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  1. thanks jamberson for replying. the thing is that i read on various site that if they did not put the pcn on the windscreen or hand it to me its not enforceable. also that they take pictures once they put the pcn on the windscreen for proof. what do u think of think? i dont know if this is of importance but there were 2 council wardens not one.
  2. i and my friend had parked on the parking space but had no parking between 4 to 6.30 pm in glasgow west end and had gone to a nearby shop. when i came back i saw the parking warden with their machines entering details of my car but before they could give me a ticket i drove away. i could still see them through my left wing mirror that they were trying to spot me. my friend when he came out of the shop could hear them say ' which one is it' as if they were trying to figure out which car was it. does anyone know what happens next. do they need photographic proof which they could not secure? the
  3. well guys, i called him today....what he said is.....i told you the car is a trade in.....and head gasket can break any time...even with the new car...and about the brakes he said the car was checked and was roadworthy when he sold him to me and he is liable for nothing......he kept on repeating that it is a used car and a trade in.... i told him that i reject the agreement and i want a full refund and also that he need to collect the car....alll he said is 'i dont'...even when i told him i will be approaching trading standards and consumer direct for help... guys i checked the miles t
  4. thanks...will do that and will keep u informed
  5. i have clocked more than 100 miles in less than month....do you think it can become an issue ......and what if the dealer doesn't accept my mails....i read in a previous thread that the dealer returned the mails unopened...
  6. well, he said this car is a trade-in ...so he was reluctant to give any warranty or guaranty...although he offered me a waranty from a compny for £295/year but i declined...and after insisting a lot he agreed to give a waranty for one month 50-50 for parts and labour caping at £300...it is worthless...and soon after i bought the car i took warranty from warranty direct....but they will help me as these problems were there when i bought the car......should i email them or post them abt the issue...
  7. hi guys, i read a few threads and i feel you people can help me out. i bought a renault clio for £1295- 1999make and 98,665miles clocked on 10th september,2008 from hillington trade centre, west paisley road, glasgow. from the last few days , i could hear some noise from the engine so, i decided to take my car for servicing. today , when i went to collect my car from the nationwide centre.... they told that they didnt service the car, as the car is beyond repair, economically...had atleast 9 points which would fail the MOT due next feb, 2009. and he said he wouldn't trust the bra
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