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  1. Oh i'm taking it back tonight, there will be no delay in that it's being picked up and delivered to them before the store closes and they've agreed to that ok i'll mention it casually
  2. I will take all the video's and photos and package it for the return, I will audio record them with my phone in my pocket as the easiest way, I need to call them in a bit anyway so I will get them to confirm they are accepting the return as it's faulty as you said. I did also take all photos and videos when I got it home on Saturday which are time stamped so if needed I can prove condition is the same as when I collected it
  3. I will ensure I video record returning the sofas and them confirming all is good and that I was returning due to it being faulty as well as all the other issues.
  4. nope because that took place before I started this thread and I was awaiting them to call me back and speak to me
  5. in the previous conversation with them I said because it was faulty and I was not happy about it being mis-sold due to the lack of guarantee and warranty and they didn't tell me of any damage. As the manager didn't speak to me the receptionist just relayed the information. Should I also ask the person receiving the sofa to confirm on paper that they received it back in original condition?
  6. I have contacted a friend who has a van so I only cover the fuel so far a tenner for sending the 2 back, probably same again for the 3 but it's a small price for a valuable lesson! I will ensure photos and videos are taken before its returned. They never mentioned the return being conditional based on anything other than having the goods returned.... should I video or voice record the return and any conversations had?
  7. I called them as got sick of waiting for a promised call back. The manager was too busy to call me back or speak to me but the receptionist relayed the information, (and I recorded the call too ) they have agreed to a refund as long as I bring the 3-seater back and that has to be at my own expense. Then they will send a letter to head office to "unlock" the order and then process the refund, this can take 3+ days for the unlocking then however long it takes the bank to process the refund (I best dig out some cushions to sit on until I can find a sofa from a different supplier, this has put me right off them!).
  8. I also want to thank you for your help with all this, it is greatly appreciated.
  9. I understand and yes I've been foolish not recording the calls, I have been arguing with them since Saturday less than an hour after I took ownership as I'm refuse to accept their lies. As for being a long time member I haven't been on this site in years as I've not had any need to thankfully. I won't send the letter until I have that recording, though what I can do with this I'm not sure.
  10. that's the ting it shouldn't wobble at all, I had a recliner before (different manufacturer) and it didn't wobble. I will practice then give them a call tonight. How's this? (formatting on paste not the best!) I have included my reference at the top and the date etc.
  11. Yep purchased together as a single contract, I also didn't sign the agreement on the receipt. I will give them a call after work and get them to say it again. Can you recommend one? (android), I have a standard voice recorder. it's a bit wobbly but when I mentioned this to the salesman when I sent the 2 seater back he said "a bit of wobble is to be expected due to the design), it wobbles if you rock it but not as bad as the 2 seater (which I have video of that wobble)
  12. Hi sorry I was starting to write the letter as suggested and I'm struggling on a bit of it, only one of the sofa's is faulty and they have repaired it but I have not received it back (and have declined to do so), would they force me to retain the non faulty 3 seater and only refund the 2 seater? this is what I dread! Also no I didn't record it I was on hold for 2 hours waiting to get through to someone and I don't have that much storage available on my phone. I can call them back but it would be in the evening. I was called by the assistant manager who said the actual manager would have to call me back in an hour and he asd quick as he could got off the phone.
