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  1. Unfortunately Monx, i chose not to have the SD set aside ! I could kick myself.. i really should have.... The letter is very safe .....
  2. My situation (and indeed yours Fifty) has demonstrated the underhanded, unlawful tactics the DCA's use in their collection methods. It is unthinkable how many people they have scared into paying particularly when they are unable to prove the debt. The default was placed on my credit file by the original creditor so am not quite sure how to go about tackling that !
  3. UPDATE... Today i have received the following letter from Lowells: "We refer to your recent request for a copy of the original credit agreement for this account. After liasing with ***** Bank in an effort to obtain this document we have been advised that it is no longer available due to the length of time since the account was opened with you. At this time we have closed our file and will not make any further contact with you concerning payment against this account unless the copy of the agreement is received at some point in the future from ***** Bank. " And to think
  4. Good evening fellow Caggers. My partner let his property to a family member a while ago. We had to evict him due to a series of incidents. We established the 'tennant' (family member) opened an account with Provident Personal Credit Ltd, fraudulently, in my partners name. We advised Provident and that was the end of that - or so we thought ! Provident were made aware of the situation via the telephone ( a mistake that wouldn't have happened had i have discovered CAG at the time My partner has received a letter from Network Credit Services saying the debt has now been pas
  5. Thank you both for your speedy responces.... I was quite worried, i read the letter and my first responce was, oh they know what they are talking about !!! What was the 30 day rule & is there any point sending a letter back to these people ! The tone of the letter is quite patronising ! I dont like to be patronised....
  6. Hi there fellow Caggers... Update for you... I sent the letter stating to them that they were in default of the CCA & that the account was in dispute... I have today recevied a letter from Red stating: "We write in respect of the above matter and your recent correspondence, may we apologise for the delay in our responce. We have noted your comments and can advise that under the terms set out by The Consumer Credit Act, a creditor has an initial 12 days to produce the documentation requested. After this initial period we have a further 30 days to provide this docume
  7. Thank you, did start my own thread, and I am feeling more confident, but until I get this SD set aside, I will not sleep easy. thanks again, the site is really excellent, with lots of help..... :) have a read of these threads, all successful in setting aside their SD's... hopefully that will give you a little more reassurance... Ive been where you are and it makes me angry that this programme has just possibly put the fear of god into many more people.... You are surrounded by people on CAG with lots of knowlege and experience. you will be supported..... CCA 1st Credit / Connaught *
  8. Do not be terrified by what you have seen in this programme ! There really is no need to be feraful of the DCA's. They are unscrupulous cowboys, who use any tactic necessary be it unlawful or threatening in order to chase debt that they usually have no legal right to do so.... Have you started you own thread about your SD ? If so then you will receive advice & assistance in abundance from the CAG ! If not, im sure someone wud be kind enough to post the how to guide on here so that you can... If you read the comments in this thread, you will see why so many Caggers on here
  9. Here here.....all the talk on the programme regards lenders wanting thier money back! They are covered by insurance for their losses & that surely includes a tidy sum for the debts passed to our dear friends the DCA's !!! Which is why they are so happy to pass the debts on in the first instance as opposed to come to a plausible arrangement with the consumer...
  10. I agree with that, then the loop holes and the law thats there is great !!!
  11. what a big dissapointment !!! Was it really worth the air time..... Will be busy on here in the coming week then i imagine
  12. I totally agree...This programme is totally one sided. In the current climate it would have been a good idea to show consumers, what the DCA put the consumers through & what consumers can do about it (with the help of people like the CAG ) And most of all the success stories.... showing consumers that there is hope.....
  13. Do you think ? Whilst using the strength of the law to help you in the event of harrassment from an unscrupulous DCA for example is a good thing, but would you advocate taking out credit with the sole intention of never paying it ??? Just trying to guage opinion ?
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