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  1. Hi - I did post about my Boyfirends bullying at work.. he has been there around 17 years and helped build up the company but has been put under much stress during that time from the boss.. He is a bully, especially to him and he sees no way out of it.. The Irony is that when the boss is away ALL the staff are more productive and get on with the work without any hassles and stress and the place is much better enviroment to work in...!! - how do you go about telling a boss that!! as he thinks its all about him!!! Basically he asked around 7 years ago to start part-time (having a coupl
  2. My partner has worked for a company for around 18 years putting alot of time and effort to build up the company which is successful. However she works closely every day with the boss who has bullied her for a while now.. She doesnt know what to do as its making her ill, and obviously her only way out is to leave, but its uncertain times... If this was anyone else she would report it, but as its an independent company the boss has the last word, what can she do??? Some days are better than others and i think her boss knows he's doing it, and talking to her like dirt which is
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