  13. Hi All, Can anyone advise where do I stand with the below (it’s a long one so grab a brew!), but in brief my issue is, I purchased a shop floor suite (3 & 2 seater sofas) I was told verbally multiple times that on my purchase there was warranty and guarantee - when it turns out there wasn’t, I was not told of damages, I was not told it was sold as seen, I was not given or advised of any terms and conditions. I want to return the sofa suite to Harveys for a full refund as the only reason I purchased was the reassurance of a warranty and a guarantee. When I complained to customer services they have said they can’t so anything it’s up to the store and that by buying sold as seen I waived my statutory rights and have agreed to the terms and conditions and contractual agreements when I paid (I told them I have not read or signed anything or advised of any agreements or waivers etc.). I would NEVER have purchased this if I was told there’s no guarantee with it not to mention that its faulty. I don’t know how to proceed to get my money back and return the suite. I feel lied to, mis-sold and completely defrauded, and I need help on where I can go from here, and also curious if business have any accountability for sold as seen (especially if mis-sold). Do I have any rights? So here’s what happened in full so you have all the information… I went in my local Harveys store to look at the Westchester suite before deciding to buy, I asked if it was available for Christmas delivery as the website said it was but also said 12 weeks which would be after Christmas, I was told by the salesman that he had another suite and showed me the Kinman, he said I could purchase that very same suite and not worry about waiting. I sat on both the 2 and 3 seater suite and they seemed fine all was working, he took the price sign away so I didn't get to see it before coming back with a buy it price of £941, he said it was the showroom piece so ex demo which is why it's cheaper price, I asked and he confirmed it comes with the guarantee and warranty, I also asked how much the additional insurance was and told between £200 and £300. I said I needed to speak to my partner and see if I could get a van, he said he can't hold it and when it's gone it's gone (this made me feel a bit anxious and pressured but I understand he was making me aware) I sorted the money and confirmed with my partner and agreed to buy it was a lot of money but it has a guarantee and warranty so I felt safe in buying it. I called back the next day at lunch time and said yes I'll buy it so that way it didn't get sold to someone else, I confirmed again it has warranty and guarantee, I again asked for a price for the insurance which was over £300 so I didn't buy that (though going from what I have found out after purchasing about the guarantee I don't think they would provide cover on a used sofa suite!), I said I'd pick up Saturday morning. I went to collect Saturday morning, the sofa was split into 4 ready, though there was dirt from the floor on the fronts, this brushed off apart from a dirt stain/mark on the front of the 2-seater on the footrest which I was not told was there before buying, I got the sofas home and put them together the 3-seater is a bit wobbly but nothing too drastic but the 2-seater was so wobbly it looked unsafe and not the same as when I saw it in store. I also at this point realised me receipt and guarantee information hadn't been included with the sofa, I phoned the store back and spoke to one person to then had to repeat myself to the original salesman who said he'd call me back in 15 minutes. He called back and asked a few questions about flush fitting and adjustable feet, he said he'd call me back in an hour. He called back and said I needed to bring the 2-seater back so an engineer can look at it the following day, I asked if that cost of getting a van to return it would be covered and he said they would give £35 cash back and return the sofa to me on Sunday. On returning to the store I asked if I could speak to a manager and the man said that was him and he was dealing with another customer and would be right with me, I waited and he came over only once the original salesman came over, I tried to engage with the assistant manager but he was quiet, wouldn't engage with me and seemed rather stand-offish I said I wasn't happy, I also asked why the engineer couldn't come to me and was told its sold as seen which is he first I'd heard of that. I showed the video and photos of it and they agreed it wasn't right, the salesman said it looks like a bolt is the wrong size, I asked how a bolt would have changed during move from floor to round back and I was just told repeatedly they just loaded it onto the trolley and moved it to the back, this was the day AFTER I had paid. I realised when reading through the guarantee information I had been given with my (unsigned receipt and paperwork) that my suite wasn't covered by the guarantee or warranty! He called me back on the Sunday and informed me the bottom section had been replaced as it was broken but he wouldn’t be able to get the sofa back to me until Tuesday (which also means me taking time off work!), when I said about the guarantee and warranty being exempt from my purchase he sounded surprised, I said I would speak to customer services Monday and I would likely be returning the suite due to the lack of guarantee and warranty and that I was unhappy and felt misled, he said he understood and said he'd await my call back. And this is where I stand at the moment, I called the store and left a message for a manager to call me back as the salesman is off today, and I was told it was the assistant manager (oh joy!), so I'm awaiting a call back, I’ve had no help from customer services who said the decision is entirely up to the store, they are under no obligation and they are unable to help me further and also refuse to escalate the complaint.
