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  1. Right well, all they have sent is a Letter from T-Mobile say they have sold the debt, and then lowell said they have the debt....when i asked for proof they sent the final bill from t-mobile which i already had!!! So infact they have sent feck all and i am starting to get a bit anoyed and tired with their efforts. At 1st i found them funny, just anoying now...Its not hampton that are writting to me, can i send anymore letters asking for proof or just carry on ignoring them?
  2. Right well, since my last post i got another letter from them saying that they will take me to court unless i ring this number in bold at the bottom(thats the 4th letter that has said those words, getting bored now). Just got another one today, not opened it yet, but the mrs says i have. Just wanna double check that the cca agrement also covers mobile phone contracts. Should i still be ok???
  3. yea as i clicked post i noticed the "small print" at the bottom lol Cheeky ****ers!!!
  4. Well after another letter 2 weeks ago that i ignored i now have a letter from a law firm named "Hamptons Legal" saying that i have 7 days to contact them to set up a payments plan or to settle or they will take court action against me. Also saying that if the latter happens then they will add on charges for this action... Please help once more, i really cant afford more money on top of this bill Cheers Fogy
  5. that is the card they left, and i will wait and see what they do....so, ta much again
  6. lol ta...but does that still count even tho im in scotland...i noticed that you quoted english law there. And yes, it had a postage stamp on it
  7. just want to make sure thats all... not had assholes(excuse my french) like these before. So i just want to make sure thats all lol.... hiding all the stuff now lol
  8. so again...just ignore then??/ lol i thought they wernt allowed to come to your house unless it was a balif???
  9. nah...didnt have a name...just saying they tried to contact me lol
  10. back once more..and i gotta say, i love lowells persistance. Just got in from work and i had a card thru my door saying that they were trying to contact me. Looks like they sending these "field agents" out to my house now....Anything that can be done about that?
  11. hey all... After i sent the last letter to red debt, i got a letter from Lowell, saying "despite trying to contact me i have not been in contact" then demanded i phoned...well i ignored this as their 1st letter said i should address all my letters to red debt and not them, fair enough. but today i have received a from red debt letter dated 10/11/08 demanding that i phone them and arrange something or they will either use a licensed "home visit agent" or start legal procedings. They have also made it out that i have not been in contact what so ever... What the hell are they playing at??? Can someone please help Fogy101
  12. cheers SH....this will be sent off today, will let ya know the reply i get
  13. see, i want to ignore them if they cant send proof...but im a bit worried about them, dont want to goto court or anything like that.
  14. how do i get them to send me the proof that i owe them the debt?
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