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  1. We were told in April that we were eligible for heating under the Warmfront scheme and that it would be in before christmas - and then we heard nothing. After pestering for an update we have finally been given a date for BGC Gas Services to come and assess what will be done and that's the 22nd December. So there's no way it will done before christmas and we're freezing! We put our 2 year old in her own room thinking she'd be ok through winter as the heating would be in (its a cold room) and we're now wondering what we're going to do. We were probably naive but the guy who came seemed absolutely sure we'd be done by winter. I've been looking on here just out of curiosity as this seems a long time to wait and now i'm beginning to get a little worried! There seem to be lots of people who have had lots of different problems. Can anyone give any advice or tips on how best to deal with them and what to look out for. I'm hoping we'll be lucky and get some decent people round to do the job but just in case - forewarned is forearmed!!
  2. I too had this kind of hassle from 3 and from a debt agency. I refused to pay the debt agency as i owed nothing to 3, in fact they owed me although i never actually received anyhting from them. I tried contacting 3 head office but received no reply and as everyone who has had the pleasure of phoning 3 'customer services' knows, they are worse than useless. I eventually got the executive office email off this website: Complain to Three (Hutchison 3G) and contacted them. Amazingly, they replied and i got to speak to someone with sense (yes, there are some working for 3 - honest!) and the matter was cleared up within a few days. I didn't get any money back off them and perhaps should have persued it but they didn't get any more money off me either and they called off the dogs - sorry, debt agency. I did make sure the guy i spoke to personally sent me a letter confirming everything that had been agreed and i did send emails confirming everything that had been said on the phone (as in: i am just writing to confirm what has been agreed in our conversation on the phone on the phone on *date*. You will infrom the debt agency etc etc...) They don't reply to these emails but at least they know you're on the ball. For anyone in the same position, try and put EVERYTHING in writing and keep copies. There are also some good links on this page: Debt Collection Harassment | Debt Advice | Payplan Don't give up. Some debt collection agencies are unbelievably corrupt as are (in my opinion) 3 and we shouldn't let them get away with it. GOOD LUCK!
  3. Absolutely! When it comes to a confrontation between a 6ft burly bailliff and someones Mum, theres no competition. Don't they know that?!!! In fact, my own Mammy was digging her Lee Enfield out of her knitting box just in case...
  4. Marstons. They turned up completely out of the blue and left a letter saying they were taking my son-in-laws cars and when he telephoned them to ask what it was all about (he genuinely wasn't expecting them) they said it would better if they called round and discuss in person. He agreed, thinking it was a genuine 'chat' (having no experience with baillifs) but when the guy turned up, he immediately did a walking possession order and pressured my son-in-law into signing, without giving him time to get advice or even read what he was signing. The debt has since been recalled but I think we should still complain. I'm just not sure how to proceed.
  5. Thank you! It's ok, most of the time i'm a nice pussy cat, especially with people like you who try to help. Its only when i meet bullies like council tax dimwits full of their own self-importance (can they get any further up their own..?)and bailliffs that i turn into an ali cat!! Just hang on a minute while i sharpen my claws again...
  6. It's sorted! I contacted the recovery team via email and really laid it on about how many mistakes had been made and how it was very unfair, possibly illegal, how the whole situation had been handled (which is true) and at first the guy didn't want to know but eventually i got him to agree to just speak to us. We then paid the bill online directly to the council. Once i'd actually looked properly at the paperwork that had been sent i decided we should take it in to the council offices and let them see it as it was obvious they'd made mistakes. They tried to dismiss us and brought up all these letters that they had supposedly sent but had not been received. They basically said we had to chase that up with the post office, go to the CAB and get Marstons off our backs oursleves and denied making any mistakes at all even though we had it in front of us in black and white. I also pointed out that there were serious flaws (and what they were) in their system that made it impossible for the customer to get it right. He told us to put it in writing. Great! The bailiffs were coming in 3 days and he wants us to put it in writing! I then pressed him to ring the recovery team and gave the name of the contact i'd emailed. That made it seem more official than it actually was but it worked and he phoned him, told him he'd seen the paperwork and mistakes 'seemed' to have been made on both sides, the bill had been paid. I then asked to speak to him and told him that the bailiffs had acted illegally and as they'd sent them, they were responsible. Thank God the guy seemed reasonable and whether it was because it was late in the day, or because he knew i was right or just because he was one of the few reasonable ones, he recalled the debt from Marstons. We checked they got it and they did so everything should be ok! Its bloody hard work but i'd advise anyone with similar problems to get AS MUCH info and legal knowledge as they can and KEEP PUSHING. Be polite but firm and don't give up. Oh and get lots of advice from the kind and helpful people on here, just as i did. Thanks everyone!
