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  1. Helping out a friend whos trying to deal with WDA. Is their banking details still sort code 20/45/14 acc no 90931772?
  2. Slightly off topic but have a look at the FAQ's. Online banking details!!!! Surely they are taking the pee! AVIOD THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! http://www.unclebuck.tv/payday-loan-faqs.htm
  3. Did you see Dave:Loan Ranger on channel 4 this week? He visits the above address!!! Guess what.....NOTHING!!! Check it out on 4 on demand! He also vists Wonga's,Quickquids and Minicredits so called Headquarters!
  4. Yeah im all clear now! Minicredit use a debt collection company called OPOS based in Glasgow but according to this site they are the same company. They allow you to pay by any method you wish. Mincredit claim they dont have the means to allow repayments so they transfer you to OPOS. Again the FOS said this was strange and just trying to confuse/intimidate the debtor. Email Mincredit your situation and a proposal of repayment asap, they will refuse! Then you can write a formal complaint then after you get there final response or 8 weeks has passed get a complaint to the FOS....its up
  5. I had to fight Minicredit through FOS and the one thing that really pushed the balance in my favour was the fact I contacted Minicredit as soon as knew I was in difficulty. So email them with your proposals of repayment asap as they have to show compassion towards debtors in financial difficulties!!!! lol They wont and that is the one of the main things the FOS didnt like! Be prepared for a rough ride but use all the info on this forum and you can and will beat this company.
  6. http://help.wonga.com/articles/What_Is_external/What-are-my-available-repayment-methods-UK/?l=en_US&c=Topics%3AManaging_repayments%2CMarkets%3AUK%2CProducts%3AWonga&fs=Search&pn=1
  7. Hi there!!! I took on these clowns via Fos and won and infact 84% of all complaints made to fos were upheld in the consumers favour. As for income/expenditure....YES but a very basic one and DO NOT send them any payslips or bank statements,they certainly arent entitled to see any of that. If the income/expenditure is not to there satisfaction ask them for there FINAL RESPONSE then get a complaint into the Fos.
  8. Well in my complaint the FOS quoted various Oft guidelines that Minicredit had not adhered to!
  9. The bit about fos is just rubbish! They use the OFT's guidlines to come to a decision NOT the terms and conditions of the loan.
  10. I have email conformation from Mr Lapides that the loan is now settled in full. He also added that I wouldnt be able to use there services in the future!
  11. Everything is in order,infact after logging into my account it states'loan paid in full'. Also just recieved a text message asking if I wish another loan!!!! Unbelievable!!! Another email to Mr.Lapides to get that stopped!
  12. Well well well! After an email from Micheal Lapides and another from me to him.....he has agreed to close my account! Finally my dealings with these scumbags are over! Do not give in to these people,stick to your guns and use this site for help and support in dealing with them. Only two more to go and im clear of payday loans FOREVER!!!
  13. They have appealed,simple as that.Until the appeal is heard they can trade as usual. The hearing starts in early March if I recall correctly,so hopefully it won't be too long before they are gone for good!
  14. Found this.http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/01224931013 Take note of the comment from a certain Gary Chappel???? I know it probably isn't THE Gary Chappel....or is it?!!!
  15. 01224 is an Aberdeen number? Are they running scared and trying to outwit the authorities?
  16. Just paid them what I am due(loan +1 months interest!). They think that I am still due them over £800 in charges/interest!!! Ha ha ha they aint getting another penny off me! TAKE ME TO COURT FOR THE REST NDR/MHB!!!
  17. Read this http://http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?377531-Take-my-advice!
  18. Just a few pointers on how to deal with these muppets!! 1.Email them as soon as you know you are in troubles! 2.Go onto the website an update your details(change the phone numbers youve given them to 000000000!! you get the picture!) Also change the address of you employer to nothing! This will stop any calls to you or your workplace! 3.Secure your money,open a different bank account with a different bank...you know the drill! 4.Keep emailing them with offers of repayment 5.Ignore threatening letters but do keep them filed away for future proof! 6.Make an offici
  19. I think these jokers are on their last legs! They are trying to get as much in before they are shut down. My advice is pay them what you can afford each month and take no notice of they're threatening emails and texts. Ive had two texts at 4am!!!! Yes the fos and oft have been informed! They are so blatantly ignoring the laws on debt collection I can only think that are fearing the worst so they are attempting to get in what they can before the inevitable happens!
  20. Hey! Its time to stand up to these clowns middy! Next time they call tell them your recording the call(wether you are or not!) and basically tell them either to accept an affordable repayment plan or you'll see them in court! They cant take your car,your house or anything. Remember its probably the lowest form of debt out there and under Oft rules they have to treat you with compassion.
  21. Hearing set! http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/tribunals/consumer-credit/current-cases.pdf
  22. Firstly youre a very GOOD friend to help your pal out! Secondly and much more importantly you need to secure her/his funds. Is there any chance of changing the wages to go to someone elses account for this month? What I mean is maybe put them in yours or a relatives? If not enough time to do that the only other way I can think of is to find out what time they normally get transferred into the account(probably 3am ish but differs bank to bank,search the internet to find this out:wink:) and basically transfer them immediately they hit the account to someone elses. I know this would be a
  23. Firstly PAY THEM NO MORE! You have paid them enough already! Write or email them telling them that you are putting the account in dispute and that you are complaining to fos. Ignore there threats and silly charges. Open a new bank account(with a different bank) and close your current bank account if you can,that will keep these thieving chancers away from taking anymore of your hard earned! Fos will sort them out just be clear and truthful when you fill in the forms.It will take a while to sort this,fos are incredibly slow but normally fair:wink: Good Luck
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