  14. Overview: 2 years ago I had a fault with my washing machine when I first bought it (hair clip got stuck in the motor, stupidly I didn’t check my pockets before putting trousers in) so I called the engineer as I though I had insurance cover but because it wasn’t a manufacture fault I had to either buy insurance or pay £99 call out fee, so I bought the insurance. I was told I pay for 12 months and get 3 years cover including accidental damage. I paid for 12 months and all was ok. I made my final instalment in August 2009. Here's the problem - I looked at my bank statement last month and Domestic & General started taking out premiums again in August 2010 without letting me know or sending me a new mandate to sign etc. I called my bank and cancelled the direct debit, when I asked about refund they said I need to go to the mandate holder for that. I thought under the Direct Debit Guarantee the bank had to refund it as it's an unauthorized direct debit? I have contacted Domestic & General about this but have heard nothing back. Can anyone advise me on what to do now I’m confused to where I stand. Thanks
  15. Hi Dont know if you know this but Wescot do not have the legal licences to add defaults etc to your redit file - just so you dont worry about that (only the origional company who you owed the debt to can do that) i know it's not part of your origional question but thought it may be of some use to know. I had a similar issue with Wescot and O2 (I ended up clearing the debt as i was getting freaked out by all the letters and was only 18 so didn't know my rights anyway) But i just called them as i can not find a single reference to O2 sending me a default notice so i called them to try and see if it was Wescot who added the default and the bloke on the phone explaind it to me. Dont know how much use this post is but had to mention it
  16. Thanks for the info, very enlightening.
  17. Ok so this has now been sorted with the letter templates from the forum and a few chasing letters threatening legal action against Lowell all is sorted and the debt has been removed from my credit report
  18. Hi I just got a copy of my Equifax credit report and it shows a few defaults (i will be adding explanation notes to them shortly) however these are duplicated in the report so it looks like i have 8 defaults in stead of 4! All the dates and amounts etc are the same. I dont think this is right and it's quite misleading. Can CRAs duplicate defaults on credit reports or can i insist on them being de-duplicated? Also 1 more question; the default date and the end date are the same is this correct? Do they change the default date from when the default occured to the date the account was settled? :-| Any help is much appreciated Leah
  19. Hi, wondering if anyone can help, I'm having issues with Red Debt collection. I got a letter in January relating to a £164 debt to 3G from 2005. The debt was paid in 2005 at my local 3mobile store; i paid in cash and returned my mobile phone at the same time. I called Lowell who queried this with 3G (who still haven’t heard back from them) so i called 3G in the hopes of getting a receipt for payment. 3G acknowledged the receipt of my mobile phone but not the payment for my final bill, further more they informed me that 3G stores don’t accept bill payments (well they accepted mine with no trouble!) as it was so long ago i don’t have any paperwork or receipts (why keep them if the account was cleared and paid and no further contact was made, well this serves me right for not keeping them!) I was also informed that Lowell have bought the debt from 3G and they have put a default on my credit report (which is really upsetting em as i can't get a mortgage with this over my head) and i need to take it up with them as my account has been closed with 3G. Lowell reduced my debt by 50% if i pay it this month, and to be honest as I’m looking to get a mortgage it crossed my mind to pay it as they have defaulted me on my credit rating which is stopping me from getting a mortgage. If i don’t pay this month they will set up a payment scheme over 3 months for the full amount or take me to court. But it's the principle of it, why should i pay a debt that has already been paid years ago, the problem is i have no proof! I have the name of the store manager but he no longer works for the company and it wasn't him i payed. I don't know what to do as i have no paperwork and 3G said they have no receipt of payment so as far as they are concerned i was still in debt but now with Lowell not them. I'm completely stuck and i don’t know what to do as the 3 store is no longer there, i've already paid the debt but they dont have that on file so wont give me a receipt to give to Lowell as proof. Can any one help or advise? Thanks
  20. I complained to Barclays and the FSA with the Letter above (and added a few personal touches to relate it to me) and within 3 days i have had all my charges refunded from Barclays. Exclent i'm well happy.
  21. Done I was never told about this and just because i didn't reply to a letter they said they sent that i never got they have assumed i have agreed to the 'Buffer' and have whacked on charges over the hundreds now they finally told me about it! It's not right or fair to me or other people in the same position, And they have refused to return the charges.
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