  7. Ok, i've got someone at the council recovery dept to speak to him again tomorrow so now i've just got to make sure he says the right things - whatever they are!
  8. Did she pay it first and then claim back or did you get the letter in first? I've just contacted someone from the debt recovery dept at the council and they just don't want to know.
  9. Well, i haven't managed to speak to anyone and i've just read about the same debt agency threatening someone with forced entry even though his case was put on hold to be investigated by the council AFTER he'd let them in and signed. They sound like absolute unscrupulous bullies and i'm worried they're going to cause trouble. They say they're coming back this Friday (so called Good Friday!!!) so i need to get a move on. He has a little girl who will be terrified if they come round causing trouble and my daughter will also be there. She's a fiery soul and i dread to think what will happen if they upset her! I think i'm going to have to pay them directly before Friday and then find out how to sue if thats possible. I have a feeling we've no chance and its going to be just an expensive lesson learnt. How unfair!
  10. Yes i think it's that Marstons, apparently they have a bit of a reputation, but then don't they all? I'm pretty sure they did use his lack of knowledge and inexperience to trick him but i'm not sure we could prove it as its his word against theirs and he was on his own so there were no witnessess. I'll keep what you advised in mind though just in case we come up with some proof. I'm ringing and ringing the Debtline and CAB but theres no answer from either so far. I think we'll just have to go directly to the CAB tomorrow and plead with them to help! I'm going to try Shelter now but keep coming up with the advice, i'm making notes of all of it and i really do appreciate your efforts!
  11. Thanks to both of you. Yes i meant CAB, not CRB! I'm ringing the CAB every 5 minutes, they must be sick of it but not enough to answer! I'll keep going and contact the Debtline in the meantime. If we pay the council directly, won't the bailiffs still come anyway? He's signed an agreement and although i think they did it under false pretences, it's probably legally binding and they can still gain entry and take something to cover their fees can't they?
  12. My daughters boyfriend has got in a mess with his council tax, mainly through an incompetent, uncaring council (Bolton) who did not communicate with him properly, despite him going out of his way to try and sort it out before it went too far. It has then been referred to Marstons and because he's not known how to deal with it and the council refused to help, he's asked Marstons for advice and they offered to 'come round and discuss it'. Unfortunately, he let them in thinking they were being helpful and they've taken advantage and done an inventory and told what they're taking and then refused to leave until he signed, which he has. He was made redundant last year, and applied for council tax benefit, which was accepted but he never received a letter telling him the final amount owing. He kept on at them to let him know so he could pay it. He spent an hour and a half one day going from one office to another in a bid to sort it out and had numerous phone calls etc but they still didn't make it clear how much he owed. He then got a letter from Marstons debt collection saying it had been passed on to them. He phoned them and explained the situation and they said they'd wait. He then asked the council again for help, and they said the matter was now out of their hands and he'd have to deal with Marstons, even though they'd made most of the mistakes (they won't admit this). He offered to pay some of the tax or even all of it if he could borrow enough but they refused to accept it and told him again to deal with Marstons. They offered no advice whatsoever. He then contacted Marstons again offering to pay the council tax but they said they needed that plus their own fees all at once. He explained that he was still out of work and on benefits but they also refused to try and help and so the situation has dragged on and he now owes even more. He's now in the postition i first mentioned. He's let them in, signed the list of items they're taking, and they're coming back on Friday to take them. I've offered to pay the whole debt off now so they don't come but i'm not sure what the right course of action is really as neither not i have been in this situation. He's a real hard working lad and has never been in debt so he had no idea what he was doing. It's a shame and we desperately need advice! I've tried solicitors but no-one will touch it and the CRB just rings and rings so you can't get advice or make an appointment. I'll keep trying but in the meantime, any offers of advice?
  13. I don't suppose its any consolation but i too have had exactly the same problems. My account should have ended in May but they're still billing me. I've had confirmation on the phone 3 times that my account has ended but they won't put it in writing. Moorcroft have been in touch but when i told them i knew nothing about the debt they said they'd put the matter on hold while they waited for 3 to sort it out. I've told 3 about 5 times i changed my address but they keep posting to the old one and i did wonder if this was yet another ploy to keep the hassle going but I have just received ANOTHER bill (to my new address) for Oct/Nov even though i've been told i should only be billed up to August (i gave up on May). They have failed to sort out every problem i've had with them, including being mis-sold a contract in the first place. I've tried writing to head office, ringing head office, emailing but i just get transferred to their so called customer services every time. They hassled me all through illness, my pregnancy and being a new Mum and they're still doing it - and i'm too knackered to carry on battling! I'm now pregnant again and what should be the happiest time of my life is overshadowed by these crooks. I really don't know which way to turn so if you get anywhere, PLEASE let me know!
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