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  1. Hi all So sorry I was not able to get back on here to reply sooner, to answer questions the debt was my late husbands, no house in joint names or otherwise, no assests. Well, I decided to bite the bullet so to speak and I emailed them on Sunday night, basically saying that there wasn't any money and therefore no estate to administer etc. I got a reply yesterday afternoon, stating that they were returning the file back to their clien and marked as case closed and they were advising their client to do the same. This should now be the end of it (double crossed fingers). Thank you all s
  2. Thank you for the responses, greatly appreciated. I had a look through the links you posted and some interesting threads. If should hear from them again then I will go through their complaints proceedure.
  3. Hi all On sat I received two letters from Phillips and Cohen in regards to my deceased husbands estate. To be honest I am somewhat confused and very upset as to why I have received these two letters now as my husband died 18 months ago. The orginal debt collection agency was/is Lowells and I informed them at the time of his death and supplied the death certificate and everything. My husband did not have an estate in actual fact he had nothing. Lowells did say at the time of being informed that the above would be contacting me at some point but 18 months later??
  4. Hi all Not sure what to do next.. I CCA'd LTSB credit card and they sent me a supposedly signed CCA by me. In the meantime I sent a Subject Of Access to LSTB for my bank account. This is the interesting part :- On this "signed" CCA the date is 25/05/2007 on the Subject of Access the date is 01/05/2007. Should I send anothe Subject of Access to the credit card side now? Or should I visit trading standards and the police? Looking forward to your replies.....
  5. I had/have the same prob with cap one send them account in dispute letter - the aftermath is Debitas calling and writing to you with the usual threats. I keep sending the account in dispute an when debitas call I refuse to give confirm any security checks with them.
  6. hi I did a search on the company and they are full members of the CSA which is the Credit Services Association you can report the company to them Credit Services Association Wingrove House 2nd Floor East Ponteland Rd Newcastle Upon Tyne NE5 3AJ Tel: (UK) 0191 286 5656
  7. The more I have looked at this CCA today the more I am convinced its a fake. This is why I am convinced its because the way the date is written as its totally different to my hand writing - I always put a cross on a 7. I am seriously thinking about involving the police as its most defo not me that's signed that agreement.
  8. This is what I received this morning.. The signatures look iffy to me even tho they are similar to mine also it hasn't been signed by Lloyds TSB or dated. Another thing my name and address were typed put instead of hand written and The APR is 15.9% (variable). Which is the same as their current terms and conditions, surely that would have been different in 2007? Any help or suggestions welcome... ta peeps
  9. I thought a CCJ obtained in the UK was unenforcable in another country. From what I understand a debt can be assigned for collection but not enforced etc also the CCA if requested would have to be provided - thats the way I understood it. I will stand corrected if am wrong..
  10. The originator creditor was MBA - what happened was this he was in a debt management programme and last year he recieved a letter from Link stating they had bought the debt etc he advised he was in DMP and they still contacted him and so did MBNA both at the same time thats why he CCA'd Link cos of the hassle and the DMP did nothing !
  11. hi an welcome I'd send them a CCA see what they come up with.
  12. hi When I was a student way back in the early 90's I had a student loan.. I defered and they still took me to court in the late 90's - they agreed at the time it should never have gone to court as I was not working at the time. They accepted £5 a month ever since. I changed my bank account recently and before I could update them I received a letter from Pennine debt recovery. My question is this can I CCA them with CCJ in place if not and they went back to the original court could 1: have the hearing transfered to where I live to I could put in a defence. 2 : have the orginal jud
  13. Ta thats what I was thinkinkg... you know Link has really harrassed my son they have been total t***ts.. Do you know if there is letter on here that I can send to these twunts?
  14. hi Submit a claim to the Royal Mail for item being lost. Send in the original proof of posting and your proof of value is the end of auction page. Claim form to be found here : - scroll to the bottom of the page and its the international one you need http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/content2?catId=69800733&mediaId=80300735
  15. hi My son requested his CCA from Link and this is the reply he recieved. I am unsure how to respond.. Appreciate if you guy could take a peek.. ta
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