a couple of pounds in the account it cleared the transaction, taking me £60 overdrawn.

    As I never use the account, I didn't notice, and hadn't realised until I got a call to tell me about way over £100 of charges added / to be added.


    Absolutely my fault, not seeking to avoid that at all, it just seems rather harsh to levy charges at that level, so my question was the legality of the charges.


    Thanks for your help.

  7. That's not what they told me yesterday- it's a straight £5 a day regardless, for unauthorised overdraft. Appreciate the £10 buffer if you say that's the case, so let's use a hypothetical figure of £11- and even if it is capped at £100, that's rather excessive don't you think?


    That isn't right. They give you a £10 interest-free and fee-free buffer - so there would be no charge for being £1 overdrawn for a whole 31 days.


    In any case the maximum they charge in a month for unplanned overdrafts is £100.

  8. Hi all,


    We booked a holiday on line yesterday afternoon and gave card details.


    Awaited the confirmation email, which can apparently take up to 48 hours.


    Early evening we get a call to say that the holiday price had gone up by circa 15% due to my daughters age (14, declared at time of booking).


    Under pressure, I agreed, but I have to admit its left a very sour taste in my mouth.


    Money aside, I feel rather cheated.


    Any thoughts?

  9. They haven't given any breakdown- just the letters and cheque.


    I haven't actually ever paid any of the penalties - they've just accrued on the account while I've steadfastly refused to pay anything I didn't sign up for.


    Therefore, I'm about £400 better off. I appreciate I could possibly screw them for more, but as I've never paid the charges over the interest figure is hypothetical.


    Do you understand where I'm coming from?


    I'm going to speak to them about the late marker, as, in their own admission, the money was never payable and therefore can't be late.

  10. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree that I should have issued 18 months ago, you will appreciate that with a seriously ill wife, and young children, limited funds have to be allocated carefully.


    The loan was paid, every last instalment, and other than regular chasing letters and notice of default etc they weren't pushing so, as such, it low on the list of priorities.


    I'll have a look at the figures later but I do know we're ahead on the deal, but only by the amount of todays cheque; I base this on the fact that I made every payment on the load, but never paid any of the charges.


    Thanks again for your help, I'll upload the scans shortly as this may well be to the benefit of others. I'll leave that for you to decide.


    The markers on the credit file, since the last payment, have been '1' each month indicating it was 1 month late. It never went to '2' as I don't think they really knew what to do with it- the loan agreement was a prescribed amount of fixed payments, and, as I said, I made them all (albeit mostly late). Thus, I don't really think it should have been reported to the CRA's after the last prescribed payment was made. I'm fairly sure that I should be able to get the 1s removed as, in their own admission, we didn't owe them anything.


    Fingers crossed.

  11. Well imagine my surprise at what's just come through the door... a cheque for several hundred pounds with a covering letter about fees charged in error...


    I viewed it with slight trepidation, as I guessed that they were probably still trying to claim the £1200 in late charges and letter fees... but I've just opened another letter from them saying that they've 'discovered changes in the CCA' and that they are not entitled to charge interest and default fees blah blah blah.


    They've credited the total refund to the account, which has cleared it (all their rubbish charges, that is) and left a surplus- which is the cheque.


    I haven't looked at the spreadsheet yet, but my questions as follows;


    Now they've admitted they're wrong, am I entitled to restitutionary interest?

    How about all the incorrect markers on the credit file - which have stopped us doing all sorts of stuff?

    The amount of time writing all the letters telling them what they're now admitting is surely worth something?


    How would you guys and girls handle this? Bank the cheque and let sleeping dogs lie, or do I stand a chance of receiving compensation for the last few years of grief and threats?


    Thanks :)


    (BTW, I never did manage to gather the money to commence the court claim!)

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